21 Day Fix Workout Schedule & Portion Control Diet Sheets

The 21 Day Fix workout schedule is plain and simple. The calendar is just three weeks long and consists of one 30 minute workout each day.

You might be thinking that working out every day is too much. But, a  good alteration of upper body, lower body, cardio, Yoga and Pilates workouts keeps you from overtraining. Plus, the daily workout is meant to create the habit of living a healthy lifestyle for life, not just for three weeks.

When exercise and healthy eating becomes a habit (just like tying your right or left shoe first), you are well on your way to a healthier and more fulfilling life for the long run.

Copy of the 21 Day Fix Workout Calendar – Download Below


Get the 21 Day Fix Workout Calendar Here

I have provided a download link to an excel file for the 21 Day Fix schedule and a printable PDF file.

Click here for the 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule in pdf format

Click here for the 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule excel file

Just a Note About Week 3

As you can see from the calendar above, week three of the 21 Day Fix can be done as a doubles week where you will perform two workouts each day. If doing two workouts, please try to split them between morning and night to keep your metabolism up. They can also be done back-to-back if this is how doing two workouts would fit more easily into your schedule.

Copy of the 21 Day Fix Diet Tally Sheets – Download Below


The 21 Day Fix Diet tally sheets are what you use to track the number of food containers you eat per meal. The ones located at the end of the eating plan book are great, but you only get enough room to track seven days, which is not so useful for a three week program.

One option is to tear the last page out of the meal plan and make colored copies. Another option is to use the editable excel sheet I created to track your portions on the computer, as well as a pdf file without the watermark you can just download and print multiple copies of.

Download Your Own 21 Day Fix Diet Tally Sheets Here

Click here for the 21 Day Fix Tally Sheet in pdf format

Click here for an editable 21 Day Fix Tally Sheet excel file

Paul’s modified sheet that keeps a count of containers used and amount remaining in excel

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Do you use the 21 Day Fix tally sheets or keep track of your eating another way?


  1. Paul Davies says

    I have an modified excel sheet that keeps a count of items used and amount remaining. Feel free to email me if you want to add it to your site for people to download.

    I’m 7 days in and 7lbs down so it’s working for me.

      • l. nelson says

        I am waiting for my 21 day fix to come in, and i am trying so hard to educate myself on it beforehand. Ive done T25 and lots of other things and Im really praying this works for me. can you send me that excel sheet too and any other tips you can share. I appreciate it

        • Bethany Lyn says

          Hi, I’ve shared everything I know on this site and will continue to add posts as I learn more. Bethany

  2. says

    I’ just got my 21day fix.I’m reading everything I understand the wkout sch
    Schedules but the meal planning and measuring I’m finding time consuming. I can hear myself already trying to talk myself out of doing ths.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Dottie, that’s funny because I felt the exact smae way. But, after you get used to using everything it becomes second nature. You just need to stick with it for a couple weeks and you will be amazed how much you learn about food and portions with the 21 df. -Bethany

      • deanna says

        Hi Bethany,

        I received my kit, but feeling so discourage. I’m not sure how to plan my meals and feeling overwhelmed . Can you help? I have two kids and feel like my time is limited.

        • Bethany Lyn says

          Hi Deanna, Pen and paper is how I plan my meals. I sit down once a week and make a plan for dinners for the following week. During the day I ate pretty much the same foods for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. If you join the email newsletter on this site, I do send out an eating tips guide that people seem to be liking. Bethany

  3. Shelley says

    I am waiting for BBL to arrive but I am doing all the research i can to prepare. Can you explain what “containers” are? I am guessing I use them for measuring but what are the sizes and daily amounts?

  4. Jen says

    I was hoping you could email me the spread sheet. I am a week into the fix, and although I’m still learning. I defiantly want a better way to track my meals/containers.

    Thanks, Jennie

  5. Rose says

    how do you incorporate beverages in this. I know I need to drink water but what if I decide to have a glass of milk or alcohol.

  6. avi says

    Hi Bethany:

    I have two questions :
    1) I saw a “21 Day Fix EXTREME Essential Pkg with Free Shipping” which costs the same – I see the difference in the workout dvds but does it give you the guidance about eating and stuff etc like it has in “21 Day Fix Essential Pkg ” ?

    2) I am vegetarian (no meat/no egg) – so does it have meal plans for vegetarians or vegetarian substitutes instead of meat?



    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Avi, Yes, I believe the portion control part is the same and the differance is the workouts. And, yes there are other foods for the red protein container that are meatless.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Nina, Multiply your current bodyweight in pounds by 11, that equals your calorie baseline. Add 400 to your calories baseline, that equals your caloric needs. Subtract 750 from your caloric needs and you have your calorie target when following the 21 DF program. If your number is below 1200 you round up to 1200 calories. Bethany

  7. Tiffany says

    Hi, I am wondering if you can add to your Shakeology drink? Fruits etc. Or is 8t best to drink alone while doing 21 day fix challenge?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Tiffany, Yes, just be sure to count that which you add. Search recipes on this site and you will find my 101 ideas. Bethany

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Brittany, Yes, I have the meal plan. If you do order the program, you can sign up for the Team Beachbody club membership to see the digital version of eating plan on your computer. Bethany

  8. Donna Indovino says

    Hi Bethany,

    I am starting the 21 day fix challenge on June 1st. Please send me the excel worksheet and any other info you have that will help me reach my goal.

    Thank you so much.

  9. Wayne McCamley says

    Hi Bethany, Im trying to get fit so i can join the police force and noticed your plan and all the great comments, I’m starting my road work next week and would like to add that to your plan. Would you be able to send me the excel work sheet and anthing else yu think I might need.

    Thank you very much

    Wayne McCamley

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Wayne, There are links to all the sheets I have on this site to download in the posts. Good luck. Bethany

  10. Ahmed says

    Hi Bethany
    I just started the 21 day fix and I plan to do this for a whole year to lose weight but I’m worried that the workouts will become easier to do and I want my workout to be intense what should I do? Also do you think it’s a good idea to used the 21 day fix for a year too lose a significant amount of weight?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Ahmed, You can always move onto a more intense program and stick with the Fix diet. The program can be used for an extended period of time, no problem. Bethany

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