Ordering Cost Breakdown of Team Beachbody Vs Amazon Vs Beachbody

I will be the first to admit that it can often be confusing where to purchase a Beachbody program or Beachbody nutritional supplements from in order to get the best deal.

In this post, I’m going to do my best to explain to you about the various choices you have when it comes to where you can purchase the programs from, explain the different shipping options you have, and how to get the best value for your money.

ordering Beachbody programs from amazon or team beachbodyFour Places to Shop Beachbody(kind of):

Team Beachbody Coach – Beachbody, which is the parent company of Team Beachbody, has independent distributor network who are known as coaches. Each coach gets a Team Beachbody storefront where customers can place orders. Coaches do not normally stock their own products. This means when you order from a coach’s storefront, the order goes directly to Beachbody for processing and shipment.

Beachbody – Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, you can order directly from Beachbody through the company website or by phone. When you see infomercials or hear radio broadcasts, these are likely coming directly from the parent company.

Amazon – The largest e-commerce store in the world does carry most of the Beachbody product line, but definitely not everything. Beachbody uses the “Fulfilled by Amazon” program to sell here. This program allows products to be stored at an Amazon warehouse until purchased, and then they are shipped directly to the consumer.

Stores – You cannot buy any program or Beachbody nutritional in a brick and mortar store like Walmart or Target. However, I wanted to include it here, because you can find some Beachbody branded equipment in sporting goods stores such as the P90X push-up stands or pull-up bar.

Commonly Asked Questions

Before getting into the different ordering options and prices, I wanted to go over a couple of the questions I most often hear to clear thing up:

What About the Free Upgrades…?

Often you’ll hear, order in the next hour, and you get XY and Z for free. The fact is that these bonuses are always available to you regardless of when you order.

I used to believe you had to order from a Team Beachbody coach to get the “bonus workout dvd” for programs, but this does not look to be true. If you are a first time customer with Beachbody, you will ultimately get assigned a coach no matter where you order from and receive the bonuses, unless you opt out of this.

Explaining the Free Shipping Offers(Not Really)…

Why do companies advertise free shipping? To get you to buy. Is shipping ever really free though? I wish it were. When I worked in retail, it was common practice to temporarily increase the cost of items when free shipping was offered. It’s the same concept here as you will see, but there are ways to save when it comes to shipping speed on the different platforms.

The Money Back-Guarantee…

Beachbody stands behind their products in a way that I wish every company out there would. No matter where you order your product from, there is a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your results or the product in any way, you can return to get your money back.

For the nutritional supplements, the return time 30 days for a full product refund. For Beachbody workout programs, the accepted return time frame can vary. For instance, P90X is a 90-day program, which means you have a 90-day money back guarantee. The 21 Day Fix is 21 days, but instead of just 21 days, Beachbody gives a 30-day window to return for a full refund.

Ordering For the Best Value/Your Situation

Price, payment options and shipping speed are the three main differences when it comes to ordering from any of these places.

I wish I could just easily say order from here, because it is the least expensive or has the fastest shipping, but of course, it could never be that easy. If it were, I would not be writing this for you.

Below, I included image screenshots of how much ordering through each place would cost. This amount could differ for you depending upon your state’s tax rate.

Team Beachbody Coach

I will tell you right up front that ordering from Team Beachbody is the least expensive option. While you may think you’re always getting a good deal on Amazon, you really have to know your prices, because this is a definite case where Amazon is NOT the cheapest, Team Beachbody is.

Example ordering 21 Day Fix on Team Beachbody storefront:

Delivery Time – 5-7 days Cost – $66.80($6 dollars cheaper than any other option)

Delivery Time – 4-5 days Cost – $71.80

Delivery Time – 2-3 days Cost – $76.80

ordering from team beachbody coach example

Ordering through a coach is as simple as visiting Team Beachbody. The process is also the same when directly ordering from a specific coach. For example, here is the my link to Team Beachbody storefront. Any future order is securely processed and shipped by Team Beachbody.


Amazon pretty much sells everything. If you are selling something online you’ll want to have a listing on Amazon too. I recently read that 74% of all e-commerce transactions or occur through Amazon.

Amazon allows businesses to sell on their website via the fulfilled-by-amazon(fba) program. How this works is a seller like Beachbody can ship their product to an amazon facility, there it is held until someone buys off of Amazon.com. It is then processed and shipped by Amazon directly.

When it may make the most sense to order through Amazon is when you are a prime member and select 2-day shipping. It is about $6 more expensive than Team Beachbody, but you would receive the item 3 to 5 days faster on estimare.

Example ordering 21 Day Fix base kit through Amazon:

Not a Prime Member:

Delivery Time – 5-7 days Cost – $72.80

Amazon Prime Member:

Delivery Time – 2 days Cost – $72.80

Delivery Time – 1 days Cost – $83.79

ordering from amazon with prime mebership

I could have got picky with this and mentioned that the Amazon prime 2-day shipping is not really free since most people do pay a $99 yearly membership fee.


The main benefit for people ordering through Beachbody.com or by phone directly is the 3-month payment plan.

Example 21 Day Fix through Beachbody.com or phone:

Delivery Time – 3-6 days     Cost – $32.90 at time of order, plus $19.95 billed two times following. Total = $72.80

Delivery Time – 2-4 days     Cost – $42.85 at time of order, plus $19.95 billed two times following. Total = $82.75

example of ordering through beachbody


Where to Order From – It is up to You!

In my view, as far as money and delivery speed it goes like this.

  1. If you want to save the most money – Team Beachbody storefront.
  2. If you would like 2-day shipping and are an Amazon prime member, don’t mind paying a little more, then ordering from Amazon.com would make sense.
  3. 3 Easy payments, when your card is billed monthly for the payments. Then Beacbbody.com

Hope this post helped you understand the different pricing, payment options and shipping speeds for the different ordering options. And, now know where it is best to order a Beachbody program from for your situation.

If you have a any questions, please leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer within 24 hours.

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