What’s Your Butt Type?: Explaining the Booty Blueprint Guide

The Brazil Butt Lift doesn’t just give you a single workout program to follow. It personalizes a workout program just for you and your specific needs by providing you with a booty blueprint guide to follow, which in turn customizes a whole workout schedule for you.

Your Butt Shape…as Unique as Your Fingerprint?

Okay, your butt shape may not be as unique as your fingerprints, but it does fall into a certain category that the Brazil Butt Lift program works around. Let’s face it, not all booties are created equal, and that’s what the booty blueprint is for.

It’s a blueprint for identifying your body/booty shape, which then fits you into the correct Brazil Butt Lift workout plan that will work best for your butt’s shape. Every body is different, so this provides you with a workout plan that will work for your body type to give you the results YOU, not someone else, needs. It’s like having a personal trainer to whip your butt in shape…literally.

Of course with identifying your booty blueprint type, this means you must take an honest look at your rear in the mirror and match it to one of the following butt types: Too Big, Pear Shaped, Too Flat/Too Square, or Combination. I will explain in detail below each butt type. You can read about the schedules for each butt type here ( coming soon!)

Your Butt is Too Big

If your butt looks like this, follow the Slim & Lift plan

This means your butt is round and full and bulges out in all the wrong places. To be brief and blatant…your butt is too heavy. You may have a noticeable muffin top and will be able to pass the pencil test with flying colors – such as I did.

It also means you probably have some cellulite that you just can’t seem to get rid of, which requires some real cardio and sculpting to cut down on the fat and shape your booty nicely. A diet rich in whole foods and water consumption will also help rid of cellulite.

Your Custom Booty Blueprint workout schedule: the Slim & Lift plan.

You are Pear Shaped

If your butt looks like this, follow the Slim & Shape plan

You have no problems in the curves department, at least below the waist. You’re curvy…in fact, disproportionately so around the hips in comparison to your bust. This means you have noticeably larger hips and stubborn saddlebags that you can’t get rid of. This basically describes me almost perfectly, although I still have a muffin top and bulges everywhere, so I’m going for the Classic plan.

Your Custom Booty Blueprint workout schedule: the Slim & Shape Plan.

Your Butt is Too Flat/Too Square

If your butt looks like this, follow the Lift & Shape plan

Sometimes problems in the rear area have nothing to do with being too big or too curvy. Sometimes, you need some¬† curves and some shape. If you have a flatter butt and your shape is relatively straight from the waist through your thighs, then this is Too Flat/Too Square is your Booty Blueprint. It’s also the right option for those apple shaped women who hold more of their weight in their stomachs.

Brazil Butt Lift is great for adding some oomph to your backside – not only just to slim it down if you’re too big.

Your Custom Booty Blueprint workout schedule: the Lift & Shape Plan.

Your Butt is a Combination of TypesButtEquation

If your butt doesn’t neatly fit into one Booty Blueprint type, then you most likely have a Combination butt. This just means your butt doesn’t fit into any category, or your butt is a combination of different categories.

I’ll use myself as an example. I have a definite pear shape with my upper body being straight up and down and my lower body being way too curvy with way too much fat around my rear and thighs as you can see from my image to the right.

Your Custom Booty Blueprint workout schedule: the Classic Plan.

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedules

Once you have correctly identified your butt type, then you can move onto your Brazil Butt Lift workout schedule. In a nutshell, each workout plan offers you something different to help with your butt’s problem areas. Take a look at the Brazil Butt Lift Workout Calendar.


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