Brazil Butt Lift vs INSANITY – Which is Right for You?

Having trouble deciding between Brazil Butt Lift vs INSANITY? They are both terrific programs that will get you awesome results, but each has an entirely different approach with different pros and cons which you should consider before spending money on either.

A Brief Introduction to INSANITY and Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift: Brazil Butt Lift is a 60-day at-home workout program designed to get you in shape, whether you’re looking to lose weight and tighten your tush or build up your butt if you’re lacking in the backside area. BBL has a booty makeover calendar that helps you customize the workouts to help you reach your individual fitness goals.  It involves a lot of dance-inspired moves and classic leg movements with weighted exercises to sculpt your body sexier than ever. Utilizing the TriAngle training method to get you the best butt of your life.

InsanityINSANITY: INSANITY is also a 60-day at-home total-body conditioning workout program designed to whip you in shape, concentrating more on extremely quick weight loss than overall tightening and toning. It’s more of high impact cardiovascular exercise with lots of jumps and bootcamp style training like push-ups and jumping jacks. Looking for six-pack abs, then INSANITY is a good choice for you. INSANITY uses Max Interval Training to get you maximum fat loss in a minimum amount of time. Not for the faint of heart.

Comparing and Contrasting the


Brazil Butt LiftINSANITY
Weight LossXX
Burn FatXX
Focus AreaButtCore
TrainerLeandro CarvalhoShaun T
Fitness LevelBeginner to IntermediateAdvanced
Length60 days60 days
Cost $59.85$119.85

The Breakdown

All in all, each workout will get you looking your best in no time, but there are some major factors to consider. For example, how much each workout costs, what each program comes with, a trainer whose style you will be able to stick with, the diet, how much equipment you’ll need, and so on. Here we go….

Brazil Butt Lift vs INSANITY CostBBLpromo

If you’re looking to get in the healthiest and best shape of your life, I really wouldn’t let cost be the only deciding factor. While BBL is $60 cheaper than INSANITY, there will be some added expenses for equipment. Of course, there will also be some other suggested expenses for INSANITY. But, here’s a brief breakdown.

  • INSANITY is a lot more up front at $119.85, however, you will not need any extra equipment except maybe for a yoga mat and good sneakers if you don’t already have some. If you buy INSANITY directly from Team Beachbody, you will also receive the bonus Fast & Furious workout FREE! This workout is 20 minutes long and is for those days when you just can’t find the time to complete one of the regular workouts. INSANITY can be purchased with bonus workout below.

Click here to order Insanity

  • Brazil Butt Lift is $59.85 up front, but you will need a yoga mat and other equipment to get the best results. If you purchase directly from Team Beachbody, you will receive the bonus Secret Weapon workout FREE! This 20 minute workout is a killer for your legs. Who knew a towel could be so useful for toning up the tush?! Brazil Butt Lift can be purchased with the link below which includes the free workout.

Click here to order Brazil Butt Lift

What You Get With Each Program

  • Brazil Butt Lift comes with six workout DVDs, the 6-day Supermodel Slimdown, the Fat-Burning Foods Guide, the Booty Makeover Calendar, Booty Makeover Guide, TriAngle Training Workout Cards for when time is short or when you are traveling, Measurement Tracker card, pencil, measuring tape, bonus Secret Weapon and Bum Bum Rapido workout, FREE online support tools, and booty band. Tehre is also three options to choose from – this is the basic option. You can also choose the Deluxe or Supreme versions.
  • INSANITY comes with ten workout DVDs, Elite Nutrition Plan, Fitness Guide, INSANITY workout calendar, FREE online support tools, and FREE bonus Fast & Furious workout DVD.

Brazil Butt Lift vs INSANITY Equipment

Brazil Butt Lift Equipment

  • Weights: 3 to 10 lb dumbbells and/or resistance band for your upper body. You will really need to use the weights if you want to sculpt your best body ever.
  • Yoga Mat: Not 100% necessary, but if you have hard floors, it’s a lifesaver.
  • Ankle Weights: If you want the best results, you must buy a pair of adjustable to 5 lbs ankle weights for each leg.

INSANITY Equipment

  • Yoga Mat: Only necessary if you have hard floors
  • Good Sneakers: There is a LOT of plyo work in these workouts, having shoes with proper support are a MUST!

Comparing Brazil Butt Lift 60 Day Results to INSANITY 60 Day Results

As you can see from the images below, after 60 days of either workout, you will be well on your way to a sexier beach body. Brazil Butt Lift really tones out disproportionate hips to sculpt out a sleeker silhouette that is beach ready. INSANITY helps you blast weight quickly, but as you can see, the toned results are not as noticeable, but the weight loss results are substantial.


How Long are the Brazil Butt Lift and INSANITY Workouts?

This is a hard one to decide where one workout program is better than the other, because both are so different. For example, Brazil Butt Lift’s workouts range from 20 minutes in length to 50 minutes. However, it all depends on what day of the week it is and what schedule you decide to follow. Most of the time, the shorter workouts are combined with one of the half hour workouts to get you around 45 minutes of exercise, at least five days a week. You can always mix the Bum Bum Rapido or Deluxe Kit upgrade DVDs if you get bored with the six offered.

INSANITY’s workout videos all last for around 45 minutes the first month. In the second month, some of the workouts get longer to avoid the plateau effect and keep you motivated. Basically, both last the same amount of time with some days being longer than an hour, etc.

Brazil Butt Lift Diet Compared to the INSANITY Diet

If you want to get the best results from either program, you will have to follow the diet plans. The diets are based on keeping your body energized for the workouts while burning optimum fat levels through correct ratios. Both diets revolve around healthy eating, so it really shouldn’t be a problem – you won’t only be drinking lemon water.

BBL’s Diet Plan is Brazilian-inspired and features some spicy options that are fit for even the pickiest palettes, mine included! It revolves around healthy eating, including low-salt, lean protein, vegetable, fruit, low fat or fat-free dairy, whole grains, healthy fats, and lots and lots of water. It’s very easy-to-follow and provides you with a ton of alternative options for snacks and foods. It keeps you interested with its intriguing recipes. If you really want to stay on track, make sure to order your Shakeology…a real help if you’re crunched on time.

INSANITY’s meal plan revolves around eating five meals a day, 3-4 hours apart. These meals include ratios of about 40% lean protein to 40% low-glycemic complex carbs to 20% healthy fat. This gives you a lot of healthy food options that you can pick and choose what you’re going to eat for the day, as long as you stay to the recommended diet plan. It’s very easy to follow, and includes many recipes to choose from.

Leandro vs Shaun Tleandro

The trainers in each video may influence your decision on whether to do Brazil Butt Lift or INSANITY. Here is a little bit about each and my impression.

Leandro is a renowned celebrity and supermodel trainer who has devoted his career to getting these women the best butts they can. He is fun, upbeat, and always tells you to never settle for less. I personally like his charismatic personality, because having a workout that is not only challenging but fun too is really important to me.

Shaun T is more serious than Leandro, but motivational in his own way. When you feel like you want to quit, he always is there to push harder and keep going. A totally different training style than Leandro, but effective nonetheless. If you want to be pushed harder than you ever thought possible, Shaun T is the man to follow.

Which is the Better Workout, Brazil Butt Lift or INSANITY?

BBLRNeither workout is better than the other, they are just entirely different. I can tell you that BOTH workouts will get you results, whether you’re in it for the 60 days, or need to follow through a second time to really get rid of all the weight. The images at right are showing you how much either program can really change your body – both results are amazing! These are real success stories from Team Beachbody’s website that I thought would give you a good idea of what either program can do for you as long as you commit to succeed.

Each workout will get you in the best shape of your life, so choosing the workout that you will be able to stick with is the best option for you. If you’re not in great shape, or haven’t worked out in a while, INSANITY will be much tougher to get used to while BBL is easier to tone down to your fitness level. This is not to say you can’t tone down INSANITY.


Truthfully, I did a month of INSANITY after finishing the Brazil Butt Lift, and I was in good enough shape to finish every workout without a problem – something I never thought would be possible since I’d tried it before and had to pause the DVDs every other minute. It’s really intense, but that’s the reason it helps you lose weight so quickly.

Brazil Butt Lift is more about sculpting a sexy, feminine figure without adding bulk all while burning the maximum amount of fat and getting you healthy. It’s not as intense as INSANITY, although Bum Bum is pretty comparable to how tough INSANITY workouts are.

Still Need Help Deciding?

I realize this article covers only the most basics of the programs, so if you’ve read this article and still have questions or would like help deciding which is better for you, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me. I’m happy to help you make the decision between doing Brazil Butt Lift vs INSANITY, an easier one. Please be sure to leave as much information about yourself and your fitness level and/or training experience as you feel comfortable – it will help me better recommend the right program for you.


  1. Linda says

    Hi I saw your results and comments and really appreciated what you had to say. I read a lot of weight loss stories but you’re the first one ive contacted. I love working out, eating wholesome foods and living a heathy lifestyle but I still don’t have the body that reflects that. I focus on being healthy, which all my stats and medical records are really good but because I work so hard, it’s frustrating that my body doesn’t exactly reflect that.

    I’ve lost about 30 lbs in the past 4 or so years just from being active. I never really felt bad about myself and set out to lose weight. I signed up for a triathlon and started training. Since then I’ve been addicted. It is possible that i work out too much bc i do 45 mins of weights 5 days a week, bike everywhere and run 30-40 mins. I rarely eat out, eat chicken, veggies, fruit, home made peanut butter on wheat toast, no caffieine and one protein shake a day. i do tend to eat the same foods everyday bc i like routine. My body fat is 24%, I’m 5’2 and 135 lbs. I wear a size small, 2/4 in tops and dresses and 6 in bottoms. I too am pear shaped. I’ve done countless squats, lunges and lower body workouts and my body has gotten better but not to where I want it. People tell me I’m crazy and obsessed bc my body is fine and has changed a lot but bc I love working out so much it’s hard to not have the body that represents that.

    I want to do BBL bc it targets what I want. I am a little afraid that it’s not enough of a workout, bc I’m used to working out 2-3 hrs a day, but I think I need to trust it and probably easing up on my workouts will get me results. That’s a mental block I have to get over. Any advice or words of encouragement will be helpful. I see all these results and it inspires me but also makes me sad bc I’ve done the workouts too and don’t feel like I’ve gotten the same results. I’ve done insanity, p90x, turbo jam and loved them all and seen results but my before and after doesn’t look like yours. Maybe it’s in my head bc people do tell me how much I’ve changed. Thanks for inspiring me to try BBL.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Linda, it’s really great that you’re already eating healthy and living an active lifestyle – congrats! 24% body fat is normal for a woman, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight thing. What I would focus on is doing more moves that will slender you down and not build bulk. Unfortunately, cycling is notorious for giving you large leg muscles, which can make you very big on the bottom – not fat, just big muscles. Pair that with a tendency toward larger hips, and you’ve got a real pronounced hip silhouette.

      Are you still training for a triathlon? I only ask because 2-3 hours a day really is excessive if you’re not training for an athletic event. How many calories are you currently taking in – with your high activity level, you need to eat a lot of calories to prevent your body from going into starvation mode, which can lead to weight gain. Also, if you’re not already doing so, I would suggest tracking your nutrition on to make sure something you’re eating isn’t sneakily adding pounds.

      And BBL is not going to make you gain weight because you’re cutting back on exercise. I think it might be good to change things up a bit, since it seems your diet and exercise habits are a little monotonous, which can also plateau results. Changing things up is a good thing, and try to follow the suggested BBL diet. I really do think the program could slender you down to get you that longer, lean look you want. That being said, you will need to cut your calories back when you start out since you’ve been working out 2-3 hours per day previously. I would definitely recommend following the combination schedule, because that will get you more of the cardio that you like with a lot of butt-sculpting moves to slender down your silhouette and even out your proportions. I never thought my proportions could ever be hourglass-like, but with BBL, it finally happened. And now that I’ve continued to do the Master Series, my thighs are even slimmer than when I finished the original program. If I can do it, you sure can too. Good luck! And if you have any other questions along the way, please ask :)

  2. linda yang says

    Thanks so much for the reply, it really is a testament to your hard work and passion. I got my BBL DVD and started it yesterday and I will say that I really like it. You’re right that it is tough moves but fun. I sweated almost as much as Insanity but it wasn’t as intense and scary. The Abs part was really good and concentrated. I can see how abs are built with the program. Yes I am doing the combo program and following the 6 day slim down. You are also right that I should lower my caloric intake since I’ll not work out as much as I used to. I do think I was in a routine both with foods and exercise so this will be a nice new challenge and change to get results. I’ll try to ease up on biking and swim more instead. I still do weights bc I like it and run 2 times a week but I will try not to over workout. I usually am training for some type of race but this year I’m trying to relax and just enjoy being active. I feel really excited and good about this journey and I’ll post my results. Thanks again and keep up the good work and motivation :)

    • Bethany says

      Hello again, Linda! Definitely keep me posted on how you’re coming along – I’d love to see your results :) And good luck with the program – if you have any questions along the way, please let me know. Enjoy your new fitness journey!

      • says

        My BBL update: I’m on week 7 and am seeing results. I did the first month combo but for 2nd month I’m doing alternating Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck to High and Tight bc I want to really build my butt up and slim my thighs. I do Cardio Axe as an active cardio recovery day. I want to build bigger muscles so I’m doing Jamie Eason’s body building program and trying to max out. I also am doing HIIT and tabata workouts for my cardio. I did up my ankle weights to 3.5 each and use them for Bum Bum and Cardio Axe for a challenge here and there. 2 wks left officially for my BBL and can’t wait to see more results.

  3. sheba says

    hi I’m still decisive as I have a bad knee due to me dislocating my knee 10 yrs ago I was initially intending to buy insanity but everyone who I know brought it had been giving negative feedbacks how intense it is and could damage my knee further please can u tell me what I should do:(

    • Bethany says

      Hi Sheba, your friends are right if you have any previous injury that is still bothering you even slightly Insanity is likely not right for you. BBL exercises are not plyometric based so it would be much easier on the knee. Hope that helps…

  4. Shannon says

    I was happy to see this article, I just received BBL and was looking for the calendar when I saw the link for your article.

    I did Insanity back in March & April. I was getting ready to turn 38, my husband was on an out-of-town job and I desperately needed to get my butt in shape. I was about 40 lbs overweight (I’m 5’4″ and weighed 170). I’ve always liked boot camp style workouts and was looking forward to getting my butt handed to me. Shaun T did a great job, I really really liked Insanity! That said, I had an issue with shin splints from all of the jumping, I’ve never had that problem before. It took a couple extra weeks to complete the 63 days because of it. I didn’t really make any major eating adjustments, I was always hungry! I ended up losing 20 lbs and 11 inches overall and 3 jean sizes.

    I do wish that the cooldowns/stretching were longer/better. Since finishing Insanity, I’ve had a hard time with really tight hips, especially my hip flexors. I’ve been doing yoga stretches trying to work through the discomfort.

    I started T25 the middle of July, got about a week and a half through and stopped. I restarted it two weeks ago, but am having a hard time staying excited, which is why I ordered BBL, I think a change of pace is needed. :)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Shannon – firstly, congrats on your progress so far – that is awesome! I’m happy to hear you decided to give BBL a try – it is a little more upbeat than INSANITY or Focus T25, but that has a lot to do with the trainers’ different styles. Since you’ve already done some programs, I would strongly suggest following the Classic schedule – this should give you the cardio you need to get rid of the extra fat on your hips, as well as build up those muscles on your hips and thighs to give you a great shape. That is one of my pet peaves about INSANITY, is that it really doesn’t target your legs too much. Yes, it does incredible things for quick weight loss and getting a great looking mid-section, but it definitely does not put much focus on your legs. I feel like Focus T25 does a really great job at hitting up all your body from head to toe, but I can see where you might not be very excited – not every workout program is for every person.

      All in all, I really think you’ll enjoy BBL, and I believe it will help you reach your weight loss goals, while toning up those trouble areas. I would strongly advise eating whole foods and the right amounts of protein to carbs to fats, because it will help you really slender down and tone up – especially in the hard to reach hamstring and butt area. I know I always look best from behind when I’m not eating a whole lot of whole grain carbs and instead, getting my carb sources from mostly veges and fruits. Good luck – I hope you continue to see terrific results! And if you have any questions along the way, please feel free to ask :)

  5. Lily says

    Thank you for the website it’s inspiring. I did BBL for 3 weeks, then lost motivation. I did 1-2 work out for last week (would have been my 4th week) and this week (5th week) About me, I was 270 lbs. in 2009 and went down 100 lbs. from there it’s been up and down with about 20 lbs. I got married December and went down to 166-169. Right now I’m 186 :(. With BBL I only lost 5 lbs. in 3 weeks, but no body fat. Although I have had people ask if I was losing weight.

    I have some lose skin (not too bad for the 100 lbs I lost) and big saddle bags. I was doing the slim and lift part but I see that I should do the classic. I was thinking of insanity, but do you think then that I should stick with this for a little bit longer and do the classic? I obviously need to lose weight from everywhere but I guess if I had to “pick” one area it would be my saddlebags.

    Also, I walk about 2 miles a day and jog / walk another 2. A total of 4 miles in about an hour – 6 days a week. (on top of videos) and do zumba 1 time a week.

    I will be 38 years old next week, 5’3 and like I said 186. My “dream” weight would be 140 although I think I’d be SUPER happy with 150. I’m currently a size 10-12 in jeans, anywhere between M-XL on tops (crazy huh?)

    Thanks for your time and the blog! :)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Lily, congratulations on the weight loss and setbacks do happen, though I think you are being a little hard on yourself.

      I would stick with the BBL program and agree you should switch to the classic schedule. Once you have finished with one round of BBL you will be better prepared for the Insanity program. -Bethany

  6. susan says

    I have both insanity and bbl dvd. I would like to use them both on my workout. insanity in the morning and bbl at night. how would I incorporate them both into my workout schedule? thank you for your post. you inspire me so much to lose weigh t!

  7. Jamie ferrandi says

    Hi, thank you in advance for your time! I tried insanity and had to quit due to a bad ankle and flat feet…. I’m intrigued by BBL but truthfully I already have a “bubble butt” and worry it will get bigger. My goal is to lose a thin layer of fat (and cellulite!) almost everywhere that even lipo (on thigh area) didn’t correct ( I have a bizarre “fat pocket” on my right leg/ saddle bag area and am aware you can’t spot reduce but want to feel good in a bikini again after two kids)… I am 135 and 5’7″ – look good in clothes but not so much naked!! Sorry in advance for the run-on sentences! Would you recommend BBL for someone with an already pronounced butt?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Jamie – I would recommend following BBL. It’s really designed to target any bottom-half issue, including if you’re looking to reduce the size of a tush that is too big. In my opinion and experience, Insanity really isn’t that great for toning up the backside – it’s really awesome in other ways, but doesn’t put a huge focus on your bottom – T25 does a better job at that.

      Depending on the schedule you choose to follow, I’d recommend the Combination/Classic schedule, you really can reshape your bottom half. Just be sure to eat a healthy, well-balanced, whole foods diet, follow the 6-day slimdown, and really watch what you put into your body throughout the entire program. Diet really has a major impact on cellulite, along with exercise. I’d try to eat veges and fruits as your main source of carbs, stay away from starchy carbs and refined sugars, eat low fat proteins, limit your intake of healthy fats (make it 30% or less of your daily caloric intake), keep away from alcohol, and drink LOTS of water. If you’re interested in reading more about diet and cellulite, you can read my article on how diet affects cellulite.

      There is no doubt in my mind that by following BBL and eating a healthy, reduced-calorie diet, you can get rid of the pesky fat pocket and cellulite and feel good in a bikini again once and for all with your new sexy stomach and thighs! Good luck!

      • Jamie ferrandi says

        Thank you so much for your feedback, I will try BBL! I liked your cellulite/diet article – I normally eat 30-35 g fiber but have slacked off a bit lately in that area, as well as my water intake so I’ll get back on track! Being Italian, wine is hard to stay away from but I did notice a difference when I cut back! :(
        I’ve wanted to start juicing but worry about the additional calories – if it’s mainly vegetables do I need to count that or is more the fruits you need be careful with?
        Thanks again,

        • Bethany says

          Hi Jamie! I really think you’ll enjoy BBL. There are minimal amounts of calories in vegetables anyways, and I’m pretty sure the ones you’d use in juicing aren’t the ones you need to worry about counting. Fruits are definitely something you should watch more closely though (they’re full of sugar), and when eating whole vegetables as a side dish, I really would count their calories too. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask. PS – One glass of wine once or twice a week is not going to break you or ruin your getting rid of cellulite efforts :)

  8. Thuy says

    Hi Bethany,
    I’m not sure which work out is for me and hope after I’m done telling you about myself. You can help me decide which one is the right fit for me.I’m 5’5 and weight 140 lbs. I use to go to the gym a lot and even have my personal trainer but they didn’t help me to much so i dont get one anymore. I want to get tone my whole body especially by butt, thigh, abdominal. I have the fat on two of the side of my abdominal/stomach and the bra back roll that i want to get ridge off . I dont think im too over weight ,but every time i look at the magazine and video of other people who have a really nice body. I want my body to be like that. I want to feel confident about my body. My eat habit is not good so I want to change that. I want to tone up and at least 20-30 lbs. Im not sure if Brazil butt lift/ insanity or hip hop abs can help me to achieve my goal.
    Thanks so much.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Thuy – honestly, I think you could benefit from any of those three programs. If I had to start you off with one, it would be BBL, since it really focuses on your problem areas as well as tones your whole body. And it does have one of the best ab workouts out there included as part of your weekly schedule to help with your abdominals. It’s also very easy to tone down to your own fitness level, so it’s great for beginners. I feel like if you went with Insanity, you would lose interest fast since it’s really tough. Plus, Leandro’s upbeat personality makes you want to keep pushing yourself.

      As far as diet, I would suggest following the 6-day supermodel slimdown to help you on your way to eating a healthier diet. It’s shell shock at first, especially if you’ve been eating less than healthy, but it does help with getting rid of sugar cravings after only a few days. After that, try to cut out refined sugars and starches and stick with whole foods. Eat no more than 1400 calories each day, drink eight, 8-oz glasses of water each day, and follow the Classic schedule to a tee. If you do this, there is no doubt in my mind you will be able to feel confident about your body by the end of the program. And don’t stress yourself out trying to compare yourself to the women in magazines -half the time, these women don’t even look like themselves when you see them unairbrushed without their hair professionally done and high-tech lighting to hide every blemish. Ease the pressure and just worry about being the best you that you can be. Just show up every day and do the workouts at your own pace while eating a healthier diet, and you will have the body you’ve always wanted. Good luck!

      • Thuy says

        Hi Bethany,
        Thanks so much for your advice. And I hear you talking about the 6 day supermodel slimdown is in the BBL right? When i buy the beginner BBL, it should include everything I need in it correct?Yea I understand those models are not perfect as how I see it but I just want to have a nice body where I can be confident ans proud of it.
        Thanks again for your advice, I appreciate it very much.

  9. Sarah says

    Aloha, Bethany!
    I’m glad I came across your page! I am a 30 year old (it hurts to even type that!) mother of 2 young kids, and I’m looking to tone up and lose a few pounds. I am 5’4 and about 128lbs, I’m very small framed so I look much heavier. I used to be very physically fit, but I have been slacking these last couple years and I’d really like to get back into shape, and do so in a healthy way. I’ve only started eating right and working out every day for a couple weeks so no results so far. I do have an Xbox1 with fitness so it has sample workouts of Insanity, P90X, and BBL. I’ve tried all and so far the BBL has been the most entertaining! I definitely felt the burn with the others also, but I’m more interested in toning by legs and backside. After doing the sample BBL workout, I just wasn’t sure if it would be a good overall workout since I’m trying to tone up and drop pounds. I’m hoping it is since P90X is such a long workout, and Insanity seems really rough on the knees. Although I don’t have knee issues, and I’m naturally pretty strong, I don’t want to burn out. Advice would be great, and Happy New Year!! (This isn’t a resolution, just a coincidence! ;))

    • Bethany says

      HI Sarah, BBL is in my opinion more of a total body workout than Insanity. Sculpt the strength training workout is one of my workouts from Beachbody. You are right Insanity can be tough on the knees with all of the plyometric based movements. Reading your comment it really sounds like you would benefit most from BBL and that is what I would recommend for you. -Bethany

  10. Flora says

    Hi Bethany :)
    For the past month I’ve been starting to go to the gym and I feel really good about myself, and now I’m trying to look for other workouts to incorporate in my schedule. I mainly do cardio and yoga and I think I need some toning as well. I’m a skinny pear shape so I have a really small chest but a lot of stomach and butt and thighs. To add to the awful combination I also have muscular calves.. which workout will be better in terms of toning without building bulk or losing too much fat? I know it’s weird to hear that but in all honesty I’m not overweight at 120 and 5′ 3″, I just want to be toned and look leaner. Thanks for your help :)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Flora – you can regulate how much fat you lose by how many calories you’re putting into your body each week in relation to how many calories you’re burning. A deficit of 500 calories per day would have you losing 1 pound of body fat each week if you changed nothing that you’re currently doing as far as activity levels. I would keep track of your calories with a calorie tracking site like myfitnesspal, eat clean, and don’t cut your calories too much – 1600 would be a good place to start, because you can always adjust to fit your fat loss goals.

      As far as which workout would be more beneficial to you, I would strongly suggest following BBL. I would do the Slim & Shape plan (for Pear Shapes) since you are really looking for the defining, toning moves…not so much the weight loss. I hope that helps…good luck!

      • Flora says

        Hi Bethany, thanks for your prompt reply!! I just have another question for you. I saw your results page and you look amazing! Your starting measurements are actually quite similar to mine (27 inch waist and 37.5 hips currently) and I would love to go down a couple inches for both. Your results are really motivating me to start the BBL, but I’m just wondering if you’ve dropped in bra sizes at all? Your weight loss wasn’t crazy but I still saw a significant difference in your body, which is what I would want for myself as well. I’m currently at a 34B/32C and I really can’t afford to lose :s Thank you :)

        • Bethany says

          Hi Flora, tough question because it is going to be decided by mainly how you are built. Your chest is composed of fat tissue and breast tissue. Some people hold lots of fat in the chest, so when they put on weight they grow, but when they lose weight they shrink. On the other hand breast tissue is going to remain the same no matter how much weight you put on or lose. Hope that makes sense, Bethany

  11. Kaylee says

    Hi Bethany, I’m about 20 pounds overweight and am looking to not only lose those pounds, but also gain abs. I’ve been thin my entire life, but the past couple years have gained a lot of belly fat that I’m trying to lose. I started off doing about 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill a day, then I followed that with strength training for my lower body to get a bigger butt for about 30 minutes a day, and lastly I did a 10-15 minute ab workout. For the strength training on the lower body, I did the typical lunges/squats, etc with weights but I felt like it was building muscle in my upper thighs more so then my glutes, so I stopped with the lower body strength training. I was happy with my legs before I started working out, I have a thigh gap and long lean legs but I’m afraid I’m building muscle mass because lately I’ve been feeling my thighs touching, they appear larger, etc. Basically what I’m looking for is a program that will trim and slim my legs to maintain long, lean, skinny, “model-like” legs, at the same time as shredding body fat to give me the abs and flat tummy I’m looking for. I tried Insanity but I felt like it was working the legs too much and building unwanted muscle. I would like a butt lift too, but not at the expense of building muscle in my thighs….oh and I also have been drinking LOTS of water and maintaining a healthy diet..please help me decide what program is right for me. Thanks in advance :)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Kaylee – I think BBL would be a good choice for you, since it was originally designed to give Leandro’s supermodel clients a butt boost, while at the same time, maintaining the long, lean legs they need for their job. It utilizes weighted repetition, which tones up, but doesn’t build up your thighs. It also has a great workout for your abs that will help give you that slim, sexy core once you get rid of the fat. I think one time through should get you close to your goal weight, but you may need to go an extra month to get rid of the the last few pounds. I hope this helps – good luck!

  12. Cynthia says

    Hey there! I really need help deciding which I should go for. I’m not active. I work at a place from 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM sitting at a desk doing paperwork. I’m 25 pounds overweight. I really need to get rid of the unneeded weight but nothing seems to really work for me since I don’t move around a lot. I just wanted to know which one is best for a person who moves little through out the day. I just don’t want to have to buy one and not see results.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Cynthia, with your tight schedule and not having been active, I would suggest T25. And, as long as you follow the program and eat right you will see results, I guarantee it. -Bethany

  13. Gabby says

    Hi Bethany, my name’s Gabby and I am 16yrs old. I’ve been thin my whole life but recently decided I wanted to tone up my body more for the summer and I just finished Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs prpgram. I love Shaun T because he’s so fun and motivational for me and I got grewt results from his program, but I still want to get better….I’m not sure what to do, Brazilian Butt Lift or Insanity. About 2 weeks into the Hip Hop Abs, I decided I would team the Hips, Buns, And Thighs video everyday with the scheduled calendar workout for that day to tone up and sculpt my booty more (I’ve always had a curvaceous backside, but I wanted to tone and lift it more and I did) point is, I’m still not 100% satisfied with the way I look, I want my abs and arms more defined, I want to work my chest more and tone up my legs and bottom to the max. If I were to do Insanity, I wouldn’t have to pay for it because my boyfriend has it and would let me use it…but then again, I’m just scared I might get too bulky or lose my bottom and chest…please help, I just want my whole body in the best shape possible
    P.S. I didn’t follow the meal plan for Hip Hop Abs and don’t plan on follwoing them for whatever workout I choose….I already watch what I eat and stay away from fast, fat, sugaty, and processed foods

  14. oumaïssa says


    i am glad that i have found your website !
    I wondering wich one of insanity or bbl I should do. I have lost about 20 pounds and i lost also my chest and my butt. I use to have physical activies but so far i am doing nothing and are siting most of the time.
    I would like to have a big and beautifull butt and flat tummy but i do not need to lose weight. i do not want to lose my chest also ! I also would like to be in a better shape.

    what will you advice me ? insanity or bbl ?

    thank you for you help !

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Oumaïssa, Congrats on the weight loss so far! BBL sounds like the perfect program for you at this point. Since you have lost the weight you wanted, it is more about toning your butt and tummy at this time which BBL is the perfect program for you to accomplish this. Insanity is more weight loss and not a toning program like BBL is. Since you want to maintain your weight, it is recommended you eat twelve times your body weight in calories than the ten times you would if your goal was weight loss, the BBL diet books goes into more detail about this. -Bethany

  15. Hunter says

    I want to get a flat tummy, but i don’t want to get super rock hard… I also want to tighten my butt and shrink my thighs. Will brazil butt lift do all of this for me, or only the lower body? Will i get that flat stomach result I want just with bbl?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Hunter, there are a lot variables on the exact tyoe of resutls you wil get. But, I can tell you BBL is a full boddy workout that does focus on toning the butt and thighs. And, the tummy tuk workout will build your abs. -Bethany

  16. Brittany says

    I want to buy both, I’m just want to know if it’s better to do them both at the same time or do one and then the other. If it is better to do them separately then which one should I start first?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Brittany, I would start with one and then move to hybrid schedule of the two. I have a hybrid schedule that you can use when that time comes. As to which is program to do first. if you have a lot of weight to lose, say twenty plus begin with Insanity. If not, then either program is a great place to start. -Bethany

  17. Lauren Medley says

    Hey. I’m doing insanity now but when I’m don’t with the program I’d like to start BBL. But my main question is, do I HAVE to have weights?

  18. Sarah says

    I think I’m what you call skinny fat. My upper body is very small and my lower body carries most of my weight. I want to change the shape of my bum, which tends to sag, so it’s larger and more firm. I think I would cry myself to sleep if it got smaller because I have no boobs to speak of. My bum is really my only hope of having curves. I just want to do what I can so my bum can be bigger and more perky without my quads and hams getting crazy big. I noticed all before and afters for BBL resulted in weight loss and a shrunken bum. These are two things I don’t want. However, I’m not sure if Insanity is any better because there is a lot of cardio. Also, what should I be eating? I have a pretty carb heavy diet, which I know I have to change, but if I eat fruits, veggies, and lean proteins will I lose weight? What do you think? I’m 22 at 5’4″ and 108lbs and have no desire to lose weight. Don’t know where the rest of my post went. Great article, Bethany

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Sarah, I have seen a couple of people who have gained or maintained weight on the BBL program. Gaining, losing, or maintaining body weight all comes down to calories. Consume more calories than you burn and you will gain weight, burn more than you consume and you will lose weight, etc. At your size you should be eating a minimum of 1200 calories and you might need to increase this amount up to about 1500 to gain/maintain or more. Both program comes with a diet plan of foods to be eating and you could keep track of your calories online with myfitnesspal or similar. And, BBL does sound like the better program for someone like you. Bethany

  19. Nedia says

    Hi I’m trying to figure out my calories for bbl! I’m 5’7 138 lb I’d like to either maintain or gain muscle. I have both insanity and bbl and was looking into doing the hybrid workoutso or bbl alone. I just don’t know exactly how many calories I need to be consuming and can use the 21 day fix meal plan to count my calories. Please help Ibe been struggling to figure it out.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      HI Nedia, Between 1600-1800 calories to start and then keep an eye on the scale, if you are losing weight add another 200 calories until you start to maintain or gain. You could use the Fix container method to, just be sure to keep an eye on the scale and adjust when you need to. Bethany

  20. Kara says

    I am wondering if you think BBL is good for all over fat loss, I am very overweight and would like to tone my entire body. I was also looking at P90x3 and Insanity. I carry alot weight in my middle but I feel I am a person who wears their weight all over.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kara, BBL is a good plan for fat loss. Spot reducing is not possible, everyone loses and gains wieght all over, it is just genetically people hold their fat in different areas. Bethany

  21. Fluffy says

    I was wondering, what workout program would give the best results for visible ABS if you are already ‘slim?’ Would Brazil But Lift tone my ABS and make them visible? Oh, and would it tone up my arms? Thank you :)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi, If you need ab mass BBL would probably be more effective with. And, yes it will tone yours too, the sculpt workout is awesome in BBL. Bethany

  22. Kelly says


    I’m needing to lose inches off my waist and hips especially my hips (at least 3″) by October. I have lost about 5 pounds through diet but haven’t lost any inches. I own Insanity, 21 day fix and BBL. Reading through your comments I was thinking that I may do the BBL Slim and Shape schedule; I just need a second opinion.

    Thank you,

  23. kalisha says

    Hi Bethany. Ive had a baby in April and in July decided to start Insanity thinking it would give me immediate results. Ive been doing it for 3 weeks now and ive completely changed my diet to healthy foods. That said i cant follow the Insanity diet as i follow a Halal diet and most of the stuff on there isnt suitable. So im sticking to grilled chicken salads, fruits and fish. Ive cut out takeouts and all fatty foods. I measured and weighed myself after 3 weeks and i dont seem to have lost anything on the scale or any inches. Im also using myfitnesspal app and that tells me im taking in the right amount of calories. I tend to exercise after work which is about 8pm and my monitor tells me i lose about 400calories each workout. i then have a protein shake after that. Is there anything else i can try? Or should i change my workout to BBL?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kalisha, Could be adding muscle too. I would try to take some pictures if you have before or make these your before photos. Also are your clothes fitting any better. Sometimes the scale is not a good way to measure results. Bethany

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