What to Do After Brazil Butt Lift?

So, now that you have the butt of your dreams, what do you do after the Brazil Butt Lift workout? Well, it’s really up to you and your health and fitness goals. Do you want to tighten your tush even more? Have you lost all the weight you were looking to lose?¬† Did you want to add a little more muscle tone? Do you just want to upkeep your results? Keeping your goals in mind is what will help make your decision on what to do after the Brazil Butt Lift workout program an easier one. And please, don’t do nothing after finishing. You’ve made it this far, you need to continue to live a healthy lifestyle!

Do You Want a Supermodel Sexy Figure and an Even Tighter Tush?BBLMasterSeries

  • Brazil Butt Lift Master Series: If you really want that longer, lean and toned look of a supermodel or dancer, then you will definitely want to try out the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series. This is a 30-day continuation of the Brazil Butt Lift workout program that is remarkably different yet just as effective. In fact, it’s even tougher. You wouldn’t think holding an exercise ball and working out could be so effective, but oh my gosh, it is a killer workout…fun too!

The Brazil Butt Lift Master Series will get you the supermodel slim look you might be going for. It combines more tush-toning workouts, along with some total body ones and tough cardio to keep the rest of you just as tight while shedding the last of your unwanted body fat.

Do you Need to Lose More Weight?

Depending on where you were at when you began the Brazil Butt Lift workout, you may still be looking to lose a substantial amount of body fat. In the case, you have several options to choose from. The company that has the Brazil Butt Lift program, also has a myriad of other at-home workout programs ta are sure to kick your butt. Some options you could try are:

  • Another Round of Brazil Butt Lift:sculpt Yes, you can always do another round of Brazil Butt Lift. However, I would¬†strongly suggest mixing up the weeks and going for the Classic schedule if you didn’t already. You can also mix and match different weeks from the other schedules, or purchase the deluxe kit upgrade to add in the Rio Extreme workout for Sculpt and up the weight on your ankle weights, resistance bands, and free weights for the other workouts.
  • Insanity: This is one of Beachbody’s most popular workouts. Why? Because it Insanityworks…guaranteed. If you need to still lose a ton of weight and are looking to really tighten up, then Insanity could be the right choice for you. It’ll really help you to melt fat and sculpt a lean sexy body. Plus, you don’t need a ton of space, and it’s only60 days, and I’ve done it recently and would safely say that it’s no more difficult than the Bum Bum workout. Buy through this link, and you’ll receive the Fast & Furious bonus workout DVD- a $20 value…FREE!P90X
  • P90X: I’m sure you’ve seen it on television, all the infomercials for P90X, and yes, you can get that toned, tight look in as little as 90 days…especially after already completing 60 days of the Brazil Butt Lift. If you buy P90X through this link, you will also receive 2 Bonus workouts – a $40 value…FREE!
  • TurboFire: This is a fat-busting workout where you can expect to burn 9x’s as more TurboFire-calories than with traditional cardio. Now that you’ve gotten back in to the world of fitness and lost some weight, you can really fire up your results with TurboFire. Plus, Chalene is pretty awesome – one of the most popular trainers out there! She’s fun, she’s motivating, and she’ll kick your butt with her High Impact Interval Training! It’s tough, no lie, but it will get you results. Find out more about TurboFire.

Do You Want to Add More Muscle Tone?

While some women are afraid of getting bulky, it’s just not possible. Unless you have an unusually high level of testosterone, you will never get bulky no matter how heavy you lift. You will get more of a fitness model look, which by all means, is super sexy. Strong is not ugly! So, if you want to see how strong you can get, here are some workout options for you:

  • P90X: This will get you a super-sexy physique by building lean muscle mass and melting away body fat, taking your results to the max. See above for more detailed descriptionPump
  • Les Mills Pump: This is another extremely popular workout program that provides you with all the equipment you’ll need to build a strong, lean body, including a barbell! You only work out 3 days a week, which is awesome if you’re super busy and can’t ever find enough time to work out, but you will get awesome results. How, you ask? With THE REP EFFECT, which is basically lower weight, higher repetitions…the perfect ingredients for building the toned body of your dreams. Buy Les Mills Pump today and receive the Bonus Les Mills Pump CORE Workout – a $19.95 value..FREE! A pretty intense core workout that will whittle your middle even more!

Do You Want to Maintain Your Physique?

If you’re happy with your Brazil Butt Lift results, youcan really move on to any of Beachbody’s at-home workout programs to maintain your results. My advice is to really try and continue to watch what you eat – healthy eating leads to a healthy, prolonged life.Exercise is also an important aspect of healthy living. You’ve made it this far – please don’t quit!

Keep in mind, you may need to play with your calories to see where you need to be to maintain your current weight. You won’t need to still be eating 1400 calories if you’re looking for maintenance. Usually, it’s around 1800-2200 calories for the average sized woman. Here is just a short list of workouts you can try: bblogo

  • TurboJam
  • Les Mills Combat
  • Slim in 6
  • ChaLEAN Extreme
  • Yoga Booty Ballet
  • Body Gospel
  • Insanity
  • P90X

To order or read more about any of the above workouts, Click Here to visit to my Team Beachbody Website.


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