Cardio Axe Review

By far, the Brazil Butt Lift’s Cardio Axe workout is one of the most – if not the most – enjoyable cardio workout I have ever had the pleasure of doing. Whether this has to do with Axe (pronounced ah-SHAY), which means good luck/ positive energy, or Leandro Carvalho’s genuine personality, this is one Brazil Butt Lift workout you are going to love.

An Intro to Cardio Axe

While it is by no means an intense fitness workout that tests the boundaries of your endurance, it is a workout you can easily adjust the moves to fit your current fitness level whether you need to make it less or more difficult. Plus, it’s fun to do. And the best part is, you don’t need any extra equipment for this one or a ton of space to move around in.

For example, I needed to tone it down towards the end the first time I did it when I got tired. So, instead of swinging my arms around and twirling, I laid low – just moving my hips and arms sans the twirl. You can also make it pretty low impact by not jumping around as much as you could be.

Of course if you’re looking to make Cardio Axe a more intense cardio workout, then jump around all you want and shake that booty! You won’t even notice you’re dripping with sweat, because you’ll be having so much fun moving around. I’m telling you, you could really get nuts and have fun with this one. Just look at how much fun they look like they’re having in the picture right here…that’s how the entire workout is.

This is what many complain about in other online reviews is that the Cardio Axe workout is just too easy for them , which always bother me. If you give it your all and then some, I just don’t see how you couldn’t make it more challenging – even if you are already in good physical condition.You could even modify moves to make them more difficult if you needed to.

To each his own, I guess. I just love Leandro’s upbeat nature and his accent doesn’t hurt either. I can’t imagine this guy not smiling. And his smile really is contagious!

The Cardio Axe Moves

You will definitely recognize the Brazilian dance inspired moves in this fast-paced and upbeat workout, as well as the ballet. There are four sets of combinations that you develop throughout the video. At first, you begin by only practicing one move. Then, another move is added, and so on – until you have Combination 1. After doing that combo a few times, you move onto learning the first moves of Combo #2, and so on and so forth.

Don’t get discouraged by the idea of having to remember combinations – I know how combinations can freak some people out. By the second time doing the video, I was an ace. Leandro repeats the moves enough times that they really sink in. It’s just when the moves and combinations all get put together for the first time that I started laughing at myself and how silly I must’ve looked. However, if you get lost along the way, you can always just shake your booty and have fun!

With names like Sweeping the Sand and Riding the Waves, how could this workout not be fun? It’s fun moves like this, in addition to more traditional Brazilian dance-inspired moves like the Brazilian Samba, that make Cardio Axe a unique and entertaining workout that not only teaches you some new dance moves and gets you in shape, but also makes you feel sexy.

Cardio Axe Calories Burned

Because everyone’s body is different, it is hard to tell you exactly how many calories you’ll burn during this video. Your current fitness level counts as well as your current weight and your resting metabolic rate. At my current weight and fitness level, I burn around 195 calories during Cardio Axe, which could increase as I become more fit and when I get myself a real calorie tracker instead of an average rating according to my heart rate throughout the workout. In addition to healthy eating, this is plenty for now. In addition, this is actually a cardio workout I can finish without feeling like I need a trip to the ER after. Keep in mind that I have read many burn upwards of 300 calories when they put their all into it. No matter what your pace or current fitness level is, Cardio Axe is fun and enjoyable – my favorite at-home cardio workout by far.

A Better Butt In 60 Days with Cardio Axe

With its booty shaking dance-inspired moves, there is no way you won’t whip your butt into shape with this one – perhaps in even fewer than 60 days. Heck, I was seeing and feeling a smaller behind in less than a week! While it is not just from this workout alone, it is from how all of them work together synergistically to get you a better looking bottom.

Because of its half hour length, you will most often do this video on the same day as High & Tight or Tummy Tuck. However, not every customized program will do this. However in only 60 days, you can get into that bikini in time for summer!

This is why you need to try the Brazil Butt Lift yourself and see how it can transform you. Not just your backside, but you as a whole.

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