5 Ways to Enhance Your H2O

Water is imperative to overall good health and weight loss, but not all people enjoy drinking plain water – it can be boring or just unpleasing to many. The good news is there are wonderful ways to enjoy your water by adding a hint of natural flavor to your water – NOT chemical additives. Here are some things I love adding to my water to change the flavor once and a while.lime

  1. Lemons and Limes: Try squeezing a slice of lemon in your cold, or warm, water. Lemons and limes not only makes the water taste irresistibly refreshing and add some yummy sour taste, they are also natural diuretics that help your kidneys cleanse themselves naturally.
  2. Cucumbers: A few slices of cucumber left standing in cold water for a few minutes as a uniquely refreshing flavor to your water. It’s delicious in the summer when everything is so hot and sticky and is a natural diuretic too.
  3. Frozen Watermelon Cubes: I learned this one from the Brazil Butt Lift’s recommendations, and I must say, it is a sweet little treat…especially when you get to eat the almost-unthawed watermelon at the end…mmmmm! Let frozen cubes sit in water for five minutes before drinking.
  4. Mint: Try washing fresh mint leaves and putting them in your ice water. Allow to chill in the fridge for a while, and then enjoy.
  5. Strawberries: Halve your strawberries, and then like the watermelon, let these sit in your water for five full minutes before drinking. Many berries are great in water, so experiment to see what you enjoy most. The best part is, you get to eat the berries afterwards.

Make sure you’re beginning with a nice, clean water source like bottled or filtered water to fully enjoy what a refreshing glass of water tastes like. If you’re drinking unfiltered tap or well water, there are contaminants in the water that could be providing you with unwanted flavors, even contaminants that are harmful to your health.


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