Brazil Butt Lift Workout Calendar – Download

The Brazil Butt Lift calendar is not a one-stop shop. Instead, the Brazil Butt Lift workout program comes with four separate workout schedules to choose from, so you can truly customize your workout. Depending upon your butt shape and your goals, each schedule is designed to do something different: it either helps you lift, shape, reduce or a combines all three to give you the butt you’ve always wanted.

If you need help deciding which program is right for you, please refer to my post about the Booty Blueprint, and if you still need help deciding after reading about the Boot Blueprint, please leave me a comment below or email me.

The BBL calendars below can be downloaded in excel format or an easy to print PDF file.

Brazil Butt Lift – Combination Workout Calendar

Brazil Butt Lift – Lift & Shape Workout Calendar

Brazil Butt Lift – Slim & Lift Workout Calendar

Brazil Butt Lift – Slim & Shape Workout Calendar


Please note these schedules are the old versions, they have been updated since I followed the program.


  1. Chrystal says

    I was just wondering…. Did you use the classic (combination calendar) I’m having trouble understanding. I ordered my BBL and it will be here on Monday! But I’m trying to figure out which workout is best for me. I am a combination of the pear shape and too big. Lol. So just trying to figure all this out. Any advice or help is truly appreciated. Thanks!!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Chrystal, I followed the Classic schedule. If you’re a combination of being too big and pear-shaped (aka “combination” butt), I would definitely recommend following the Classic program too – it has the best workout calendar of all to even out disproportionate hips and get rid of unwanted fat by combining enough strength training with the right amount of cardio. If you’d like to read more about choosing the right schedule for you, you can always take a look at my article, What’s Your Butt Type?: Explaining the Booty Blueprint Guide. I hope this helps you out, and good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. curvy cat says

    Iove ur detailed and informative review.

    I’m seriously thinking of buying the brazil butt lift workout plan, since I’m in love with anything Latin.

    thing is, I’m not sure where my rear end fits in this equation.. lolll

    I’m definitely a pear shaped and currrrvy girl.. I’m not over weight like the big bum one, but I do suffer from the hideous dilemma called cellulite :( so am I a combination too? or should I focus on the slimming aspect of the pear shaped one?
    so which bumbum do I fall under?

    thanks for ur help :)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Curvy Cat – when in doubt, go for the combination schedule. If you have any cellulite you’re looking to lose, the extra cardiovascular exercises in the combination schedule will help improve circulation and get rid of any excess fat, which will both help get rid of cellulite. Plus, the combination schedule will slender out your hips and thighs as much as the pear-shaped schedule will. I hope this helps :) PS – I have a feeling you will LOVE the program! Good luck!

  3. Xo says


    Congratulations on your fabulous results. I purchased the BBL a couple of years ago and due to an injury I stopped using it. I have started running more consistantly the last month and a half; i try for at least 2.5 to 3.0 miles 4 days a week. I would like to slim down and tone but hate going to the gym so I decided to pull out the BBL dvd’s. I started the slim & lift schedule but in reading some of the other post perhaps i should do the Classic schedule? I of course want to tone and shape my thighs and behind, but I also would like to shrink my waistline… I’m on the second week fo the Slim & Lift. Should I switch next week to the classic schedule or wait to do that next month?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Bethany says

      Hi Xo, thank you for your kind words, and congratulations on your decision to try BBL once again. If you have any sort of excess fat to lose, I would definitely recommend the Classic schedule. I am sure you’ll end up looking better than ever by the end of the eight weeks. Not only will the Classic schedule slim down all of you from head to toe, it will also lift, tighten, and tone your tush :) Hope this helps, but if you do have any questions along the way, please feel free to ask. Good luck!

  4. Xo says

    Thank you so much for your response! I’m on the second week of of the slim & lift and I’ll switch next week(3rd) to the Classic Schedule.

    I’m really motivated now after having come across your story. thank you again and I hope for great results.


  5. Kelly says

    Hey! Just wanted to say you look amazing and have awesome results. I am eager to get started. I am curious about what diet plan you followed? or what you ate or didn’t eat to get the results as well? anything specific? I drink plenty of water and also do I need more protein? like a shake? I really want to get a toned butt and stomach for my husband for a surprise and had no clue about the dieting plan. Thanks for your help and time :) way to go!

    Also is there a way I can get the nutrition plan if you have a copy or any recipes, I have no idea what to eat or what foods have what ratios in them? I am so confused! Also I am suppose to eat 1200 calories a day when Im not doing anything for resting day so how many would I eat while doing BBL a day? Sorry so many questions. Thanks again. :)

    Sorry to bother you, I do have one more question. Would you recommend the 6 day slim down schedule? and if so, do you by chance have a copy as well? I bought the CDs from a friend and they lost all the nutrition schedules and I googled the butt type schedule and have that. I have had one day of eating bad but not sure if that would affect anything? Thanks again!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Kelly, I ate a well-balanced, healthy diet full of whole foods that include lean protein sources, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats in ratios of 35% protein to 35% carbs to 30% healthy fats. I really just healthy and avoided processed foods the entire time. Salads with chicken, turkey or tuna are a great lunch with olive oil and vinegar dressing (literally, one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of red wine vinegar). And if you’re needing extra protein, it’s a great idea to have a protein shake. I like optimum nutrition chocolate whey, because it has one full serving of protein in one scoop with much less sugar than other brands and doesn’t taste too bad. I also would recommend Shakeology if you can afford it. It’s a great way to get a healthy meal in at no added time to your day.

      You should eat 1200-1600 calories per day, depending on what you’re looking to lose and how much you weigh now. You eat this amount every day of the program – on day or off day. And if you’re bad for one day of your diet, it won’t ruin your results – however, if you make a habit of it, you will not get the best results possible.

      As far as the nutrition plan and the Supermodel Slimdown, I don’t give those out to anyone. I feel terrible telling you that, but if you purchased the program from a reliable source, you would’ve received it. I’m really sorry, but it’s not fair to the people who pay full price for the product. I hope you can understand. Good luck! PS – the 6-day slimdown is really worth the price of the program in and of itself.

  6. says

    Okay so I need some help! I am curvy/pear shaped but I don’t really want my booty to be smaller….should I just go with the classic plan? I’m really enjoying the workouts so far but I want to make sure I’m doing the best plan for me! I love your website, it has been SUPER helpful so far–my body is really similar to yours so I’m glad to see it is working for you! Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Valery, yes I would recommend the classic schedule for you, it is the most well rounded and will get you results the quickest way possible.

  7. MT says

    Hi Bethany,

    I was inspired by your youtube video to start the BBL plan and started with the Classic combo however I have skipped a few days from the first two weeks ( I am currently at the end of my second week and have skipped 4 days out of the 11) and really haven’t seen any results. I was wondering if you recommend I keep pushing through and continue the weeks or if you think I should start all over on Monday from day 1 and not skip any days. Also, I was wondering if you think it is better to do the two videos back to back for ultimate weight loss or to split them up? Any advice would be really appreciated.

    • Bethany says

      Hi MT, I’m glad to hear my video helped you decide to try out BBL. That being said, I do have some suggestions for you. The truth is you really are not going to get any real results if you’re doing the workouts half the time. That means you’re probably not putting 100% into healthy eating, which is also going to affect your progress.

      My advice: Start the program again this Sunday or Monday and really stick with it this time – do not skip any workouts. As for doing the double workouts back-to-back or separate in the day, it’s really up to you and your schedule. I really don’t believe either will get you better results, because doing it either way has its own benefits. I just did the workouts how best suited my day. And really don’t forget to keep track of your progress and eat healthy. Keeping yourself motivated is what is going to really help you stick it out.

      You have to really want to decide to commit if you’re going to succeed. The first couple of weeks are the toughest to transition into, especially if you haven’t been exercising in a while, but after that, it becomes part of your day – you’ll begin to want to work out once you start seeing results…trust me :) Make sure to read this article, if you’re interested in my 10 tips for getting the best BBL results ever. Good luck, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

  8. Steffy says

    Hello Bethany,

    congratulations you look very great :-) i have started BBL a few days ago and I like it very much :-) i follow the classic schedule.. today i have made cardio axe and hight and thigt… i want to ask you if there is a problem when i split the workouts? for example i make Cardio Axe in the morning before i go to work and Hight and thigt in the evening after work?? for me to keep myself motivated is better if i workout two times a day, so 1 workout does not take so long…. ;-)
    but if i workout in the morning my stomach is empty… do you think this is a proplem??

    thank youu


    • Bethany says

      Hi Steffy, no problem splitting the workouts apart, I did this very often depending upon my schedule. If you can workout on an empty stomach go for it, some people find it difficult(like myself), but as long as you can get a good workout it is perfectly fine to do so. A pro of doing so is it may burn more calories, but that is is still being debated. Hope that helps – Bethany

  9. Susan says

    Hi Bethany, I would like to say that you are amazing person and how much I love your website. I am considering to buy the BBL thanks to you! But I have one question before I buy it. I am 5’6, I weigh 193 lbs, and I have a combination butt. Do you suggest that I should do the combination workout? Will it help me lose weight and having an amazing butt like yours? lol. Thanks again for everything. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Susan, yes I believe the combination workout schedule to be the most effective at creating the perfect butt and would recommend it for you! Just remember the most important part is to get started and do the workouts at your own pace. The workouts are pretty hard to begin with, trust me I struggled with the workouts for the first few weeks, but if you stick with the program you will get great results!

  10. Nic says

    Hey! So im thin but untoned. If i do the lift and shape routine, will it help me loose a tiny bit of fat too? My mid section is my actual trouble, its kinda wide, and a have a small booty. Which calender do you recommend me?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Nic – with what you’re telling me, I’d definitely try the lift & shape routine, see where you are after a month, and if you still feel you have enough fat to lose, switch over to the combination schedule as suggested. That should blast any bit of fat while helping you lift, tone and shape your booty, while simultaneously giving you a sleek, sexy middle. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  11. jerry says

    Hello Bethany,

    congratulations you look reaaaalyy coool. i watched your video on youtube and i can even bet that this is one of the most useful ones which ive ever saw. in my situation my weight is 48kg and height is thin but i have a very small butt and shapeless. which calendar you can suggest me? and what i need to do if after finishing month of exercises i will not be satisfied with results? do i need to continue on the calendar which i tried before or switch to other one?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Jerry, thank you for the compliments :) To bump up your butt, I’d suggest you follow the Lift & Shape plan, which is designed to add curves to your bottom half. Just make sure to use the heaviest weights you can possibly handle to get the most out of the workouts. Using heavier ankle weights and free weights are what will really make the difference in how good your results will be. I would follow the workout for the full 60 days, although you could always do the combination/classic schedule the second month if you really want to – especially if there’s any fat elsewhere you’d still like to lose. Good luck!

  12. Amelia says

    Hey Bethany,

    I may be crazy, but what are the exact workouts for each day? I understand the different types: sculpt, bum bum, etc, but where can I find a description of each?

    Thank you,

    • Bethany says

      Hi Amelia – if you’d like to learn more about each workout in the program, you can find detailed information on each the individual workouts in my workout reviews, here and here. Hope this helps!

  13. Austin says

    Hi, I’m a dude and I actually want to do this Brazil Butt lift thing (I know, embarrassing.) May I ask what is the difference of the schedules? Oh, and can I do this alongside P90X3? I want to work on my lower body, but also want a total body workout that P90X3 will provide. But the schedule’s pretty much the same, having Sunday as the rest day. Have you come across this kind of problem?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Austin – first of all, don’t be embarrassed at all for wanting to do BBL. I know lots of guys who have done the program and gotten great results – including a well-defined upper body, great looking abs…not to mention a better looking behind :) BBL really is a full body workout. Instead of writing you a complete book right now, I’m going to suggest you read my article about the different butt types, which will explain the different workout schedules in detail and what they’re designed to do for your body. My advice would be to just lift the heaviest weights you possibly can for all the weight movements. They suggest 3-10 for the sculpting sections, but I was even using 15 lbs for some, so you could most likely go up to 30lb dumbbells on the leg movements and chest. Also, make sure to buy adjustable akle weights up to 5lbs, because that is what is really going to help sculpt your lower half and get you great looking legs and glutes.

      As for combining P90X3 with BBL, I think it would be too much, since BBL’s Classic/Combination schedule – the one you’d want to follow for the most complete workout – is 45-70 minutes per day, six days a week. P90X3 would add another 1/2 hour to that, which is going to kill you…literally. It’s way too much, and you definitely don’t want to overtrain. I would strongly suggest choosing one or the other. You can always add a P90X3 workout to your off day or whenever there is that one day where you just do Tummy Tuck and High & Tight if you really want to try it out. I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

      • Austin says

        Well, I’m stoked that BBL is a total body workout. I just started losing weight a few months ago and I don’t want to lose the progress I had with my upper body since I just started lifting weights for a month now. I’m just a college student and have a pretty sedentary lifestyle (but I’m working on it to making it an active one!) I could only lift about 13lbs on my hand as of now because when I said that I have a sedentary lifestyle, I mean it. Like, whole day sitting down in front of a computer since I was a child, I was never active. I already have my own 6lbs ankle weights (just bought ’em today. yay!) and am excited to try the BBL soon. I’m happy that there is a specific schedule for the type of butt I have which is too flat, yay… :DD

        I’m glad that I got a second opinion, I had asked the same thing on the online support @ beachbody and one of the online support staff said I may separate the morning exercise dedicated to P90X3 and the BBL at the afternoon/evening. I thought I was going to die with just the thought of doing both, so I had to ask for a second opinion from someone who’s actually doing one of the workouts. So, thank you! I don’t know much about BBL except the fact that it gives people some awesome glutes!

        • Bethany says

          Well Austin, good luck again and glad to hear you already bought your adjustable ankle weights – that’s awesome! Just remember to take the workouts at your own pace…if you need to pause the DVD to catch your breath, just do it. Or if you can’t do everything as fast as they’re doing, then don’t – it’s not worth injuring yourself over. The good news is that you will get noticeably stronger with every passing week, so it doesn’t matter if you can only lift 3lbs to begin with, because as long as you’re making progress every week no matter how little, you’re good. And if you have any questions along the way, never be afraid to ask.
          PS – I’m glad you got a second opinion too :)

  14. Cece says

    I am curious. I just purchased the BBL and when I try to reference the workout schedules that you are referring to in your blog or the several you have provided for download, they look completely different from the one I received with my order. My workout calendars are entitled Lift, Slim, Volumizer, and Classic (not Combination, Lift & Slim, Lift & Shape, Shape & Slim) and they have completely different workout combinations too. I am so confused! Did Beachbody change their calendars recently?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Cece, yes Beachbody did change the workout schedules recently. Mine on the site are the old schedules, I’ll try and get the updated ones up soon. Thanks Bethany

      • Cece says

        Thank you! I’m in week 2 and working hard. I haven’t lost a ton (only about a pound) but my body feels a lot tighter / more firm which is great. Is it okay to do extra cardio after workouts? I do about 30 minutes of walking on my treadmill (between 3.6-4.0 mph) and sometimes add an incline to the walk or do 1 minute jogging intervals. Thanks again!

  15. Laura Jayne says

    I’ve been doing the classic calendar for over a month I just started the 2nd round this week and I realized I’ve been doing the old calendar. what should I do? Should I start all over on continue on the new calendar? I feel like I have so many workouts to catch up on now :(

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Laura, I have not yet seen the new calendar so I am afraid I will not be of much help. I would not think that you would have to worry about starting over at this point though. -Bethany

  16. Christy says

    Hi Bethany,

    I’m 44, 5’7” and 132 lbs. All of my life both men and women have commented on my perfect rear. Then I broke my back and had to have my spine fused from my L1 through L4. The injury itself left me with massive nerve damage and I cannot feel my legs from the knees down. I walk with a gait that cannot be fixed, on the outside of my left foot and the inside of my right. My right leg is the stronger but my right butt cheek is disappearing. This has led to a rapid decline in the heart of my tushy and it is starting to look squeezed in like my 81 year-old mama’s. I do ballet reps every day and look killer from the side but cannot “fill in” the lower part of my tush. Friends keep recommending chips, ice cream and soda to add fat to my tush but I believe in a healthy diet and maintaining my slender figure. I live in the mountains and daily walks flattened my lower tush even more. Do you have a suggested course of action to help me fill in the missing pieces?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Christy – have you talked with your doctor about this concern? Your current gait and favoring of your right leg is what’s causing your right butt cheek to get smaller. The only way you could fill in your lower tush without eating fattening foods to add a layer of unwanted, unhealthy fat is to build up that muscle. Not knowing the full extent of your range of motion and whether or not it would even be safe for you to lift weights with the lack of feeling in your lower legs, I can’t really suggest anything specific.

      You can talk to your doctor about weightlifting, since it’s lunges, squats and other movements that will build up your rear. You could even try the Too Small solution BBL schedule, since it was designed to build up volume in your bottom. However, you would need to talk to your doctor first to ensure it’s safe.

      For you, I would also suggest looking into the Tai Cheng workout. I like it for when I’ve having problems with my posture, which inevitably happens when sitting at the computer for the majority of my day. It helps realign your body and could help you even if only a little. Again, you would need to check with your doctor first.

      I hope this helps – I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but unfortunately, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t want you to be doing anything that could be detrimental to you and your body.

  17. Olivia Johnson says

    This was extremely helpful, thank you! Do you have videos of the workouts for each type of calender?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kellie, they are the original BBL calendars. It sounds like the calendars have been updated, but I have not had a chance to see them yet. -Bethany

  18. Swan says

    Hey Bethany,

    Thank you for posting up these link. I still have trouble deciding which scheduled i should follow. I have a small waist, big hips, and flat butt. What schedule would you recommend me? Thank you :)

  19. Angie Chesney says

    I am planning to start BBL but I really love running and can’t imagine not running at least 3 times a week. I think doing the BBL classic solution along with running might be too much, but maybe not. Would you recommend replacing the cardio axe workouts for runs, or just trying to add the runs on top of the other workouts? I am within 10 pounds of my goal weight and already eat well and exercise regularly. Thanks!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Angie, I usually don’t recommend replacing workouts with other types of activities, but honestly if you love running that much, I think running would be an excellent replacement for Cardio Axe. If you’re replacing the workout with another activity, you won’t be overdoing it, which you would be doing if you ran on top of the combination schedule – a big no-no. You are so close to your goal weight, there is no doubt in my mind you can get there on the combination schedule! Good luck and keep eating healthy :) Bethany

  20. Lish says

    Hi Bethany! I am not exactly sure what schedule to use. My booty is pretty flat so I was going to go for the shape and lift schedule, but the thing is my waist is extremely skinny, and the description for the flat/square bottoms say that the size of the waist to thighs are generally the same. For me, my waist is very small, then my hips are unusually large for the size of my waist, but not because of excess fat. And from there, my hips and butt are basically the same size the entire way down until about the middle of my thigh. Would this still count as a flat/square schedule?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Lish, it sounds like you’re naturally curvy, so if you’re looking to create volume in your booty, then definitely go with the lift & shape schedule. The pear-shape program designed for those of us with disproportionately large hips is meant for those who hold more fat in that area of their body, which you don’t have a problem with.

      The lift & shape schedule doesn’t have as much cardio as the other programs, which is perfect if you don’t have a lot of fat to lose. It consists mostly of butt-toning moves that will volumize your backside. Just be sure to challenge yourself with the moves and always use ankle weights and lift as heavy of weights as possible. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please ask. Thanks, and good luck!! Bethany

  21. Allie says

    I am doing the pear solution do you have any tips on how to get the best results. I have wide hips and big thighs should BBL help? Thanks

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Allie, BOB will help slender your thighs. To get the best results, just be sure to push your hardest each and every workout and follow the diet exactly. You will not change your body if you’re not challenging it, so use the heaviest weights you possibly can and use ankle weights when you’re supposed to. Hope this helps! Bethany

  22. loody says

    can you please inform if you have the schudle of Brazil Butt Lift deluxe with ( RIO EXTREME,


  23. Maria says

    Hi, dear Bethany:
    Thank you so much! I purchased BBL a couple of years ago and got the best body of my life !!! I swear by it. Now I moved house, my routine changed and my schedule went missing. I couldn’t remember how much to workout or what to combine… I was not getting the usual results and was going back to pear shape. Now thanks to you I will be summer-ready in no time, excellent!

    I remember there also was something called the Supermodel slim down 7-day program, that included workouts and meal plans for 7 days. Would you have that around too?

    Keep it up girl! life saver <3

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Maria, I would look into the Team Club Membership, that way you will get access to all the documents and workouts digitally. Bethany

  24. Vee says

    Hey Bethany,

    I love your results. I ordered the program and it should be here any day now,I hope. But I have to admit, I am still a little skeptical if it can do anything for my “Big Desk Booty”.. I sit almost all day at a desk, so that is my name for it. I am a combination I guess. My butt is flat, big and wide (from sitting) not to mention I’m over 40.. Could this still work for me? Also, I was looking at the schedule you posting and it has two sets of workouts, is one for the morning and then evening? Thanks a lot.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Vee, Yes, of course this program will work for you. You can do the workouts back to back or split them up, whatever works best for your schedule. There is also a new updated schedule that will come with your package. Bethany

  25. Lauren Frey says

    So when I got my BBL i saw that your calendar is different from the classic calendar in the program. Yours looks tougher! Is yours better than the BBL one?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Lauren, Yes, they updated the calendar sometime after I followed the program. I can’t say it is better, but people say the original calendar is more intense. Bethany

  26. Edith says

    Hi Bethany,

    I have an apple shaped body, i would like to slim my waist, slim my up body, tone my inner thigh and work on my lifting my butt.

    i am 5’8′, and i weigh 195 pounds. I want to lose weight and tone up. Please what schedule or workout plan will you recommend. i presently work out with 3.5kg dumbells, i started with 2.5kg and increased to 3.5kg last week.

    I tried working out with weights but i was getting bigger on my up body, esp my arms. I noticed this when i started doing the T25 beta stage. My arms are getting toned but not reducing, my jeans feels tighter, only my waist has gone down by 4 inches. I lost 6 kg on Alpha stage but i don’t know why i am gaining on Beta stage

    please advice, i am very worried because i know it is very unhealthy to have excess stomach fats.



    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Edith, How about taking a look at the 21 Day Fix program, sounds like it would be one to consider or PiYo. Bethany

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