What is the Beachbody On Demand All-Access Annual Pass?

I remember a time when the only option you had to purchase a Beachbody program was to pay $119.85 and wait patiently for your program to arrive in the mail.

Fast forward to 2017, and now for less than the cost of a single program, you can have unlimited access to every single Beachbody workout program and their included materials with the Annual All-Access  Beachbody On Demand Pass for $99.95.

In this post, I’m going to go over everything you need to know about the All-Access Pass, going over what it includes, what it doesn’t include, how much it costs, how to upgrade from a quarterly membership, and a couple of potential problems I see.

All the Premium Content You Can Enjoy All Year

The largest amount of confusion with Beachbody On Demand came from the fact that you did not get access to all of Beachbody workout programs for one fee. Beachbody had their separate “Premium Content” area of On Demand where you could pay extra one-time fees to get access to a bestselling or new program release.

The programs included in the Premium Content area:

  • 21 Day Fix
  • Core De Force
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps
  • Cize
  • Country Heat
  • PiYo

With the All-Access Pass, you gain access to all new releases and the Premium Content area. Beachbody usually releases two new programs a year, one at the middle of the year and one at the end of the year.

How the All Access Pass is Different Than Quarterly Billing

beachbody on demand all access comparison chart

A comparison chart of what you get with the Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand Pass vs Beachbody On Demand quarterly billing.

As you can see from the chart above, you can spend about $75 less for the All-Access pass and get 6 more workout programs. Sounds like a deal to me!

How to Upgrade Your Current BOD Account

Email after email, I have been receiving from quarterly Beachbody On Demand members asks how they can take advantage of the annual deal.

If you currently have a Beachbody On Demand account that is being billed quarterly or with the 6-month option and you want to upgrade to the annual access pass, you can do so! Below is the link to contact Beachbody customer support and have your membership upgraded:


The credit card you have on file will be charged the difference to have your account upgraded. For example, a quarterly member would be charged $61.08 to be upgraded to the annual pass. The pass will upgrade from when your last quarterly payment last went through, so try to upgrade following a quarterly payment. This would then renew in one year from the date you upgraded unless canceled.

When upgrading your account it can take upto 72 hours for unlimited access to process.

Two Downfalls of Beachbody On Demand, in General

Not everything can be sunshine and roses, but there are two cons I see find with the Beachbody’s All-Access pass.

No Physical Materials

Okay I will painfully admit, I am a little old school when it comes to workout programs. I like to have the physical materials that come with each program. I like to physically flip through and read the nutritional guides and hang up the workout calendar on the wall of whatever program I am following.

Yes, I could easily print these from the Beachbody On Demand member area, but for some reason, it does not feel the same as when a new program comes in the mail . When I first receive my programs in the mail, I really feel like I can begin to mentally prepare myself for the workouts to come. It’s not just virtual – it’s physical, which makes finishing the program much more likely for me. It’s easy to discount something if it’s not in front of my face.

You Lose Access If You Cancel

The second downfall of Beachbody On Demand is that you have to keep your membership active if you want to keep access to the programs. This is not really a big deal to me, since the value Beachbody On Demand All-Access Pass provides is well worth it to me.

How Much the All Access Beachbody On Demand Costs

If you are new to Beachbody On Demand, you have two options to take advantage of the All-Access Annual Pass. These offers will expire February 28th, 2017 – if you’re interested, definitely don’t hesitate!

1. The All-Access Annual Pass

$99.95 – This gets you unlimited streaming of all Beachbody workout programs that are available as of the date you make your purchase and gets you access to any new workout programs that might be added throughout the year (which is usually two, one mid-summer and one at the end of the year.)

Here is the Link to the Beachbody On Demand All-Access Pass Offer

2.  The All Access Annual Pass & Shakeology Challenge Pack

$199.00 – Beachbody is also offering a special Challenge Pack promotion. This includes everything plus a 30-day supply of the best-selling Shakeology shake that helps support weight loss, may help control cravings, and helps maintain healthy energy levels. You will also receive the Portion Fix eating guide and a set of the 21 Day Fix portion control containers. This saves you over $75 than if you purchased these items separately.

Here is the Link to the Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack All-Access Pass Offer

For both options, you can cancel anytime during the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Period for a full refund of the purchase.


Please leave a comment below, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Beachbody On Demand All-Access Pass.

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