My Brazil Butt Lift & INSANITY Hybrid Workout Schedule

bbl-and-insanityI’ve always been a big fan of  doing different workouts for many reasons, mainly because it prevents your body from becoming accustomed to the same exercises and doing the same set of workouts can be boring. For these couple reasons and many more, I wanted to share my 60-day Brazil Butt Lift and Insanity Hybrid schedule that I designed and followed after my first round of BBL.

Who the Insanity/Brazil Butt Lift Schedule is For

While Insanity and BBL are programs for weight loss and toning, Brazil Butt Lift incorporates weight workouts which will help build more lean muscle then the Insanity workouts do.

Insanity on the other hand is mainly concerned with weight loss – there are no weight training workouts in Insanity,which I feel is the only real downfall of the Insanity program.

This hybrid program blends the intense weight loss workouts of Insanity with the toning and sculpting weight workouts of BBL to produce what I believe to be a perfect blend of weight loss and muscle toning. This makes this schedule perfect for people who want  more weight loss, but also want to firm and tighten their entire body with special focus on the butt.

What Exercise DVDs you Need for My INSANITY and BBL Hybrid

From the Brazil Butt Lift workout you will need:

  1. High & Tight
  2. Bum Bum
  3. Sculpt
  4. Tummy Tuck
  5. Secret Weapon – this is a short, but intense workout

If you do not yet have BBL, you can order here and get the Secret Weapon workout for free.

From the INSANITY workout program, you will need these workouts:

  1. Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  2. Pure Cardio
  3. Cardio Abs
  4. Max Cardio Conditioning
  5. Max Interval Circuit

Use this link to get the Insanity workout with the Fast & Furious DVD for free.

Brazil Butt Lift & INSANITY Hybrid Calendar Below

Download, Print, or View in excel or PDF format

Click Here for the Insanity/BBL schedule in Excel format

Click Here for the Insanity/BBL schedule in PDF format

You can also view the Insanity Brazil Butt lift schedule below to get a feel for the workouts. Also, do not be afraid to tailor the schedule to fit your needs – not everyone is the same and what works best for one person may not be the best for another.

Week 1

Monday – Fit Test, Bum Bum
Tuesday – Pure Cardio, Cardio Abs
Wednesday – Sculpt
Thursday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Friday – Bum Bum, Tummy Tuck
Saturday – Pure Cardio, High & Tight
Sunday – Rest Day. Treat yourself

Week 2

Monday – Sculpt
Tuesday – Pure Cardio, Cardio Abs
Wednesday – High & Tight, Tummy Tuck
Thursday –  Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Abs
Friday –  Bum Bum, Tummy Tuck
Saturday – Sculpt
Sunday – Rest Day. Treat yourself

Week 3

Monday – Bum Bum, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Tummy Tuck
Wednesday – Sculpt
Thursday – Pure Cardio, High & Tight
Friday – Bum Bum, Tummy Tuck
Saturday – Sculpt
Sunday – Rest Day. Treat yourself

Week 4

Monday – High & Tight, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Tummy Tuck
Wednesday – Sculpt
Thursday – Bum Bum, Cardio Abs
Friday – Pure Cardio, Tummy Tuck
Saturday – High & Tight, Cardio Abs
Sunday – Rest Day. Treat yourself

Week 5

Monday – Fit Test, Bum Bum
Tuesday – Max Cardio Conditioning, Cardio Abs
Wednesday – Sculpt
Thursday – Max Interval Circuit
Friday – Bum Bum, Tummy Tuck
Saturday – Max Cardio Conditioning, High & Tight
Sunday – Rest Day. Treat yourself

Week 6

Monday – Sculpt
Tuesday – Max Cardio Conditioning, Cardio Abs
Wednesday – High & Tight, Tummy Tuck
Thursday –  Max Interval Circuit, Cardio Abs
Friday –  Bum Bum, Tummy Tuck
Saturday – Sculpt
Sunday – Rest Day. Treat yourself

Week 7

Monday – Bum Bum, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Max Interval Circuit, Tummy Tuck
Wednesday – Sculpt
Thursday – Max Cardio Conditioning, High & Tight
Friday – Bum Bum, Tummy Tuck
Saturday – Sculpt
Sunday – Rest Day. Treat yourself

Week 8

Monday – High & Tight, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Max Interval Circuit, Tummy Tuck
Wednesday – Sculpt
Thursday – Bum Bum, Cardio Abs
Friday – Max Cardio Conditioning, Tummy Tuck
Saturday – High & Tight, Cardio Abs
Sunday – Rest Day. Treat yourself


What we have not yet touched upon is diet. Both the Brazil Butt Lift diet plan and the the Insanity diet plan focus on whole foods and are balanced diets making either diet plan suitable for the Insanity and Brazil butt Lift workout plan. I suggest mixing and matching suggested meals for the sake of variety.

You may notice my Brazil Butt Lift Insanity Hybrid schedule is more focused on the workouts from Brazil Butt Lift than those in Insanity, but this is done purposely. I am a big believer in toning muscle. Realistically, what good is it to lose weight but have no lean muscle tone in the end? You’d just be skinny/fat (skinny with no muscle tone) – not attractive!

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  1. I am 2 wks into insanity I am wondering if the the combination of the two as you have here would be better

    I did slim in six but needed a little more muscle in the abs still flappy. should i do the insanity first? or can i incorporate this plan now? I have a wedding in june I want to look good for. thoughts?

    • Hi Sue, which program you’d like to do really depends on you, but you definitely don’t have to do Insanity first before trying the hybrid schedule. Lots of women choose to do the hybrid program first if they’re looking for the quick weight loss Insanity provides along with the butt and ab-sculpting videos of BBL. Either way, I think you’re giving yourself enough time to get your abs looking sexy. And where your main focus is your abs, I would suggest doing BBL’s Tummy Tuck video at least twice a week. Tummy Tuck just might be the most difficult ab workout out there, and this is coming from someone who has done everything from Insanity to P90X. And just an FYI, if you’re still not quite where you want to be the week before the wedding, try doing BBL’s 60-day Supermodel Slimdown…it will help you lose those last few pesky pounds and flatten your belly out. Hope this helps – good luck!

  2. Thank you for your imput it helped me a lot. I am going to go with the hybrid schedule. I noticed a little difference on the two eating plans concerning alcohal –the insanity suggest none but the BBL says one or two with dinner is ok if not mixed with sugared mixers. My habit is one or two wine or rum and seltzers with dinner on the weekend. Should I cut it out completly? Does it affect progress if done once a week?

    • Hi Sue, good question. While I wouldn’t have alcohol with dinner every night, I did have a glass of wine every now and then when I felt like it. I also enjoyed a good piece of 80% dark chocolate here and there too…it’s what will keep you sane :) It will not ruin your results if you count them as regular calories. I would suggest only one drink with dinner though as your calories are already reduced and you don’t want too many of your daily calories to be empty calories. Hope this helps. Good luck!

      • Hi Bethany!

        I am on week 6 now. I noticed better toning on my legs, butt and stomach is happening. I measured and all my measurements are the same though? I also only lost one pound. I have gained strength in the stomach (I can hold it in better) haha but it is still not losing any inches around the waist. My waist needs to slim down and lose that layer of fat over my abs-it doesn’t have the hourglass indent shape of a normal waist –Do you think I need to rethink the calorie intake and/or increase the insanity cardio verses the BBL? I have been trying to take in about 1200-1300 cals a day. I have extra probably on Sundays my day off of exercising I think because i am having a glass or two of wine on that day.

        What are your thoughts for the quickest way to step up results?

        Count down to the wedding I have to attend is 4 weeks 

        • Hi Sue – I’m glad you contacted me. It sounds like you may need to check your diet. You could be eating too few or too many calories that you’re just not losing the weight (or the inches). If you were not losing weight and losing a ton of inches, I wouldn’t be concerned, but the fact that your weight and your inches are in temporary stasis makes me think it has to do with diet. I would suggest cutting your calories back by 200 per day and see where you’re at in a week. Also, are you eating good ratios of protein to carbs to healthy fats? If you’re not already doing so, try to make sure you track your calories online at and aim for 40% protein, 35% carbs and 25% healthy fat. You could also do the 6-day supermodel slimdown, which would really jumpstart your weight loss, since one pound in six weeks is not a lot. If you follow the slimdown to a tee, you could lose up to five pounds in a week, which would definitely help you get ready for the wedding. Good for you for sticking with it and getting stronger :) Please keep me updated on what happens in the next week, because if nothing changes, we’ll need to look at other possibilities. Good luck!

          • Thank you so much for all your support! I will cut down the cals as suggested and try the super slim down too and will get back to you next week. What do think about increasing the cardio from insanity as well by maybe trading some in for the BBL workouts during the week? i also was thinking about a short 20-30min cardio in the mornings in addition to the schedule instead of changing the original schedule as noted above? And what workout is the secrete weapon you mentioned in BBL? I dont see it on my dvd set-is it called somthing else?

          • Hi Sue! I would suggest keeping to the regular schedule while reducing your calories and see where you end up at the end of the week. That being said, if you really must add in a little extra cardio, I would recommend doing Insanity Cardio Abs – only because it’s a short workout that won’t leave you too sore afterwards. You don’t want to overdo it with exercise either, because that can also have a negative impact on you trying to get in shape. Let’s see where you’re at after this week, and go from there. We can always tweak the schedule if necessary. As for the Secret Weapon workout, it is a bonus DVD that comes separately within the BBL package. You need to have purchased the program directly from Team Beachbody to have this workout included.

            I hope this helps for now – good luck with your next week!

          • Hi Bethany

            So this is the week 8 and my results are that I did end up losing 5 pounds, it does fluctuate up and down however- My waist has lost about an inch. I am fitting in to older jeans I couldn’t before! I still have a problem area around the belly button but am hoping that will continue to improve as I move on to the next exercise schedule. I was thinking of incorporating the BBL schedule full time maybe the slim and firm for 4 weeks then the combo? I was able to identify a possible block of progress by using the calorie counter this last two weeks. My down fall is the weekends. I tend to slip when I go out for dinner and have one too many wines or rum and seltzers with my meal which I don’t really know what the end calorie intake ends up being on these meals because I don’t check ahead of time. My question is not sure if I should stay at cal intake of 900-1000 or go up now to maybe 1200? I have incorporated protein drinks into snacks because I was not getting enough protein too. The insanity work outs were really hard to follow through to end-thought I would go back there after a couple rounds of BBL 

          • Hi Sue – congrats on being on week 8! Yes, unfortunately, alcohol is very dense in calories :) This is why it’s always important to keep track of calories, because you can always eat less in the day if you know you’re going out for drinks that night – just don’t overdo it with the alcohol – alcohol is not weight loss friendly :) My advice would be to try not drinking for one weekend and see where you weight loss is the following week – you may find that the rum and seltzer just isn’t worth what you could be losing.

            As for calories, I would definitely up it to 1200. 900-1000 is way too low. Good job on having protein as a snack to get more in. It is very hard to get in enough protein without a daily shake. And INSANITY will be a LOT easier after BBL. I know I tried INSANITY before BBL, and I couldn’t do it at all. After BBL, it was easily doable. The problem I found was that INSANITY wasn’t as easy to tone down to my non-existent fitness level, while BBL was. I think you’ll be fine doing it after a couple rounds of BBL – good luck!

  3. Hey Bethany,

    This looks great, I am on week 3 of BBL and I want to fasten my process. I am eating clean but I was just wondering, if I should change my plan after these 4 weeks or keep going for 60 days and then switch to BBL/Insanity? Please help me out. I want to tone down my body and gain some muscles and my tummy area + love handles are my main focus. Thank you!

    • Hi Jess, if you’re looking to speed up your results, my advice would be not to switch up to BBL/Insanity now, but rather to continue with the combo schedule and make sure to do the 6-day supermodel slimdown at some point. Then, move onto the hybrid schedule…it’s a lot of fun :) You can always add in Tummy Tuck more often than it suggests if you really want to focus on your tummy and love handles, because your abs are one part of your body that can really handle the extra workload due to their slow-twitch muscle fibers. You can also do the weeks of BBL that have more Sculpt and High & Tight in them (along with more total workouts), so you really get more toned. Make sure to use the heaviest weights you can without hurting yourself and ALWAYS use ankle weights. Good luck!

  4. I want to maximize my results for one month so I am doing bbl and insanity at the same time, meaning I will do a bbl workout in the morning and do insanity in the afternoon. I feel fine for now but I am concerned that this will exhaust me before the month is over and I don’t wanna give up. Do you think that doing both workouts on the same day is not going to be as efficient as following a hybrid like the one you present here?

    • Hi Claire, following both programs at the same time will likely lead to overtraining, meaning your body won’t be able to recuperate from the workouts which will lead to burn out. I would stick to doing of one the programs by itself or following the hybrid schedule. As long as your dieting correctly you will see great results! -Bethany

  5. Hi, I am starting insanity 4th week next monday , I’ve just bought BBL, and I was thinking doing insanity at morning and BBL at night, but I just saw your calendar, it’s a good idea to doing both exercise at the same time, I hope I can!!!!
    One question, I need to change my insanity calendar and use yours, right.
    I am on diet, I lost 11 pounds, and I am very happy, I only need toning and sculpting and keep losing weight..
    Thank you

    • Hi Mariel, congrats on the success so far! Doing both morning and night would be very difficult to do. I would either stick with Insanity and then do BBL or you could try the hybrid schedule if it is more appealing to you. -Bethany

  6. I waste 2 weeks when I went vacation, I didn’t do exercise, at this time, I still losing weight, my butt is smaller and flaccid, I used to have big butt, I want to tone them and make them bigger.
    I am planning to be pregnant next octuber, so, I have not to much time.
    Can I do exercise while I am pregnant, I think only the first or second month only.
    I am thinking to do spinning while I am pregnant.

    • Hi Mariel – the secret to getting a more toned, tighter, and if you want to make it bigger butt is to lift heavier weights when doing the leg exercises. Heavier weights will break down your muscle fibers more, which will cause your body to rebuild them up. Just be sure to eat plenty of protein to help put on the lean muscle mass and don’t necessarily do as many reps as they do in the BBL videos if you are lifting heavier. As for exercising when pregnant, I would really talk to your doctor because the amount and intensity of your working out while pregnant will greatly depend on your activity and fitness levels prior to pregnancy. I hope this helps – good luck!

  7. Hi Bethany!
    I found you from your BBL youtube video! You look amazing. I just had a few questions and wanted your opinion! I have a cruise I’m going on during the 2nd weekend of December. I’m 23 years old, 5’4″ and 132 lbs with a small frame and a pear shape as well! I want to get down to 110-115lbs and be bikini body confident!
    Now, I have both Insanity and BBL and have never completed either. I have 11 weeks until my vacation and wondering what would be the best to lose weight and tone up (my thighs/butt/muffin top are my problem areas). Should I do the BBL combo schedule for 4 weeks then the BBL/Insanity hybrid for the last 7 weeks?

    Thanks :)

    • Hi Rani – while it is possible to lose 15-25 lbs in t11 weeks, you are really going to have to watch what and how much food you’re putting into your body, because diet is really key when trying to slender down fast. I would suggest almost, but not entirely eliminating whole grain foods from your first four weeks of working out, instead opting for carbohydrate sources from vegetables and fruits. My example: eat only one serving of whole grain carbs each day for a month and supplement the rest of your carb intake with fruits and veges. I would also do BBL’s Supermodel Slimdown at some point to boost fat loss, but don’t eat less than 1200 calories each day after that. If you find yourself starving on whatever calorie intake you calculate with BBL, add in a 100 calorie snack to see if that helps. When eating healthy, you shouldn’t be hungry all the time except for the first few days as your body adjusts.

      For workouts, I would suggest BBL’s combination schedule. For your second month, I would stick with BBL’s combination schedule if you’re already seeing great results, and then doing Insanity the final three weeks – without the hybrid program. I only suggest this since you are really trying to get in shape in specific areas of your body for your cruise. BBL is what is going to really even out your hips/butt/muffin top area – Insanity is more about core and will shed the final few pounds of fat if you have any left by the end in those three weeks. Insanity will also be easier to finish after doing BBL :) But just remember, results won’t come overnight and will only happen if you commit 100%. Good luck – you can do it!

  8. Hi. I want to lose 12 lbs in 6 and tone my fat legs. You didn’t include Secret Weapon of BBL in your plan. When can I do it??


    • Hi Camila – This is an extra DVD that happens to come with BBL, so I didn’t include it in my hybrid schedule – I was trying to stick with the best blend of workouts to maximize fat loss and overall toning. I only used the Secret Weapon workout when just doing BBL. I simply did it on my off days or when I felt I could get in a really good leg workout. I hope this helps. :)

  9. Hi Bethany,
    Happy New year 2014.
    Thanks for sharing the Insanity and BBL hybrid. i have completed 60 days insanity 1 yr back and due to personal reasons i couldnt continue working out. so again i gained all that i lost. i am 31 yrs and 163 lbs and mother of 4 yr old.
    I have started insanity again and i am in week 1. do you think i should go for 60 days of Insanity or hybrid of Insanity and BBL.
    Kindly advice.

    • Hi Nithya – if you’re looking to focus a little bit more on your lower body with some weight lifting mixed in, then doing a BBL/Insanity hybrid is a good idea. However, if your focus is more on your core and gaining exercise endurance, then Insanity is the way to go. It’s one of those cases where it’s entirely up to you and your personal preferences, as well as what you’re trying to accomplish. And if you just feel like you don’t only want to do Insanity, then by all means do the hybrid. I know doing the same program twice in a row can be redundant and lead to boredom, so hybrids are a bit more fun.

  10. Hi Bethany! I am so happy I came across your website! I started my diet change last week and started working out this week. I have a TON of beachbody workouts and I almost completed Insanity about a year ago but quit after a month and a half b/c I was just too bored. I just started BBL again yesterday (I did it for about 3 weeks) and I am excited about this hybrid schedule. I am going to finish my BBL and then do the hybrid b/c I was actually intending to do Insanity after I was done with BBL.
    Diet wise, would you suggest a little more protein/Healthy carbs on the days that are Insanity workouts? I am still trying to tweak my diet but I have been successful in cutting out all diet sodas and sweet tea ( I’m from the south…LOVE sweet tea) and I have not had any fried food in 2 weeks as well as no bad foods such as chips, nachos, french fries. etc… I am sticking to protein, veggies & some fruits. Just curious what you take is when it comes to bringing in some other foods b/c I feel as if I am going to get bored really fast with such a restricted diet.
    Thanks! :)

    • Hi Angela, I don’t think you need to change the way you are eating on Insanity days. Your diet sounds great! I know how it feels to get sick of the same foods all the time. I would literally gag trying to have egg whites in the morning. I found what works best for me is trying something new on the weekends when I have more time to cook. I still stick to lean proteins and veggies but look for recipes that add some spice to them. -Hope that helps, Bethany

  11. Hi Bethany! I have both I insanity and bbl! I have never finished either but I want to start. I’m skinny but I do have a little belly and my butt is not that great! My main concern is to tone up and some cardio! What would you suggest? I’m not interested in losing weight but start eating more healthy!

    • Hi Larissa, I would suggest first following the BBL classic schedule first. Insanity is more for weight loss, while BBL is a program I believe to better for body sculpting and toning. As for eating a more healthy diet, it can be difficult at first. I recommend choosing foods with less than five ingredients and for the most part try to choose non man-made foods. Meaning if you can pick it, grow it, or kill it yourself, it is likely healthier for you. -Bethany

  12. Hi Bethany,

    I was wondering if this hybrid schedule is for all body shapes. I think I remember somewhere in your other blogs mentioning that doing different BBL plan can give different results. I don’t want to be toned in wrong areas if that’s even possible. I am a pear shape.

    I left a comment awhile ago on your Insanity vs P90x blog. After giving you my information, you recommended BBL for me. I’ve done a week of BBL, and I am sore, but I am not losing the weight. When I did Insanity for two weeks a summer ago, I’ve lost 8 lbs and inches.

    This hybrid schedule sounds appealing to me because it’s combination of weight loss and toning program as you mentioned. I feel that BBL does great job at weight loss (after seeing your results), but I have little more mass compare to you, and feel like Insanity would be more effective for me on just weight loss.. Or maybe few rounds of BBL. Also I like the fact that it’s more focused on BBL. I am also believer in toning. Losing weight is good, but I don’t want to look flabby skinny. I want to have a lean and toned body (just like the girls from BBL workout video).

    Although my main areas are bottom, I want to lose weight overall. And yes, I want to see it fast. Also have a toned body at the end. Would you recommend this plan to me?


    • HI Julia, sounds like this schedule would be good for you. Don’t worry about not losing weight, your body weight can fluctaute 3 to 5 pounds any given day. -Bethany

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