Surviving the Brazil Butt Lift 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown

The 6-day Supermodel Slimdown plan for the Brazil Butt Lift workout program is a great way to jumpstart your Brazil Butt Lift results and get you motivated for the days ahead of you. It doesn’t matter what Brazil Butt Lift Calendar you’re doing, the slimdown plan is a quick way to get slimmer hips and thighs and a more lifted butt. And if you’re on the Lift & Shape schedule, then this will help you lose any unwanted fat from anywhere on your body.

How the 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown Works6day1

The Brazil Butt Lift slimdown plan resets your body, your taste buds, and how you think about eating and working out. In only six days, you will begin to eliminate many of your unhealthy behaviors like eating bad foods and not working out. Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but honestly, it works.

Each day, you are provided with what to eat and your daily workout. Just get through the workouts to the best of your ability, and don’t push yourself too hard.

Not Just for the Brazil Butt Lift

Honestly, the Brazil Butt Lift’s Supermodel Slimdown plan is not just preparation for the Brazil Butt Lift workout program. It was actually designed for Leandro’s celebrity clientele for when they need a quick slimdown for an awards show or photo shoot.  It can be used anytime you feel you need a quick slimdown, whether it’s to look great for the beach or even that vacation or special event.

In my opinion, the 6-Day Supermodel Slimown diet is worth the price of the workout program in and of itself. Crazy, I know, but at least it’s not some outrageous juice-only diet.

Does the Supermodel Slimdown Work?

For lack of anything better to say, yes. In only 6 days, you really can look and feel thinner.

Why it Works

Besides resetting the way you think and being full of good-for-you foods, the Brazil Butt Lift 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown is also full of natural diuretics like lemon, vinegar, and water. But here are just a few more reasons why the plan really works.

  • It’s Easy to Follow: The plan maps out exactly what you should eat for each meal, including three meals and two snacks per day. These snacks and meals are portioned for optimal nutritional balance, which is something most of us do not get enough of.
  • It Jumpstarts Your Weight Loss: By boosting your metabolism with yummy, lean proteins combined with a ton of leafy and dark greens and delicious fruits (pineapple never tasted so good :)!) as well as cutting calories down to about 1000 calories and exercising, you blast fat.

What You Eat on the Supermodel Slimdown Plan

Nicknamed the “green and white plan”, the Supermodel Slimdown consists of, you guessed it, lots of leafy green salads and lean, white proteins. Your grocery list will include the following foods:

Lean Proteins

  • Eggs, tuna, turkey, chicken, skim milk, tilapia, swordfish, tofu, 1-2% cottage cheese, cod, low-fat plain yogurt, low-fat shredded cheese, shrimp, low-sugar protein shake, string cheese, and part-skim mozzarella.


  • Asparagus spears, mixed green salads with iceberg lettuce and peppers, cucumber slices, snap peas, arugula, broccoli, fresh herbs, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, squash, onion, mesclun, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, edamames, carrots, celery sticks, and green beans.


  • Pineapple, blueberries, grapefruit, lemon juice, strawberries, avocado, black olives, frozen grapes,and watermelon.


  • Whole wheat toast, high fiber cereal, whole wheat English muffin, and brown rice.

Healthy Fats

  • Olive oil, almonds, and walnut halves.


  • Low-fat mayonnaise, spicy mustard, dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, Tabasco sauce, salsa, hummus, lemon juice,

This is literally all you will be eating for the six days you do the Slimdown Plan. While it may not seem like a lot, you do repeat many of the items for two to three meals. Leandro really mixes up your days, so you won’t get bored. For example, you won’t have eggs two mornings in a row.

Do You Have to Follow the Plan Exactly?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and the answer is no. While you should always do the recommended workouts for each day, you do not have to eat exactly as the menu specifies. Just be sure to eat foods that have relatively the same nutritional values.

For example, don’t substitute a carb for a protein or beef for chicken, etc. I know I had to substitute chicken breast for tofu and swordfish because I don’t really care for either and then cod for tilapia because fresh tilapia is not that easy to come by in my area. Basically, if you can’t find something at your grocery store like fresh tilapia, don’t fret, just have something else that’s easier to find.

It also can get expensive if you don’t have anything on the list already in your fridge. I know I opted for dry herbs that I’d already had in my cupboard instead of buying fresh for $10+. Just shop intelligently, and look through your weekly flyers each week for deals on boneless, skinless breast.

What to Expect on the 6-Day Slimdown Plan

It’s Challenging in the Beginning

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that sticking to the Slimdown plan is easy, because it’s not – especially if you’ve been eating well over your recommended calories per day and/or eating lots and lots of junk food. The reason you need to stick with it is simple…it works, and it’s the best way to get the results you want in only 60 days!

At first, I was grumpy from feeling so hungry. As my stomach and body got used to the lesser amounts of food, and the one workout each day, I could see my body changing by day 3. Yes, by day 3 I already looked noticeably smaller with less fat around my lower back and hips.

Besides obvious weight loss, expect to feel a little bit lethargic and/or tired and could get a headache here and there. Don’t worry, because this is totally normal. It’s your body going through withdrawals about the refined sugar loss. You are cleaning out your system during this time and retraining your body to use healthier foods as fuel, instead of what you’ve normally been eating.

Stick With It to Reap the Full Benefits

Please, stick with it. In four days or less, you will get used to it. It’s just a minor adjustment. And after you get over your initiation period, you will feel better than ever – less hungry and more energized – and ready to get in the best shape of your life!

To get you through the first few transition days, try these tips if you’re having a lot of trouble:

  1. Increase green salads at all meals and always top with no/low-calorie dressings.
  2. Cut out caffeine if you can, or limit it at the least. While it can decrease your appetite short-term, it will make you hungrier over time.
  3. Drink lots of water – at least 64 ounces each day. If you think you can’t drink water plain, try my 5 ways to enhance your H2O.
  4. If after the first three tips, you still feel famished, try adding a 100 calorie snack from the allowed snack list in the Fat Burning Foods Guide.

What to Do After the 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown

What you choose to eat after the Supermodel Slimdown plan is up to you. While you don’t have to follow the Brazil Butt Lift diet to a tee, you do have to eat healthy if you want to get the butt of your dreams.

If you’re rather overweight, and you still feel like you need to lose more weight to reach your goals, try doing the Fat Shredder diet for the next few weeks. Do not use the Brazil Butt Lift Slimdown plan for longer than 6 days. It’s not healthy to sustain a diet like this for longer than the recommended time – it’s too calorie restricting for your body to maintain.

If you feel you’re off to a great start at the end of the six days, then just stick with the Brazil Butt Lift Diet plan for the rest of the 60 days or a well-balanced healthy foods diet that will give you the energy you need to complete your workouts and look and feel great. Good luck, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


  1. Lollo says

    Hi . First I really appreciate all your advices and website.
    I just start the Classic Workout of BBL quite challenging
    As i was really out of Shape. I do really enjoy the workout!!
    I am using fitnessmypal to track my calories.
    My point is I have a 1200 calorie’s diet but anytimr
    I add my workout ( calories burned around 350)
    Fitnessmypal told me my body will be in starvation mode
    I dt understand shall I stick to my 1200 cal/day
    and workout ? Or do I need to increase it to 350 calories to avoid
    Starvation mode?! I must said within 1 week I just pass the pencil test. Lost 4 pounds
    And my body is looking better. Still i have to shed more than
    50lbs but your website just give me the motivation I need.
    I wish you were my coach . Have nice week end

    • Bethany says

      Hi Lollo – Congratulations on passing the pencil test in one week – that’s fantastic! While myfitnesspal is great for tracking calories, I would recommend sticking to whatever calorie base BBL suggested for you. I followed the BBL recommendation for calories (which was 1400 for me), regardless of what myfitnesspal was telling me everyday :), and only ate more calories if I was absolutely starving. I lost weight consistently for the entire eight weeks. If you find you’re really hungry each day, or you’re not losing weight any longer, then I would recommend adding in 100-200 calories per day until you feel satisfied. As far as me being your coach, check out this post about how –

  2. Tonya Bloom says

    I have had the BBL DVD for about a year now and was so anxious to get it in the mail and get started!! But then something happened…I needed to wait for the proper accessories to arrive (weights, etc) and then somehow there was just one more excuse after another! So here it is, one year later and this time I am full fledged committed to starting…However, I seem to have lost the 6 Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan :-( Can someone please help me?? Is there someplace I can go for a replacement copy or something? I gave myself enough excuses last year and want to do this program to the full extent and benefit it has to offer :-) Thanks in advance for all your help and support <3

    • Bethany says

      Hi Tonya, if you purchased your program from Team Beachbody directly, they might give you a replacement 6-day Supermodel Slimdown if you explain your situation. That being said, I wouldn’t hold off on beginning the program until the slimdown arrives – you can always do it at the end of the program too for just-as-good results. As long as you have your weights and ankle weights, those are the most important things to getting you the body, and booty, of your dreams :) Hope this helps. Good luck!

  3. Marie-Cha says

    Hi Bethany,

    I just find out it was recommended to start with th slimdown plan before starting the BBL … so i will do that this week.
    I have a question about the BBL : about Bum bum, do we have to do the 3 of them? or only one? regular, rapido or live? I am not sure. please let me know.
    Do you also know if there is some BBL teams in Paris, France, Europe?

    Thank you for your answer, your webiste, your advice, you explain it very well then we know what to expect, it is really helpfull!


    • Bethany says

      Hi Marie-Cha, you should be doing only the regular Bum Bum workout on the scheduled training day.

      Bum Bum rapido is a ten minute workout to do if you are short on time. I find this is a good workout to do when travelling. I have not yet tried the bum bum live version, but it looks like you could do this one as an alternative to the regular bum bum workout. Hope that helps.

      I am not aware of any BBL teams in Europe. Sorry….

  4. Rebecca says

    hey i was just wondering after the time of period i have dieted do i carry on eating the foods on the diet plan or do i change the whole manner of foods i eat? would appreicate ur help, thanks. Rebecca

    • Bethany says

      Hi Rebecca, I’m not sure I understand your question, the BBL 6-Day slim down plan should only be followed for the six days and then you would continue on to the main BBL diet. Let me know if that does not answer your question. -Bethany

  5. katie says

    Just wondering if you drank your shakeology on the 6 day slimdown? And if you did how did you make it? Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Katie, I honestly do not remember drinkning Shakeology or not. But, since I did not write about it, I think I must now have. _BEthany

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