6 Success Secrets of Top Beachbody Coaches

This post is long overdue, so I’m going all in on this one. If you’ve been looking to find out the secret to being successful as a Beachbody coach, then definitely read the next line:

Stop searching for the secret, because there is none.

There is no secret sauce to success!!! But even though there’s no secret to being a top Beachbody coach, I will share with you six of the most important factors I believe can help any new or experienced coaches break out of any rut they might be in.

I just ask one thing – after reading this post, please get to work and start implementing any of the techniques below that you find helpful.

The items below are not listed in any sort of order of importance, but rather in a way that you should try to adopt each technique in sequence, because one builds upon the next.


1.) Time Management – Adopt a Productivity Technique

Treat your business as a business. If you treat Beachbody coaching as a hobby that you take part in only when you feel like it, you will never reach the summit. Keeping that in mind, the first step is to set your own working hours.

If you are new to coaching, you may need to set aside some time to learn the ins and the outs of coaching in the beginning, and that is absolutely okay, too. The approach I suggest is to learn as you go. Don’t inundate yourself in the beginning trying to know everything about the business. The most important thing is to know the basics and know what daily steps are going to help you reach your business goals.

Remember that you do not need a complex system when setting your own work hours. Your time management system should not be complicated, but rather simplistic to make your life less stressful – not more.

Here are a few of the productivity systems I have used before making a sort of hybrid routine that I share in the video below.

Pomodoro Technique. Here are the basics of a classic “pomodoro”: Set a timer for 25 minutes, working on a single task without giving into any distractions. When the timer goes off, take a five minute break. After four of these 25-minute pomodoros, you take a longer 15-20 minute break. This technique is meant to keep you fresh, productive, and focused when working from home.

Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy. Start your day by cleaning your plate of the ugliest task(your frog) at the beginning of the day when you are most frcsh. You save the simple tasks for the backend of your day and they’ll breeze right by.


2.) Personal Development

To new coaches who have joined our team, I often explain the importance of personal development in our first call together and how the journey of coaching is similar to our healthy living and our fitness.

We all want immediate results, but it takes time to develop the skills and mindset that are necessary to succeed, much like when you begin a new exercise and eating plan. It takes the consistency of putting the work in each day to see results in about 3-6 months time. I’m sure those of you who have gone through a fitness transformation know how the end result is always worth all the effort you’ve put into it. And you know that you have to keep at it to maintain those results you worked so hard for.

The same holds true for personal development. It is not something you can do for a day or even for a week, and then just give up on. Squeezing it in here and there, and you’re not going to get much out of it.

Make it a habit to get some personal development in every single day. Here are two examples:

1. Read 10 pages of a personal development book each day. In one month, you will have read at least one book, and in a year, 12 books that will help you develop personally and professionally.

2. Listen to 20 minutes of an audio book daily. Whether in your car or via an ipod, technology has made it easier than ever to learn as we travel. Plus, it’s way better than the morning talk shows.

The Amazon bestseller list is a great place to get started. I do suggest reading customer reviews to get a feel if the material is right for you. Podcasts and YouTube videos are also great free resources to take advantage of.

I can’t stress the importance of personal development enough, it will:

  • improve the relationships you have with others
  • relationship you have with yourself
  • keep you motivated
  • know what is possible in life(anything)

3.) Understand What a Coach Is and What a Coach Is NOT

Anyone can be a Team Beachbody coach. You do not need a degree or certificate. With that said, one of my pet peeves is seeing coaches who push themselves as being a health  coach without having any real medical background.

A coach is also NOT a trainer. Coaches can take classes to become certified in teaching a Beachbody workout program. The Beachbody trainers are Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese, Tony Horton, Leandro Carvalho, etc.

The goal of coaches should be to provide motivation and support – to help others reach their health and fitness goals. There are many ways to do this. Personally, I find sharing what I like and do not like about the programs works best for me.

Results are great, but you have to remember it’s the journey you want to share to build connections with others. Who do you relate too? Because these are the people who will build relationships with you.


4.) Understand Your Personality

You don’t have to change who you are or be someone else to be an elite Beachbody coach. That would be a very bad idea. People have very good poo-poo detectors. Be yourself – be real!

Understanding your personality can go a long way into developing the skills you need to make a great coach. One of the first things I like to tell people is to try is the personality test from 16Personalities.com.

With the above personality test, you do not only learn if you are an introvert/extrovert or somewhere in-between. You develop an understanding of why you do the things you do and behave the way you do in social situations.

Plus what you find out may surprise you. I always thought of myself as very introverted, when in fact, I am in the direct middle (ambivert)!

Personality testing can also help you determine when and how you work best. For some people working in groups and brainstorming is when they produce their best ideas, and other people get their best work done while they’re working alone. Again, there’s no right or wrong way – just different.

A personality test can help you:

  • Connect better with others in social situations to
  • Become more creative
  • Know when, why, and how you do your best work
  • Work on things that you want to improve about yourself if you’re rather be better at mingling(this was huge for me).


5.) Learn How to Market Yourself/Build your Brand

My mantra has always been, don’t strive to make sales, strive to make a difference.

To me, the word market does not mean sell. In my book, to market means being helpful. Which of the following resonates more with you?

1. Buy my product – it’s on sale this month!

2. Provide value – did you learn something that you could pass on to other people?

Think of it in this way – do you like when someone in sales just tries to sell you something by telling you their amazing product is on sale without providing you with any information about the benefits this amazing product will give you?

What if someone provides you with information to make your own informed decision. Maybe you buy, maybe you don’t, but I’m sure you will remember the person who helped you over the person who tries to sell you.

Learning to market/build your brand is not difficult. Start by putting others first. Always treat people how you want to be treated, and you are halfway there.

Here are a few other skills that can be learned to help you on your way:

  • Blogging (how I started)
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Networking
  • Fit groups
  • Facebook ads

Again, we live in a time when information has never be so easily accessible. There are hundreds of books, courses, YouTube videos, blogs, podcasts, and other media that will help you learn any new skill.

The top three are the areas that I have focused on most and are the methods I teach to our team.


6.) Do Not Count on Anyone Else to Do the Work for You

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just sit back, do nothing and get paid? Unfortunately, the world does not work like that, and neither does being a coach.

Here is the good news: You can help people by motivating and supporting them to reach their goals without there being any limit on the amount of income you can make doing so. But YOU need to do the work – not anyone else.

What about cancelling my coach account and signing back up with someone else in 6 months. Is a questions I receive all to often.

Here is a better idea than doing nothing: make a plan on how you’re going have success as a coach and take the next six months implement it. Time is something you can never get back, and six months is a lot of time to waste. All the knowledge and tools you need to become a an amazing Beachbody coach are already out there, but you have to take action if you want to make a difference.

How I Use the Internet as a Coach

Like I mentioned in tip #5, I’ve solely focused using online as my method to connect and help people all over the world. This blog that you’re reading now, gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. It did not happen overnight – it’s taken time and lots of learning about blogging and traffic generation.

Could anyone else do what I have done? They sure can. Just get started at #1 and never give up!

Are you a coach with any tips to share or have a question, please leave a comment below.

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