Insanity vs Focus T25 – How These Two Workouts Compare

insanity-vs-focus-t25-comparisonChoosing between the Insanity and the Focus T25 workout is not easy, but I’m hoping this review will help you select the program that will get you the best results possible.

Everyone is different – even identical twins are different, so the program that is right for me might not be the best for you. This is why I have broken down the major pros and cons of each program, which will make your decision between the two easier.

If I were to compare Focus T25 and Insanity in two really quick sentences, it would be this:

Insanity is an extreme workout program where you push your body and mind to their limits.

Focus T25 is not quite as demanding as the Insanity workout, the workouts leave you with that “just had a really good workout” feeling.

Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Focus T25 is not just a shortened version of the INSANITY program nor is it an easier version.  Focus T25 is based around the theory that 25-minutes of high intensity exercise puts your body in the range for optimal continuous calorie burn. This means your body will continue to burn more calories after your workout is over.

Quick Comparison Chart of Insanity vs Focus T25

Schedule Length60 Days10 Weeks
Avg. Workout Time 45 Minutes 25 Minutes
# of Workouts a Week 6 5
Equipment Needed None Resistance Band (included)
Equipment RecommendedPlyometric Mat, Heart Rate Monitor Resistance Band or Dumbbells, Mat
Diet Balanced Diet Plan Simplified Balanced Diet Plan
# of Workouts 12 11
Saying“Dig Deeper”“You Have to Focus”
Workout/Fitness Guide Included Included
Workout Calendar Included Included
Money-Back Guarantee 60-Day30-Day
Price $119.85- Buy Here $119.85- Buy Here

Who These Programs Are Perfect for

The Insanity workout program was created for people who want an intense cardiovascular exercise program. It’s hardcore. The plyometric-based movements are meant to shred fat from your body and is great for people who want a more bootcamp style workout. Think insanely tough :)

Focus T25 is also high intensity cardiovascular training with some weight training mixed in for a full body toning workout that hits not only your core, but your legs, arms, and back. The workouts in Focus T25 are only 25 minutes long for 5 days a week, which is optimum for those with full time jobs, busy moms, etc.

The T25 program is perfect for those who want to get an intense workout with less time to spare each day or for those who just want to change up their longer daily workout routine for something shorter to maintain results.

Focus T25 Trumps Insanity in Modified Moves

The biggest drawback for me with the Insanity workout is that Insanity really has no exercise modifications. I understand the workout would not be as intense with exercise modifications, but I would rather a less intense version of an exercise than only being given the option to walk it out or jog in place until being able to continue with the workout.

If you’re not already in really good shape, plan on walking or jogging in place to catch your breath often when first beginning Insanity. The good news with this is that you do build up endurance quickly, so you will last longer each and every workout.

Focus T25 has modified variations of every single exercise move. Sometimes, the camera angle is not always the best for viewing the exercise modifications, but you do always have the option, which is especially nice when you’re doing spider push ups for the first time… yikes! I absolutely love having the modified moves to fall back on when I was out of breath or just couldn’t physically do the moves.

When I really feel like I can’t keep up, I drop down to the modified movements, and then when I catch my breath, I focus back on the real movements. The modified moves in Focus T25 are perfect for:

  • Those who are not in that great of shape
  • Those with bad knees – you never have your feet leave the ground with the modified exercises, because they are all low-impact variations :)

Workout Equipment is Minimal

Insanity has a leg up on Focus T25 when it comes to exercise equipment you’ll need. With the Insanity workout program, you don’t need any equipment. However, a heart rate monitor and plyometric mat are highly recommended.

On the other hand, Focus T25 does have some weight training workouts, which means you will need to supply your own set of dumbbells or use a resistance band. Luckily, the Focus T25 program comes with a 15lb B-Lines resistance band. I prefer dumbbells, although it’s a little bit of an investment at first, but something you can use for the rest of your life after you finish the program…an investment in your health

Workout Schedule Differences

The Focus T25 workout program schedule is 10-weeks long, and Insanity is 60-days. Needless to say, it’s not that big of a difference.

Both programs have two phases: the first phase preps you for the second phase, which is more intense than the first. The second phase workouts of Insanity are longer than the workouts in the first phase, while the Focus T25 workouts remain 25 minutes throughout the second phase.

There is also a third phase to Focus T25 called gamma (sold separately) that is more weight training oriented. I will review this phase in a later post.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

For people who put there all into the Insanity program, following the diet and workouts to a T, losing 20-30 pounds over the course of the program is not uncommon.

With Focus 25 being a newer program, there are still limited results to see. After a week of T25, I was already seeing a difference in my abs and my thighs. I could even see the beginnings of my lower abdominal muscles!

Here’s a short breakdown of what you can expect with both:


  • Weight loss
  • Improved muscle definition
  • A ripped athletic looking body

Focus T25:

  • Weight loss
  • More toning and shaping of the muscles
  • A well-toned body


Shaun T is Not the Same Trainer

Much like actors in different movie roles, Shaun T’s personality and training style is much different in T25 than it is in Insanity. He also slightly altered his appearance for Focus T25. Who knew he would look so different with hair?!

In Insanity, Shaun T is clean shaven (including his head) and has more of a drill sergeant personality than one of a fitness instructor. He does a lot of yelling and will scream at you to push it and dig deeper – not necessarily my favorite style of motivation, but for a lot of people it works, and it works very well.

In Focus T25, Shaun T is sporting a goatee and a full head of hair. Not only is his appearance different, he is more concerned about proper form and having you focus on your core muscles than in the Insanity program.

Which is the Better Program for Beginners?

If you are just beginning to work out on a regular basis after a long time away or just not used to working out, I whole-heatedly recommend beginning with the Focus T25 first. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, T25 shows you a lower intensity modification on every single move, which Insanity does not have.

Which Program Will Help You Lose the Most Weight

Ah, it all comes down to the big question and the most difficult to answer: Will you lose as much weight with Focus T25 as you would with Insanity? There are so many factors that go into this, it’s impossible to really answer the question.

You will lose weight with either program, if that is your goal. Weight loss is caused by a calorie deficit over time. As long as you burn more calories than you’re consuming, you will lose weight.

How Much the Workout Programs Cost

Insanity-picIf you order Insanity or Focus T25 through Team Beachbody, you receive a free workout program with either program. This is something you can only get through Team Beachbody and is only available for a limited time.

Both workout programs are $119.95, plus any applicable taxes including shipping & handling.

To order the Insanity workout program with the free Fast & Furious workout, click here.

T25-package-picI have also included a direct link, so you can order the Focus T25 workout at the lowest price available online. Plus, it includes the free Core Speed workout (which I LOVE!) that you can get by clicking here.

Still Need Help Deciding?

If you still need help choosing between Insanity vs Focus T25, please leave a comment below, and I will do my best to help you decide. Please share as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable, so we can make the right choice for you.


  1. Andrew says

    Hi, I went through the whole Insanity program, although I often took breaks and didn’t do it 100% since it was literally my first time working out my whole life (I’m 23). I did lose quite a bit fat and weight (im now at 155lbd ) but I’m still not seeing abs.
    All I really care about is getting some abs so which would you recommend for my next two moths of working out? Going through insanity again, now being able to probably complete all workouts correctly or trying T25 to get really ready to try insanity afterwards.
    I’m not all that time-challenged either so I’m pretty sure I should go with the most intense program (Insanity) to get abs faster!
    Thanks for your input!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Andrew, tough question. My first thought was you should give Focus T25 a try. But, if you like the Insanity workouts and want to do another round of Insanity go for it. But, you are also right about how Focus T25 will get you prepared for Insanity also. In the end I would lean towards trying Focus T25 and if you don’t find the workouts intense enough(they should be) you could always switch back to Insanity. Sorry I could not be of more help. -Bethany

        • Stephanie says

          Abs are made in the kitchen! Even if you work out really hard and have a strong core, you won’t be able to see the muscles with a layer of fatty tissue over top. Make sure you are eating clean!

      • jayne says

        Hey have done insaninty and have just had a four week break, got married etc need to get back into training, t25 or insanint again? Hardest program I have ever done

        • Bethany Lyn says

          Hi Jayne, if you want to switch it up, then maybe give T25 a go. Insanity is a very intense program for sure. -Bethany

      • dom says

        Hi there I keep seeing you saying do t25 if it’s your first time on a workout dvd I’m one who likes to push myself and I was wondering weather you think I should push myself with insanity and if you do insanity would it be too much to go to the gym as well?

        • dom says

          And also I forgot to mention I’m 23 I have a daughter and son on the way so most of the workout time would have to be when there asleep I work fulltime at mcdonalds so obviously my diet isn’t very good I haven’t been to the gym in a good 3 years and dont wanna be fat and set the wrong example to my kids

        • Bethany Lyn says

          Hi Dom, Go for it, most people I recommend T25 are first time working out or getting back into it after a long lay-off. And, yes Insanity and weights at the gym on the same days would be an awful lot. Bethany

    • ron c says

      I am 49 y.o. and have always worked out until about 3 years ago when I had wrist surgery while I was in the Army after we were hit by an i.e.d. and they put 4 pins in my wrist. So I can’t bend my left hand anymore. I’m lucky though. Is this a program for me? Or should I just run, my knee is also effed up.

      • Bethany says

        Hi Ron – don’t do Insanity if you have a messed up knee – it’s really not good for it…and neither is running! If you have enough wrist mobility to do a push-up, then you could definitely do T25 at full force. And even if you don’t have enough wrist mobility to do a push-up, you can always modify some of the moves in T25 to keep within your comfort range – Focus T25 is pretty easy to modify while still getting an intense workout. I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions, never be afraid to ask. Good luck, and thank you for your service to our country!

      • aj says

        Hello I aM just wondering what programme I should go on I am already skinny so weight loss is not a issue but I want to be ripped and have a toned body?

        • Bethany Lyn says

          Hi Aj, Either program will get you looking ripped, but getting that ripped look is a lot about diet. Both programs comes with there own diet plans, just be sure to follow them and you will get the results. Bethany

  2. Arzelius Payton says

    Hi, I am not In the best of shape and I want to get stronger and fitter. I have not worked out
    In a long time and really need guidence. Should I get T25 first?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Arzelius, yes I would recommend Focus T25 first for you. What I really like about Focus T25 over Insanity is the modified exercises. The modifiers will help you do the workout at your own pace until you gain the strength and endurance to do the full workout. Hope that helps…Bethany

  3. Katerina says

    Hi! i tried the insanity program and its great but the heart rate i high. i heard about focus 25 iand i read everything about it.but can u tell me i have to focus on my abs and glutes should i work out just these 2 or no???

    • Bethany says

      Hi Katerina – I would suggest doing Focus T25 as it’s more adjustable to your current workout level than Insanity is. There is someone always performing a move modifier in every video, which is much better if you’re not already in tip-top shape. It’s only 25 minutes a day, but it will get your butt and abs looking terrific in no time…not to mention the rest of you! Good luck!

  4. Sal says


    i suffer from flat foot syndrome where any sort of quick walking running jumping etc will give me a lot of pain in my shins. I have tried to do the insanity trainign but couldnt bear the pain of doing just the star jumps and cant confinue with it. Would I find T25 similar ? Last thing i want to do is waste more money.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Sal – it is very common for increased aggravation when you exercise vigorously with flat foot syndrome. I also have this problem (I suffered from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome caused my fallen arches), but learned to correct the problem and exercise pain, inflammation, and/or numbness-free. While Focus T25 may not aggravate your feet as much as the lengthier Insanity workouts, I do believe it is going to bother you. My suggestion – fix your feet to the best of your ability, which will take some time but will be well worth the wait. I know it sounds silly, because doctors are quick to say there’s no hope and get you to buy $500 orthotics or weekly physical therapy sessions, but you can change your body’s biomechanics with a little bit of effort.

      My advice if you don’t want to waste any money, I would suggest purchasing Tai Cheng from Beachbody – it won’t get you ripped like Insanity or Focus T25, but it will help make your feet feel better so that you can begin a new workout program after the 90 days. And it will help you lose some weight and help all your joints feel good. I followed Tai Cheng for the duration of the program and practiced the moves to specifically help flat feet, and my foot no longer bothers me – this is without wearing my waste-of-money orthotics or doing any physical therapy. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a good article about Tai Cheng – Good luck!

      • Joey says

        Hi Bethany, my spouse has flat feet, and anything she can do to fix this would be awesome! How does this workout program help with flat feet?

        • Bethany Lyn says

          Hi Joey, neither program is going to help with the flat feet problem unfortunately. T25 is likely the better program for someone with flat feet as it has lower impact move variations. -Bethany

  5. Joey says

    Hi Bethany! First I would like to thank you for taking the time to make this site so folks like me can find it and learn more information before I spend money on the wrong program.
    Alright, here it goes…I am 31, 310lbs (I am 6’4) so not incredibly obese, but I am indeed a big guy. The last time I truely actually worked out on a daily basis was in high school playing football…I was still a big guy but a big guy who was in “football” shape.
    Now, I am motivated and ready to get healthy. The place I live, a small town in Missouri, there are many overweight people who are 40+, look awful and are too ignorant or simply have no motivation to do anything about it. I do not want to be them.
    Because this is a military town, I see military soldiers who are in great shape, it makes me a bit jealous and honestly, I am tired of being alone on Friday nights. Here is my question…I want the motivation you do. I want to be healthy and like what I see in the mirror. I want someone to like me, say I look great and truely mean it. How did you get your motivation and how did you stick with a program…period… without losing motivation due to difficulty. I am incredibly nimble for a big guy and have no problems moving around and I am not a lazy person, but because I have tried to eat correctly in the past and have seen absolutely no results, I just think…”How the hell is this going to help a guy like me”?
    I need help…


    • Bethany says

      Hi Joey – first of all, congratulations on your decision to get healthy!

      Honestly, motivation can come from anywhere around you – I think you answered your own question :) If trying to look as fit as the military soldiers is something you’d strive for, then use that as your motivation. If going out on a Friday night is something you’d work for, then there’s another great motivator. And if living a healthy life and still looking good at 40+ years old is something you’d aim for, then you can use that as well. You don’t just have one thing you want to work out for – you have at least three! That is more than most people start with. And if your motivation starts to fizzle, keep yourself pushing hard every workout and eating clean by picturing how you want your body to look after – you could even put a picture of a physique you’d like to have up on your wall while working out. I would suggest a picture of the Rock – when I see him in movies, I always want to do push-ups or pull-ups afterwards :)

      As for which workout program I would recommend for you and your situation, I would start with Focus 25. Focus 25 will help you get back into the swing of working out. The shorter workouts and workout weeks are going to be easier to fit into your daily routine when you’re first beginning to exercise again after a long time away. And please don’t think that by telling to start with this work out, it’s because it’s not as effective as Insanity, because it is – it’s just entirely different. That being said, it is the easier of the two to modify down to your own fitness level, because there is always Tania modifying the moves for you. It’s also going to keep you motivated each week by helping you lose weight and tone up fast.

      You wouldn’t think only 25 minutes a day could do it, but it will. After completing Focus T25, you can always move on to Insanity to change things up, or purchase the Gamma Phase of Focus T25 to continue the program for another 30 days. I hope this helps. If you have any questions along the way or need help with motivation, just let me know. Good luck – you can do it!

      • Joey says

        Hi Bethany. I apologize more than somewhat for taking so long to reply. I appreciate the advice more than you can imagine. With your response, I found motivation #4. A week ago I purchased Focus T25 from the website including Gamma. I have recieved it “finally”!!
        Although it has been a week, seems as though it took too long to get here. It is Friday evening…I am debating whether or not to start tomorrow in the am or wait until Monday to get in tune with the calender. I can not describe how motivated I am, not only for selfish reasons but because of this site alone. I honestly want to thank you for allowing us to comment and simply ask questions to someone who has the information we do not. Again…thank you. If you would like, as I go through the program, I can keep the site updated, even do the picture or video thing to show actual results. I am still curious…why did you start working out? What kept you motivated over the course of the programs you chose to use?

        • Bethany says

          Hi Joey, yes please keep us updated, that would be great!

          As for my own motivation, it was numerous things. I hated the weight I had put on from going back to school. When I started my new job, walking up the stairs was making me winded. And probably the most motivating factor was that, I had no excuses to not finish the program. I had tried a few programs while in school, but could never seem to be able to stick with them, I was excuse central. So I decided no more excuses, it was my life and my body and I wanted to take control of it. -Bethany

        • Holly says

          HI Joey,
          I”m curious if you completed t25 and what your results were. My husband is trying to loose weight and like you is a big but nimble guy who has tried many things with few results. So I’m curious how you did with t25 and if you feel it was worth the price.
          Thanks! -Holly

  6. Sheri says

    Hi Bethany,
    I’m a 45 year old female, 5’4″ & approximately 135#. In addition, my health professional has said I’m menopausal. I am self-employed in a high stress industry and work a lot of hours. I’ve had been using Insanity on average 2 days a week since June 1 along with running about 10 – 15 miles a week along with weight training maybe 2 days a week. I was seeing some results but beginning in September my schedule became too busy and I’ve lost ground. I just purchased T25 because of the time factor involved. I want to lose the 10 pounds I’ve managed to gain & am curious if it is the best choice & what is the best way to incorporate it into my workout plan. I like insanity but sometimes I can’t commit 40 minutes. I feel weight training is important & works but I only have so much time. Running is my first love but after 20 years of it, my body is rebelling with injuries.

    I would really like your opinion & guidance. Thanks.

    • Bethany says

      HI Sheri, I think you made a great choice with Focus T25! Focus T25 is similar to Insanity, but is not the smae. Focus T25 sounds like it will fit into your schedule much better. I also wanted to mention during the second phase of Focus T25 you start to incorporate weights a couple of days a week which you are right will help with the toning and sounds like soemthing you enjoy. -Bethany

  7. Nicole says

    Opinion please! Seeing you’ve done both programs. I’ve been working out for quite a while now with awesome results. I’ve been doing Insanity off and on but I want to really commit to it now. I’ve been thinking about doing T25 instead, because of the time restraints, but the only worry I have is about the difficulty. I have significant muscle tone already, I just want my abs. I don’t have much problem with Insanity, do you think I’ll find T25 too easy?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Nicole, no I don’t think you will find T25 to be too easy. Most workouts are as intense as Insanity, but T25 includes modifiers which could make it a better option for people who otherwise would have difficulty with Insanity. Hope that helps, Bethany

      PS – Tou’ll get those abs just keep pushing play!

  8. Heather says

    Hi Bethany. I just stumbled upon your website, and it’s great! Thanks for all the information on T25 vs. Insanity. I’m 35, 5’4″ and 130 lbs. I’ve been doing Insanity for a little over a year now. I normally only work out 3-4 times a week, due to family schedules, and really I’m just trying to maintain my body, I don’t need to loose much weight (although losing 5-10 pounds would be great.) I am very interested in T25, but my concern is this: I feel like I might be taking a step backwards by going from Insanity to T25. Not sure why I feel this way, though. I think it’s because I keep hearing how T25 is a great start towards Insanity, and I’ve done Insanity, and now looking for something else. I still really like Insanity, I just need something else to add to the mix, and of course the 25 minutes is a major attraction! Also, can you tell me anything about P90X3? I’ve thought about buying both, again, to be able to mix it up more!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and to help me make a decision!


    • Bethany says

      Hi Heather, yeah I agree Focus T25 is a better option for beginner’s than Insanity, but it is also perfect for those looking to maintain. The T25 workouts are not necessarily easier than Insanity just easier to modify I guess you could say. I think the main thing is the T25 workouts while shorter can produce great results because sports science has been showing that these shorter high-intense workouts might work best when done for a shorter time period. Hope that helps, Bethany

      • Heather says

        Thanks so much for the reply! I think I’m ready to try it out. Who knows, maybe with the shorter workouts I’ll be able to workout more days/week.

        Thanks again!


        • Stephen E. Schuster says

          Just a thought!

          I switched to T25 and felt like you did (I did eventually switch back to keep from getting burned out). I did 2 workouts in a row.

          I would use the regularly scheduled workout and then switch it up to include to Core Speed from BETA. I love that workout so much. It is a great closer to any workout.

          This still puts me in the 50 minute range but it will shred you.

  9. Rob says

    Hi, great website with lots of useful info, just one thing – in your table you’ve got T25 as 5 work outs a week but it’s 6 through Alpha and Beta which is the 10 weeks you quote.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Rob, You are right, I think I am going to change that, I don’t know why but for some reason I was thinking of the stretch DVD not really as a workout even though it is a very important. Thanks Bethany

  10. Shawn says

    I have been doing insanity for about 7 months now and it still kicks my butt, although I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I am interested in the T25 but I am worried that it will force me into taking a step backwards with the progress I have already made. Any suggestions?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Shawn, congrats on getting into the best shape you have ever been in with Insanity.

      No, I do not think the Focus T25 would be taking a step backwards, in fact it may be good for you to change things up a bit now that you have been working out with Insanity for 7 months. After 7 months you are no longer a beginner, so you should be able to start being able to tell what works for you and what doesn’t and make changes in your workout or diet. So, I would suggest giving Focus T25 a go and if after two weeks you don’t like the results you are getting you can make some adjustments to the program.

  11. Megan says

    Hey Bethany. :) Thanks for all of the advice. But if I’m a size 3 and want to lower my body fat percentage and get toned. Maybe slim my legs and arms a little. And also make my stomach flat but defined which one should I do? I’ve been an athlete my whole life and just did the bbl program and I don’t really care how brutal the workout is I just want the best results for my buck. I just want to finally reach the point where I have the body I’ve always wanted.

    • Bethany says

      HI Megan, if you though BBL was brutal, you’ll want to go with Focus T25. In the Insanity program Shaun T acts more like a drill sergeant motivator, which works for some people, but leaves a bad taste in other people’s mouths. In Focus T25 Shaun T tells you to focus on the moves and do your best! Hope that helps, Bethany

  12. Luv Smith says


    I need to lose weight and tone up very quickly. Should I focus on Insanity or T25? I have been doing Zumba with little results.


    • Bethany says

      Hi Luh, you’ll get results with either program, choose the one that you think you would enjoy more and stick with. -Bethany

      • Joanna says

        I know I am pretty young (I’m only 15) and I have recently been struggling with my self confidence and been having issues with how my body looks. I am 5′ 3″ and I weigh about 130 lbs. (which too me is average but not good enough). Lately, I have been really wanting to get skinny and have abs like the girls I see on the internet and in public. I have started to eat a’lot cleaner, watching my calorie intake and I’ve cut out fatty foods, soda, etc. I run as often as I can around my neighborhood (about 3 miles), but now I really want to get into a high intensity workout everyday to really get my body in shape. Do you recommend I start off with either of these at this level? Would they be too intense for me? I am willing to work hard because I want to be confident in my body..

        • Bethany Lyn says

          Hi Joanna, I can only give advice to those 18 years old or older. You would be best to talk to your doctor as your body is still maturing. -Bethany

  13. Clayton says

    I have done Insanity all the way through and continue to incorporate it into my workout a few times per week. I feel like I have plateau’d and am not seeing any results. I also can’t say I was super impressed with my insanity results after completing the program. Will T25 challenge me more than insanity and help some stubborn flub go away???

    • Bethany says

      Hi Clayton, I’m sure Focus T25 can challenge you as much as Insanity if you give it your all for 25 minutes. I know it sounds counterproductive but research is showing the shorter higher intensity workouts can give better results than longer workouts. In the end it is about results and if 25 minutes of high intensity exercise(Focus T25) gives better results than 40 minutes or more(Insanity), we just have to change our way of thinking.

    • Laura Aro says

      I read that you have to change your diet if you feel like you’re on a plateau experiment between eating a bit more or a bit less :) or taking a break for 3-5 days from working out, that’s what I did and I broke the plateau

  14. Laura Aro says


    I did Insanity 2 months ago, I just started with Focus T25 yesterday and wow I feel week lol do you think I’ll get flat abs with T25? Here’s my picture… 1st row was before Insanity, 2nd was after, 3rd was yesterday before I started with T25. I didn’t get the toned flat abs that I was aiming for with Insanity since I wasn’t fit enough to finish without long pauses but I did lose 13 lbs :)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Laura, loosing 14 pounds with Insanity is something to be proud of no matter what! Just keep going with Focus T25 and I’m sure you will get those abs in no time.

  15. Akisha says

    Hi Bethany I’m currently in my second week of month two Insanity. I used to be an athlete and gym rat but got pretty lazy after having a baby. Anyways I love Insanity, my body bounced back pretty quick. I love the feeling of exhaustion to the point of puking lol I know !!! But I’m competitive. My question is after Insanity is over I want to do T25 but should I do Beta and Gamma and skip alpha? I heard Alpha is more of a beginner guide. If I did this would it mess up results? Or should I just follow the scheduled program

    • Bethany says

      Hi Akisha, I would suggest following the Focus T25 as it is. After a round of Insanity your body could need a break, it might be a good idea to take step back and let your body fully recuperate. If after a week of following the Alpha and you do not feel challenged enough then I would suggest switching it up. -Hope that helps Bethany

  16. sean says

    i want to know which one should i try t25 or insanity and should i try them most of the people who do t25 or insanity are somewhat fat but i am skinny my weight is134 and i have a hard time gaining weight what do u think i should try o and am 21years old

    • Bethany says

      Hi Sean, if you are already skinny, but going for that ripped look, I would suggest either program as long as your diet is right. If you are not eating properly you could end losing weight with either program, so you are going to have to maintain a diet high enough in calories that you do not lose weight, but the foods that you eat have to be high quality like lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to get that ripped muscular look that I think you want. -Bethany

  17. Enille says

    Hi Bethany,

    I am on my 7th week of insanity and lost about 10lbs. when I finish, I’m thinking of switching immediately to T25 or doing another round of Insanity. what would you advice? I havent gotten the results I was hoping for yet.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Enille, congratulations on the weight loss so far, that is great! I would try a round of Focus T25 after completing Insanity to change it up. And don’t worry, you will get the results you want by continuing to invest yourself in the workouts. -Bethany

  18. Nuria says

    Hi Bethany,

    well this week I finish my second round of Insanity. I started this summer, because I’ve been doing nothing for the past 4 years and at the begining it was hard…but now I feel I’m stronger than ever. I’ve been thinking of trying Focus T25, it will really help me of losing a little more weight after 2 rounds of insanity?
    I’m from Spain, sorry about my english and thank you in advanced!!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Nuria, after two rounds if Insanity, I would think giving Focus T25 a go sounds like a good idea. Your body can adjust to any routine and you might see some better results by switching it up!

  19. Tina says

    Long time fitness buff. Have completed minimum of 3 full rounds of Insanity. Now doing MMA style workout videos for 2nd time. Also have done hybrid of both. Run. Bike. Concerned that T25 will not be enough of a challenge for me or that I will lose some of my fitness level. Love the idea of the decreased time but don’t want to back slide.

    • Bethany says

      HI Tina, yeah if you are still looking to improve rather than maintain, I’m not sure Focus T25 would be enough. It could be something that you could do when short on time or as an additional workout when you have the time.

  20. Jimmy says

    Hey Bethany,
    I’ve been doing insanity off and on when I am not at school and the workouts are for sure intense. I play college basketball so I am no stranger to tough workouts. but I am pretty skinny and not extremely toned. I would like to tone up some more and gain a little bit of muscle mass. I picked insanity oppose to my own weight training because I wanted to cut some excess fat, but I do not want to lose weight or gain too much because I like the thin toned look, like a Justin Bieber or Zac Efron. I do not know which one would be better for me t25 or continue with insanity with some of my own weight training on the side. Any tips are greatly appreciated, thank you.

    P.S. I am not pressed with time

    • Bethany says

      Hi Jimmy- with everything you’re telling me, I would definitely do just the Insanity workout program, including the diet, for the 60 days with no other weight training and see where you end up. Since you don’t want to gain too much (or too little!) muscle mass, I feel this would be your best bet. Insanity should cut away any and all unwanted fat and have you looking like you want: lean and toned. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions along the way, please feel free to ask. Good luck!

  21. Katie says

    I am 5’7 and 137lbs. I’m in decent shape but I definitely don’t work out on a regular basis because I don’t have time and frankly, don’t always like to go to the gym. My goal is to make a change to my eating and working out habits. I want to slim down and get more toned. Which would be better for me, insanity or T25?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Katie – congratulations on your decision to commit to your health by changing your eating and working out habits! I think Focus T25 would be a great place for you to start – it’s very easy to fit those 25 minutes into your day…which means no excuses no matter how busy you are. Since you haven’t been working out on a regular basis, T25 will get you on the right track to a healthier, fitter you – plus by the end, you will be left with a slimmer and definitely more toned you that wants to exercise each day and eat right. Good luck! If you have any other questions along the way, please ask :)

  22. Morgan says

    Hey Bethany,

    I found your blog when I was looking up Brazilian Butt Lift reviews. I’m currently 19, 5’7″, and 150 lbs. I’m very out of shape. I’ve been walking my (hilly) neighborhood lately to try to build up some strength but now I would like to kick things into gear and try either BBL, T25, or Insanity. My mom has BBL and Insanity and she’d let me borrow them, but I was wondering which you think would be best for me to start off with. I’d be happy to buy T25 if thats the one you thought would be best to start off with! I’d like to do all three at some point, just don’t know what order to go in. And if it makes any difference, I’m trying to lose some weight. I’d like to get down to 125 lbs.
    Also, I’ve been reading around and some people say your net should equal your bmr and others say you should just have a net of 1200. Thoughts?
    Lastly, how long do you think it would take me reach my goal of losing 25 lbs? Do you think I could lose 2 lbs per week with any of these plans?

    -Morgan :)

    PS I don’t only want to lose weight. I’ve been trying to become healthier all around that’s why I’ve been walking and eating better and doing some research.. I wanted to ease into it :P I just think I would be happier with myself and healthier if I lost some weight.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Morgan – congratulations on your decision to get healthy…it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself ever :) It’s great that you’re starting this at a young age.

      As for programs, I think BBL is a great place to start. It eases you into eating healthier foods without making it feel like you’re eating a restricted foods diet – it’s amazing what a piece of dark chocolate or small bag of baked potato chips can do when you’re really craving something junk food-y. It also teaches you to be creative with healthy foods, like simple choices that will make a world of difference. Plus, the workouts are pretty entertaining – I absolutely LOVE Leandro’s charisma and upbeat personality :)

      Just really track your calories: BBL would recommend you eat 1400 calories, which I would follow. Don’t get too fancy about how many calories you should be eating…if you’re feeling starved after a week of 1400 calories, simply add in 100 calories a day to see if that helps, and if it doesn’t, add 100 calories more the following week.

      On the other hand, if you don’t lose any weight after a week, then try cutting back to 1300 calories. It’s very hard to tell someone exactly how many calories they should be eating, because every body is different. Your metabolism may be faster or slower than most others, but sticking with BBL’s recommended calories will get you pointed in the right direction, especially if you’re trying to lose some weight while getting yourself into healthier habits like eating wholesome foods and exercising every day.

      And just remember, if you eat a piece of pizza during the program, don’t feel like you have to starve yourself the next day, simply count it for how many calories it is and do better the next day. Big changes don’t happen overnight, they happen gradually. Over time, you will learn to eat healthier, fueling and nourishing your body with wholesome ingredients.

      If you’re in it for the long haul (not just trying to lose weight quickly, which I do think you could lose 2lbs a week on this program in the 60 days), you could even just start eating a really healthy breakfast each morning, then after one month, try eating a healthy breakfast, with a healthy mid-morning snack, and a healthy lunch…then move onto fully healthy meals. One small step at a time puts you one the curve for successful weight loss and a healthier, happier, you.

      But if you’re looking to go down to 125 lbs by the end of January, definitely follow the diet and exercise program to a “tee” and do the supermodel slimdown at some point too. Good luck!

    • Bethany says

      HI Luther, I would not say T25 would be more challenging than Insanity, but it would be a different kind of challenge! -Bethany

  23. Sebastian Ogden says


    I’ve seen Focus T25 on TV and wondered whether it would be okay for me.

    To say that I am out of shape is an understatement, and looking at my 300 lb figure you would be right to guess the same. However, I am not completely out of shape, as I do play Ultimate twice a week, do Yoga once a week and walk two rounds of golf on the weekend.

    The problem is my weight makes any gravity dependent exercise difficult…bad knees, ankles, hips, etc. Since this programme has a term, what happens if I can’t keep up? Can I repeat days until I get it right before moving on? Does it mess up the calendar?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Sebastian – with everything you’ve said, I really feel like Focus T25 would be a great place for you to begin your journey and that it really will be okay for you. They have low intensity modifications for every single move, taking into account those with less-than-perfect knees. I would follow Tania the best you can (some moves you may need to further modify) until you feel like you can up the intensity, which will come before you know it. And if ever you feel like you can’t keep up, just do the moves more slowly than they do or pause the DVD entirely until you catch your breath.

      Never be afraid to do the workouts at your own pace – no one is judging you. The most important thing is that you’ve decided to get in shape, which is a huge step in living a long, healthy life – congratulations!

      You can repeat the days until you get it right, but honestly, I think you’d enjoy the variety of workouts more and seeing how much further you can get and how more perfect your movements are each and every week. If you think you’re more apt to stick with it if you do it that way, then by all means do it – don’t worry about not being on schedule.

      I hope that helps, but if you do have any other questions along the way, please ask. Good luck!

  24. Leah says

    This honestly helped me soo much when choosing! Thank you! I am leaning towards t25 because I am a full time student, I am 5’1 and 138 pounds, I want to lose 20-25 pounds but I also want to be tone and not just skinny or small. I want to really focus on my stomach am thighs. What program do you suggest?

    • Bethany says

      HI Leah, yes I think with school and your goals Focus T25 makes a lot of sense. I tried doing 40-60 minute workouts when I was in school and it was too much, I could not keep up with my studies. I wish Focus T25 was around back then. -Bethany

  25. Jessica says

    I was doing insanity for 2 years. I did 3 days a week of 1st month DVDs and 1day a week of the 2nd month DVDs, rotating month 2dvds once every 3 weeks. I switched to t25 for the sake of time. I feel like t25 does not work my abs as much. Does that seem right? I am toned/thin. 5’4 and 115 pounds but my stomach is ruined from having kids! Really trying to get my abs more toned. Do you recommend staying with t25 or going back to insanity? I really love the 25 minutes… Help!!!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Jessica – I have to admit, I did not love the ab workout from Focus T25 as much as I liked BBL’s Tummy Tuck (it’s still my favorite ab workout, by far). That being said, I think it’s a perception thing, because my abs hurt a lot more during the regular T25 workouts than they did from most of the Insanity workouts. Are you making sure to keep your stomach tucked in during the entire workout? Because that can make all the difference in how much you feel you’re working your abs. T25 really is one of the BEST core workouts if done correctly…I know it’s tough to concentrate on keeping your stomach tucked while trying to do spider push-ups, but honestly, it will work your abs in ways you never knew :) I hope that helps, but if you do have any other questions, please let me know – also, a healthy, well-rounded, reduced-calorie diet will also help in getting rid of the pesky fat on your belly. Good luck!

  26. Jen says

    I am seriously considering buying t25 but have some concerns based on short clips I’ve been able to watch? Before I lay out this kind of money, I really want expert advice.
    I have bad shoulders and knees. (Two surgeries on shoulders) and am worried about doing the planks? Have attempted them from other videos and just can’t handle the pain.
    Iam 50 years old, work out 6 days a week, but nothing as intense as what t 25 sounds like. I’ve done turbo jam, hip hop abs, and completed slim in 6 and Debbie’s second set of slim series workouts.
    T25 drew my attention because of the time factor. Currently I spend 60-90 min a day working out. Too much!

    Thanks for your help. This is a great site for reviews and descriptions.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Jen – I understand your worries completely, but with what you’ve told me, I think T25 would be a great idea for you. It would also be a welcome change of pace, since you’re used to doing 60-90 minutes per day. The good news is that there is a woman in the video named Tania who you can follow – she does lower impact versions of all exercises, which will be very helpful, so you’re not killing yourself. I am not sure if she does plank or not, but if she does do plank, I would suggest just going down on your hands and knees (if this doesn’t bother you, of course) and doing the cat/cow pose – simply arch and flex your back slowly by using your abdominal muscles. If that would bother you, just take a short period of rest and walk or march in place.

      I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask. PS – T25 also comes with a 30-day or 60-day money back guarantee if you did order it and find it too much for you. And just so you are aware, there is also a great workout program called Tai Cheng that could help you with your joint mobility and flexibility – not saying it’s a cure all, but it’s really awesome for helping with soreness, tightness, and old injuries. I know several people who’ve had knee surgeries, should surgeries, and hip surgeries who say it really helped them out. Good luck!

      • Jen says

        Thank you so much for your response. This was very helpful! I am now the proud owner of t25, just ordered it, and will definitely follow your advice for planks. I am really encouraged! I remember Tania from hip hop abs and also saw her on the infomercial for t25.
        I am going to do some research on Tai Cheng and try to find a good work out that will incorporate it. I’m willing to try anything to help with these old injuries that limit some exercises I can do.

        Thank you again for your help! I’ll let you know how t25 goes and can hopefully post positive results that might encourage others my age!

  27. Tanya says

    I finished insanity and I felt toned and had muscles, now when I am on t25 gamma, but I do not feel strong at all, I would say the opposite – all the muscles are gone, just feel my core getting stronger, but not much strength in arms and legs (as it used to be after insanity). Do you think I should try do insanity and t25 together?
    Thank you!
    Any other advice is greatly appreciated (on diet, work out routine etc.)

    • Bethany says

      HI Tanya, yes you could try Insanity and Focus T25 together, just be sure that your diet is spot on. I plan on designing a Focus T25 & Insanity hybrid schedule shortly that may also be of interest to you. -Bethany

  28. pranav says

    hi , i am a beginner what should i buy shaun T Focus T25 Workout Kit or Beachbody Insanity 60 Days Workout Kit… please help me ………….??????????????????

    i am 177 pound so what should i choose i should lose weight so what should i prefer????????

    • Bethany says

      Hi Pranav, as a beginner I would suggest T25. You will lose weight and get toned with T25 and it is only 25 minutes a day. Hope that helps – Bethany

        • Bethany says

          Hi Pranav – Since you want to lose 45 pounds and are a beginner, I would recommend you start your fitness journey with Focus T25. After one round of Focus T25, move on to Insanity (it is a GREAT program and you will really like it). T25 will get you in the shape you need to be in, so that you can put your all into the Insanity program. This way, you will maximize results. Plus, T25 will also get you on your way to reaching your weight loss goals. Good luck!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Pranav, I would suggest going through Focus T25 and then move onto Insanity, and yes it will help you build strength and muscles. -Bethany

  29. Tisha says

    Hi there. I’ve completed 4 rounds of P90X in the past year and a half, but have hesitated to do Insanity because plyometric work is NOT my favorite, haha. I’m really interested in the T25 program, but will it be more difficult for me because I haven’t done Insanity? I’m at my goal weight and currently maintain with a mix of P90X and zumba. A 25 minute workout would be nice…

  30. Sarah says

    Hi everyone!

    I’m 25, 130lbs at 5’3″, and honestly I don’t appear to have any “chunk” or flab but I’ve gained about 15lbs in 3 months due to my new desk job. I am consistently gaining weight even though I drink 8 cups of water a day, eat pretty healthy (with a few “fat” days here and there), and I had started doing Insanity. I used to work out all the time and then stopped due to … well, laziness haha. I almost finished the first round of Insanity but my joints are absolutely killing me now so I’m thinking of trying T-25. I really wanted to keep going with Insanity because I like his style of a “motivational drill sergeant.”

    Just wanted to throw my experience out there.
    Good luck guys!

  31. weight-loser says

    I’m 21 years old male, I am 176 cm tall.
    I did insanity a year ago and i was 84 kgs and I lost 20 kgs and became 64. Then I started pigging out and I gained back 10 kgs, I’m 75 right now.
    Should I do insanity again or should I try T25?
    Also, one thing thats making my second weight loss trial harder is the diet, I am so hesistant whether I should do a normal diet, each less of everything 60% protien 20% fat and 20 % carbs. Or the atkins diet (no sugar no carbs no juice no bread just salad and meat and tuna)
    the atkins diet is hard since its a bit embarrassing to go to uni with a box of salad…
    What do you recommend

    I can’t follow the diet plan in the box I don’t have access to 95% of the food there I don’t live in usa.

    • Bethany says

      Hi weight-loser – instead of spending more money on another program, I would just do Insanity again. If you’ve finished it successfully before, you obviously will have success with it again a year later. However if you’re specifically looking to change it up a bit, then by all means, go for Focus T25…the workouts are shorter and so isn’t the work week.

      For diet, it’s 100% okay not to follow the diet exactly. Think of it more as beginning to eat healthier and in moderation – not diet. Instead, try sticking to whole foods: lean proteins, healthy fats (healthy oils, natural peanut butter, unsalted nuts, etc.) I wouldn’t necessarily do Atkins – it’s too hard to stick to for longer than a few weeks, and everything you lose, you gain back within two weeks of eating carbs again. Plus, it’s just no fun at all and not that good for your body. Not knowing what foods you do have access to, I would aim for 40% carbs, 30% healthy fats, and 30% lean protein. This will give you the energy you need to complete the workouts. If you do have more success on a lower carb diet or like it more, try eating mostly veges and fruits for your carb sources and whole wheat/whole grain only for one or two servings per day. It really does help cut the fat quicker, and you won’t gain everything back as you would with Atkins.

      Hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please ask. Good luck!

  32. Bobby says


    I’ve done some of the insanity and I’m currently on week 1 day 5 of t25 workout. I weigh about 165 will the t25 workout give me abs? Thanks

    • Bethany says

      Hi Bobby – Focus T25 is a full body workout, so yes, it will definitely get you abs as long as you follow every workout and eat a healthy diet rich in whole foods. Don’t forget your abs are already there – you just need to get rid of the layer of fat on top of them :) You can safely lose about 15-18lbs of fat in two months, so if you need to lose a little bit more weight than that, you may need to extend the program another month or opt to purchase the Gamma Phase as well. Good luck!

  33. Don Mobey says

    I did about 4 weeks of Insanity but I had physical difficulties.

    I have two ACLs that were busted up and a bad back. Interestingly, those weren’t the problem.

    My toes seemed to get sprained by all the jumps at 54 years old. I had difficulty walking for some time.

    I love P90x – I like lifting more but not pull ups – and am considering getting P90x3 but am interested if this program is different enough from Instanity to be worth getting.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Don, I have not yet done any of the P90X3 workouts, but it does not look like they are similar to the workouts from Insanity. Insanity workouts contain a lot of high impact moves that can be tough as we get older. P90X3 seems like it’s more similar to P90X without so much emphasis on pull-ups/chin-ups (I didn’t like those either!) I’ll keep you updated as soon as I receive the program and try it out :)

  34. Camryn says

    Hey, I use to workout all the time.I always do the advance version of Billy Blanks Tae Bo. it really got me in shape.As time went on I would do insanity and Tae Bo together,talk about Insane! None the less, I was in the best shape of my life. I lost 50lbs of fat and my confidence was hight. Eventually I lost my job and I was unemployed for alomost two years. I was living with family memebers and they were supporting me.So, with that said, I weas eating the foods they cooked and eventually working out in their home was not as convieniet as it was when I was working and living alone. So, overtow years of unemployment, I began to gain wieght slowly,very slowly actually. I guess my metobolism was so high from working out i didnt put on visible wieght until after about the first year. None the less, I am now working fulltime and I am moving back in my own place for the first times in two years.Today I am so out of shape. Im 6’1 feet 230lbs. I want to be 190lbs.I decided not to go back to Tae Bo, although it did wonderful results, I find that when I attempt Tae Bo, I get bored because I kno the routine.

    So, what do you thing is my best option. I want to loss wieght and come down to 190lbs, but I want to tone and build my glute muscles and tighten my midsection.My eating habits are bad and horrible all over again,btw.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Camryn, congratulations on your decision to get fit once again – that’s always the first step towards success is making that commitment to a healthier you. I would suggest Focus T25 for you, since it definitely sounds like you need a change, and it will help you get rid of your unwanted fat and get you toned all over with defined abs and glutes. Plus, it’s much easier to tone down to your own fitness level, since there are lower intensity modifications for every move. After Focus T25, you can always move on to Insanity.

      Diet is one of the toughest things to adjust to when beginning any exercise program, so never feel bad if you’re not always eating 100% clean. For you, I would aim for 2000-2200 calories and see where you’re at hunger-wise. If you’re not feeling hungry at all and not losing weight, try cutting back your calories by 100 calories each week. Of course as you lose weight, you will need to lessen your calories. Think of trying to stick to your body weight multiplied by 100 and rounded up or down to the nearest 200 calorie mark. I feel this works best.

      While you can follow the T25 diet to a tee (which is great, because it’s five ingredients and tasty!), I would try cutting out all processed foods, sodas, and refined sugars for your first week and really try to stick to whole foods. Drink lots of water, and try to have at least one glass of tepid water every day squeezed with one half lemon. You can also try sliced chicken breast (no salt, please!), in a green salad with lots of your favorite veges covered in red wine or balsamic vinegar for your lunch each day. All this will help cleanse your system and get you on your way to not craving junk food. It will be hard in the beginning…depending on how terrible your diet currently is, you may even experience withdrawal-like systems. The good news is that it all goes away within a few days, and after those few days, you will be feeling better than ever and be well on your way to a happier, healthier you. Good luck! If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to ask.

  35. DJ says

    Until I was in my mid 30’s I was quite fit. Then for whatever reason I let myself go, now in my mid 50’s I’ve done virtually nothing for 20 years. It’s time to get back what I have lost. In one respect I’m lucky, I’m naturally one of those people that weight gain hasn’t been an issue, so weight loss isn’t high on my priority list. Getting toned and fit is. The biggest problem I have is that I travel, a lot. Many nights in hotel rooms, that said which of the work out programs would you recommend Focus T25, Insanity, P90X, etc.?


    • Bethany says

      Hi DJ, as your main goal is getting fit while toning up and you travel a lot I would recommend P90X. You will just need to get a couple of strength bands to be able to do the P90X strength training workouts in your hotel room. -Bethany

  36. John Ehling says

    Bethany, please clarify, besides the resistance band, which comes with DVD for t 25, and dumb bells I supply, no other equipment is needed except a mat and DVDs and TV?

    • Bethany says

      Hi John, with the Focus T25 workout program, no other equipment is necessary…except maybe a towel to wipe the sweat from your brow :) Whether you use your own dumbbells or the resistance band the program comes with is up to you. You’ll get great results either way. Good luck!

  37. Stefania says

    Hello Bethany!
    thank you for this review but I’m still stuck in a pickle!! ok I am 21 years old 5’2 and weight about 125- 135ish.(not sure) I’m not fat but my body size is suppose to be very very tiny… so the weight I packed on after my relationship caused me to loose my job (hooters) and it doesn’t look good on me. First things first, I’m not worried about the time for working out. I did Insanity about four years ago and my results were amazing!! But now I keep hearing “do t25”. Was T25 mainly made for people that just don’t have time? because I have plenty of time for either workout. The thing that trips me up about t25 is the time frame. Like how you can get a badass workout in, in 25 minutes? Also after I completed Insanity I would pop in a cd hear and there.. soo now I have this mind set that if I do the two months again I wont see results cause I’ve done insanity a lot (well popping a cd in here or there). So now I’m wondering if I should try something new and fresh but then I keep falling back to its only a 25 minute workout. Then I start thinking I’ve seen the result for Insanity. My endurance is very strong. (kinda like I can run for hours but when it comes to try to catch speed and beat someone in a race I cant do it) so the endurance for either isn’t the factor. Its where I’m wondering if I should go back to Insanity were I DID see results or try something new like T25 and see if that will help me better. (because I’ve read your replies to people and the ones that said they haven’t worked out in a lifetime might need to start with T25 first) but I’m able to keep up for insanity. which one do I pick!!!!! ugh lol I know im confusing

    Thank youuuu

    • Bethany says

      Hi Stephania – honestly, if Insanity worked for you in the past and you can still keep up with the workouts, I would just stick with it and not spend any more money on a new program. Just follow the workout schedule to a tee and eat a healthy, reduced calorie diet. I would try eating 1200-1400 calories, depending on how fast your metabolism is naturally. While switching up workouts is always a great idea, I’m not sure if you’re going to like only 25 minutes of working out with Focus T25 if you do have plenty of time to work out. And it’s not easier than Insanity if you follow the moves exactly – it really is a killer workout that will have you looking good in 60 days. I suggest it to those who haven’t worked out in a long time because T25’s moves can be more easily modified than Insanity’s, and there is always Tania to follow during the workout if you can’t keep up with the regular moves, which is super convenient and makes it the best option for adjusting to your own fitness level. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please ask. Good luck!

  38. Sarah Riley says

    Hi, so I have a few concerns about which program to choose from. I am currently a female college student and I do spend 1-2hrs in the gym usually 5 times a week but I am just not getting the results I want. I did lose quite a bit of weight by myself last summer but now I want to try something else to help me push further. I have done insanity and I absolutely loved it. I have been trying to decide which one to purchase because while the T25 sounds great I feel that with only working out 25 minutes a day I would feel like I’d have to still go to the gym or do it again because it just does not seem long enough of a workout. I did love insanity and the length as well as the feeling of exhaustion and accomplishment after finishing those workouts. I was just wondering which one you think I should choose?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Sarah – 1-2 hours of working out per day is too much – especially if you’re not getting real results. When it comes to Insanity or Focus T25, I often suggest T25 for those short on time, those who are just starting off, and those who need a change of pace. Since you’ve been doing 1-2 hours of working out for five days a week, I would suggest trying T25. I really think it could help you get out of your workout rut. Plus, I think it’ll be a good change for your body – but really, only do the recommended workouts, no more! You don’t want to overtrain. Just watch what you’re eating too. Reduce your calories, keep track of your calories, and eat healthy, wholesome foods to fuel your body. Good luck!

  39. Michael says

    Hi Bethany,
    I purchased Insanity & now really can’t afford to purchase T25. At this time I think the T25 concept might be work best for me. Is there any parts of Insanity or any suggestions from the Insanity Program that you could recommend /that I could try to modify some …that might relate to the 25 mninute workouts”?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Michael – I feel really bad telling you this, but the two workout programs are so different that there really is not a simple way to mold Insanity into Focus T25. My only suggestion would be to modify the T25 moves down to your fitness level if you have to and just do the workouts for a half hour. The moves in T25 are so different than Insanity and the workouts are put together in such different ways that they’re almost incomparable. Focus T25 is more of a full body workout, while Insanity focuses strongly on your core.

      Did you happen to purchase Insanity less than two months ago, because it has a 60-day money back guarantee – you could easily exchange it for T25 if you wanted to. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please let me know. Good luck!

  40. Greg says

    Hello Bethany,
    I’m 39 years old and in last year slim down 32kg, I need remove 10kg more.
    Before T25 I was running + pushups + pull-ups + abs exercises.
    I buy T25 and now in second week, so far so good, I stopped another exercises for now.
    So my questions:
    1. Should I continue with my exercises while I’m doing T25?
    2. What next after T25, after beta and gamma? Should I do gamma all the time? return to my old practice?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Greg – Congrats on losing 32kg so far – that’s awesome! Now 10kg must seem like nothing…

      To answer your questions:
      1. I would discontinue all other exercises for now and just do the T25 workouts. You don’t want to over train, and the way the program is designed is to get you toned on the program alone.
      2. After Focus T25, you can really do whatever you want, because I think you’re going to easily reach your weight loss goal in the 90 days. The best thing to do after you finish the workout program is the thing you’ll stick with, although I wouldn’t suggest doing gamma all the time after finishing the program, because you’ll eventually plateau if stick with the same workout for too long. You can easily mix the gamma phase workouts in with your old practice too by adding workouts in here and there to change it week to week, so your body doesn’t get used to the same type of exercise. I get bored easily, so I change up workouts all the time, doing a month of Insanity here, a month of running or hiking there, and then another month of BBL or Focus T25 there and so on and so forth. You could even do Insanity after Focus T25 if you want to try something else intense. It’s entirely up to you:) Good luck!

      • Greg says

        Hi Bethany,
        thanks for the great answers!
        One more question:
        T25 suggest perform 2 exercises in Friday, it looking hard for me now so I do one in Friday and second in Saturday. But if I decide to do both together what a right way to do it? Perform immediately one after one? Or should be some pause? How long?

        Thanks and Happy New Year,

        • Bethany says

          HI Greg, the second Focus T25 workout on Friday is optional. You could do them back to back or split them up, really it is what is more convenient for you. -Bethany

  41. David Jet says

    Hey there,

    This is a really great comparison guide to Focus t25 and Insanity. I am an Insanity graduate and like many of the others I found the duration of the workouts to be just too long. Effective, but just too long.

    As a result, I basically have done my own Tabata style HIIT routines lasting no more than 30 minutes to keep in shape.

    At any rate, I have been somewhat on the fence about getting into another dvd typeprogram but Focus t25 looks like it will fit into my busy schedule and I will give it a shot.

    awesome comparison. thanks for sharing!

  42. ricarroyo88 says

    I’m going to finish the gamma phase in two weeks, which is the best way to go, start it over from alpha or begin with insanity?

      • ricarroyo88 says

        It is my first program and it have a lot of fun and results with it, I have lost 15 lb so far and I want 15 less – after that i want to increase and define muscle, which gamma offers and insanity doesn’t

  43. Bala says

    Hi Bethany, thanks for your time.

    Little Back ground. I weigh 210 pounds+ and i am 5ft 9in tall. I used to be on Protein diet and on and off regular to Gym. 2010 Jan i was at 188 Pounds. For more than a year i was on weight Training. My problem was it wasn’t consistent , due to work and Travel , so over these 2 years i gained weight and i am at 210+ pounds now.

    I am about to recieve the T25 basekit in a Day or two. My question is while i start on this program (T25 workouts + Diet) should i continue my weight Training. i.e I plan to do T25 workout in the morning and Weight Training at Gym in the evening. Will that be too much. Probably i have to make slight modifications to my diet. I used to do Cardio-Elliptical in the mornings at my home and Weight Training at Gym in the evenings. I was wondering if i can replicate the same with T25 workout in the morning and weight training (2-3 times a week) at evening. Is some thing like that not recommended or will that be too much.

    My goal is to loose weight and Fat.

    Thank you

    • Bethany says

      Hi Bala – I think doing T25 with 2-3 days of lifting at night is fine if you think you can handle it and have the time for the extra gym workouts. It will not hurt your results or cause overtraining, because it is really minimal. If you were to tell me you’re going to lift weights every night for an hour in addition to T25, then I would tell you that’s too much – but I really think you’ll be fine. For your diet, try to eat a healthy, well-rounded diet full of lean proteins, fruits, veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats. I would stick to ratios of 40 carbs to 35 protein to 25 fat or 40/30/30. Higher protein diets are great for loosing fat quick, but it’s way too easy to get bored and gain weight once you stop. Good luck!

  44. Carl says


    How do these compare to p90x? It seems like p90x is more weight lifting focused. Is it good to mix and match all three (P90x, insanity, and t25)? What about running- is it OK to run and also do these workouts?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Carl – while you could possibly mix all three workout programs and run on off days if you strategically planned your workout schedule, I think it would be smarter to put your energy and focus into one workout program at a time and really commit to. I feel like if you’re all over the place, you’ll most likely end up less committed or burnt out…plus, these workouts are designed to get you results on their own to help you lose max weight and get ripped. Plus, if you ran on every day you did an hour workout, it would be overtraining.

      As for how P90X compares to Insanity and T25, you are correct – it is more weightlifting-based with three days of weightlifting (which ends up feeling like a cardio workout) and then two days of cardio with one day of yoga. I hope that helps, but if you do have any more questions, please ask. Good luck!

  45. Heather says

    Hi Bethany! I have already done the Insanity program a few times through over the past couple of years. I have been on a short (although much longer than I wanted) hiatus from doing the program or workouts. I was excited about T25 because the workouts are shorter, and as much as I LOVE Insanity, after doing it so many times it gets a little repetitive, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I was excited about T25 but am nervous that after doing Insanity, it won’t be as effective. Do you think that doing T25 would be a step down for someone who has done Insanity probably 3 or 4 times through already? Or do you think it could be just as effective? Also, do you know of any good Insanity/T25 hybrid calendars that I could possibly follow if I decided to do so? Thanks for your time in advance.

    :) Heather

    • Bethany says

      Hi Heather – Focus T25 is meant to be just as effective as Insanity even with the shorter time. The problem is that everyone assumes because it’s so much shorter, there is not way it could be as effective. I felt the same way until I tried it and experienced it for myself. Quite honestly, I’ve done both programs, and I can tell you this: I liked my results from T25 better than the results I saw with Insanity. It really targeted my entire body – I saw my quads, more room between my thighs than I even saw after BBL, my calves, and all my abs…it was unreal. And it’s funny you should ask about Insanity/T25 hybrid schedule, because I was in the middle of working on one right now :) Check back within a day or two, or you can also sign up for my email list, so you don’t miss it!

  46. says

    So not only am I torn between the insanity and the focus t25 workouts, I throw into the mix my own workouts. I have been doing really well with HIIT Tabata style workouts, and am up to five Tabata rounds five days per week, about 35 minute workouts including warmup and cool down. In watching the focus workouts, mine appear to be far more intense, incorporating exercises like many burpee variations and cross fit exercises like weighted thrusters and clean jerk and presses. I hate to waste time doing a routine that will be less productive. BTY, also did P90X back in 09.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Dr. Scopelliti – with what you’re currently doing for exercise and the fact that you’ve done P90X before, I really think Insanity would be the right choice for you, because like you said, T25 is probably not going to keep up with your forward momentum at this point in time regardless of how tough it is. You’re already working out for close to 35 minutes per day of intense aerobic/anaerobic activity, so the 25 minutes of T25 may not feel like enough of a workout for you. Plus, Insanity’s longer workouts should offer you a different kind of a challenge. So, keep up the good work, and if you do have any other questions along the way, please let me know.

      • says

        Thanks for getting back so quickly. Actually, my workouts are in fact 25 minutes. 8 Tabata rounds (20s/10s) = 4 minutes, 5 times, + a 1 minute break in between each, = 25 minters total. I do 5 minutes of stretching before and 5 minutes of yoga after to make up the extra 10 minutes. My concern is even though every single workout is composed of different exercise, I have been doing the Tabata style workouts for a long time now, (years). A few times per month I throw in a curve by doing like a 10->1 rep pyramid style routine instead just to change it up. I thought maybe I was due for a change as I do know that no matter what you do, if you do it long enough, your body stops responding.

  47. Amber says

    Hi Bethany,

    I have both programs and I have completed both. I completed insanity and then when back to my regular workouts then I completed T25 A+B (I did them both 2x). I can’t decide what to do with them though. I am 145lbs and about 5’2″ I have defined obliques but still pudge in the middle. I also have wide hips and legs and of course butt. I found that T25 gave me a more round butt and my legs look better. I really can’t remember any particular part of me looking better with insanity because it was so long ago. I am afraid if I go back to insanity that I’ll lose the results I got in my lower half. I want to get down to 135 again. I was that weight for a short amount of time, but I was over working myself with 3+ hours at the gym, there 2x a day and doing a lot of HIIT, but with sprints only then lifting. I am so torn between the two. I love lifting but I love the craziness of insanity also. Do you think one would be better for someone like more or is there a good hybrid I could do to really kick off this fat?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Amber, I think an Insanity/T25 hybrid would combine the best of both worlds for you. And the great thing is, I just put together a really effective Insanity/Focus T25 hybrid schedule that combines the craziness you love of Insanity with the lower body toning tools of Focus T25. I am sure you can reach your goal weight in one time through the hybrid program – just be sure to also include a healthy, well-rounded, reduced calorie diet. Good luck!

  48. says


    I have just finished insanity, i really enjoyed it, specially seeing how my body changes in terms of fitness and body weight loss, it was more like a challenge to me.
    I reached 19% of body fat percentage, and reach the same weight i had when i was at high school, i am almost 30 now !
    BUT…i didn’t reach any ABS .. i don’t know why
    i can’t deny tht i can feel the diff in some muscles got more stronger, specially thighs and legs, but not the same upward, chest and ABS are not tht different..and actually this is not my main concern…coz wt really annoys me after the insanity is some pain in my knees, right below the knee cap, i walk and run normally, but it hurts a little when climbing down/up the stairs. I began to feel this kind of pain in the 6th week of insanity, and when i googled tht, i found the popular advice is not have some pain killer and get a knee support, which i did.
    Now, i have finished Insanity, and i am willing to continue, either the T25 or another round of insanity, but ofcourse after getting rid of tht knee pain..
    I would appreciate to share with me any of your advices :)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Ehab – First of all, congrats on your weight loss so fat – that’s awesome! As for everything else, I would really suggest taking a couple weeks off entirely from exercise, and if you’re still experiencing significant discomfort in your knees after resting them, visit your doctor to get their input on what the best route to recovery would be. I would not do any other program until you’re feeling 100%, because you don’t want to permanently damage anything in there by exercising an already aggravated area…it’s just not worth it.

      That being said for future purposes, Focus T25 is a lot easier on the knees if you follow the lower intensity version of the exercises than Insanity will ever be. Plus, doing T25 may be what you need to tone up your chest and abs – your body may just need a change of pace. Remember, if you tend to hold weight on your upper body, that will always be the last place you’ll lose the fat from to your liking – it really stinks, but that’s just the way it is when losing weight. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please ask. For now, please rest and check with your doctor so you don’t permanently injure yourself. Good luck!

  49. mark says


    This was very helpful. I have tying to choose between t25 and insanity for a while now. I am 20 and 240 lbs. A pretty big guy. I have started to workout (run, ride the bike and lift weights a little) but it isn’t enough. What I want is to thin out and to get abs and arm muscles. From what I read I think I should get T25 do you agree? Do you think I will get what I want out of it in the 10 weeks?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Mark – I think T25 would be a great program for you. Not knowing how much you’d like to lose or how tall you are, it’s hard to say whether or not you’ll reach your fitness goals or not in 10 weeks – I do know that as a younger male, you can lose weight pretty quickly and effectively just by beginning a regular exercise program and eating less and eating better foods. I know you could safely lose at least 15-20 lbs in the 70 days, but you would probably want to opt into the gamma phase after the that, which will add another 5 weeks. Although there is weightlifting in the beta phase, the gamma phase is predominantly weightlifting, so I really think it could help you even more to get you abs and stronger, more defined arms you’re looking for. Hope this helps :)

      • mark says

        Thank you very much. I am looking at the dvds. Is there a special package I should get in order to continue the 5 week gamma program or does gamma program come with the regular package?

        • Bethany says

          Hi Mark, the gamma phase workouts can be purchased separately or are included in the deluxe kit. The basic package only includes the workouts for the alpha and beta phases of Focus T25.

  50. Tedy says

    Hi I have been doing Insanity for about 3 years and I have lost weight and got abs but recently I’ve giant some wight because of bad eating. Now I’m a little bit bored with Insanity so I am wondering should I start doing only T25 because I’ve been doing both for some time now. Will I get good results with T25?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Tedy – three years is too long to be doing the same workout repeatedly. Not only does it get boring mentally, it also causes you to physically get used to the exercises you’re doing and plateau. I would think trying just Focus T25 would be a good change for you. As long as you watch what you eat, you will get good results. Also, make sure you do the gamma phase if you haven’t already been doing so or don’t already have it. It would be a great add-on. Good luck!

      • Tedy says

        Thank you so much for the quick answer :) I think I will try your Insanity – T25 hybrid to see how it will work and then maybe switch to T25 only. I just have the feeling that for just 25 minutes I wont get the amazing results of Insanity so I’m afraid to let it go :D

  51. Tali says

    Hi Bethany-

    I did Insanity and actually got bigger. My muscles grew big (I’m a female) and I was wondering if T25 will have the same effect, or will it tone more than enlarge?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Tali – Focus T25 did not make me larger, but it did add a lot more muscle definition, meaning that it got rid of my fat while really toning me up. T25 isn’t meant to make you bigger, it’s about tightening you up and helping you lose weight. Hope that helps :)

  52. Doug says

    My floors are tile. What type of shoes should I wear for the T-25 program? Is there a better workout shoe available than tennis shoes? I haven’t been to a gym in 30 years, I’m clueless on this topic. Thanks.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Doug, tennis, cross training, or basketball sneakers are fine for T25 or Insanity. You would also be wise to invest in a plyometric mat to reduce the amount of shock on your joints that exercisng on a hard surface can cause.-Bethany

  53. Adrienna says

    I’m a 24 year old female, 5’4″ and approximately 150 lbs. I have not exercised in a VERY long time. I am looking to drop weight and get toned in kind of a short period of time. I’m going on vacation in April, and I would really love to feel comfortable in my bikini. So that leaves me a little over 2 and a half months to get in shape. I was wondering if I should go with the Insanity program or the T25 focus program. I am very motivated and have an open schedule to do either. I mostly want to focus on my stomach, and upper legs. Could you please give me some advice?
    Thanks a lot !

    • Bethany says

      Hi Adrienna, with what you’ve told me, I think Focus T25 would be a good choice for you. Despite the shorter workouts, it really is quite intense and would help you drop weight quickly, while toning up your abs and upper legs. Just be sure to really watch your diet. You will need to cut your calories and eat a diet rich in whole foods. Try to cut out junk food entirely and eat in ratios of 40% carbs to 30-35% protein to 25-30% fat. In your first month, I would suggest limiting your grainy carbs to one serving per day in the morning only, and then eat only fruits and veggies for your other sources of carbs throughout the day. This helps me really cut down my weight fast and feel lighter and healthier overall. Plus, it will help you look great in your bikini :) Good luck! if you do have any other questions along the way, never be afraid to ask.

  54. Eduardo says

    I did insanity and i am finishing the tap out xt, so i was looking for other program , i found the t25 but im not sure if this could be a step back what do you think?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Eduardo, honestly, I think after Insanity and Tap Out XT, Focus T25 would be a step back if you’re trying to continue to progress. But if you’re looking to maintain, then T25 would be a good choice for you. Hope this helps. :)

  55. Hana says

    Hi Bethany i just started focus t25 a week ago and its great. i’m a working mom and i have absolutely no time to work out and focus t25 is awesome. I just wanted to know when do you start seeing results because I’m on week 2 now and i don’t really see much of a difference. My height is 5’8 and I’m 28 years old and i want to lose the baby fat! My calorie intake daily is 1200 to 1400 per day. By the way your website is great thanks for all the useful information

    Oh and by the way i weight 150 pounds just want to lose 10 pounds will t25 work for me?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Hana – congrats on your decision to get fit! For now, I would try upping your calories, so you’re eating 1400 calories per day and make sure you’re eating in ratios of 40% carbs to 30-35% protein to 25-30% healthy fat. Try cutting out refined sugars and processed foods entirely if you can. You don’t want to eat too few calories, because it can have an adverse effect where you actually gain extra weight. And try to really keep track of your calories with an online calorie calculator at sites like

      Are you tracking your measurements and taking photos from week to week? I know that sounds weird, but sometimes when you think you’re not seeing any results, you really are getting results. In fact, I almost quit BBL after my first week, because it really didn’t seem like it was worth all the effort of working out and eating clean to not notice any real noticeable results in one week. However, after looking at side by side photos from before and after week one, I knew I had to keep going. The difference was not even noticeable to me, but the camera was able to show me the difference that I couldn’t see myself. So, it’s worth the try for you. There is no doubt that if you stick with it and be careful about what you’re putting into your body too, that you will get the results you want with T25. Good luck!

      • Hana says

        Thank you so much I will start taking pics this week! By the way your hybrid schedule of t25 and insanity sounds really cool! Can’t wait to try it out

  56. says

    Hi, I currently run 3 times a week and do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred the days I don’t run- and yoga one day a week. I am in pretty good shape and healthy, but I really just look skinny and scrawny… (5’3″ and 108 lbs) Let’s just say I have a serious case of the mom butt. I would like a little bit more muscle tone (not necessarily mass) especially in my butt and abs. I have two kids and sometimes short on time so the T25 kinda calls to me, but 45 minutes is doable. What do you suggest?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Sarah – with the information you’ve given me, I would suggest doing Focus T25. Not only do I think it will fit into your busy schedule more easily, I feel like it toned up my butt and thighs more than Insanity ever did. Plus, it gives you nice abs from all the core work without it being totally core oriented like Insanity is. Hope that helps – good luck!

  57. Courtney says

    I am wondering if T25 will be hard enough. I have done the Insanity program and I LOVE it. The only thing is I don’t do it the way it was designed. I am 47 and I do a workout every other day instead of everyday. I can’t do the month two workouts at 100% yet, but I am close. The workouts are brutal, but I feel so good when I am done. The only problem is that I am getting board. I think Asylum would be to hard, so was thinking of T25. Do you think it would be challenging enough?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Courtney, I think Focus T25 would be great for you to get you out of your workout boredom. Just remember that it’s what you put into your workout that will determine how much you get out of it, so just push your hardest, and I’m sure you will enjoy it…it is intense :) You can always try Asylum after finishing up with T25. Good luck!

  58. Allie says

    Your site is great for helping me decide which workout routine is best for me. Thanks! I want to tell you my situation and see what you think.

    1. I am 5’3″ and about 130 pounds.
    2. I am 26 years old and am somewhat fit.
    3. Right now I do Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainers, which I love, but I am looking for something more intense as a next step
    4. My goal is to lose a little weight and tone up, but in particular I want to look really good for my wedding in September, so that’s my goal!
    5. I like the idea of Insanity because it seems like it gets better results (is that true?) but I’m worried what will happen when I stop doing it or take a break. Do you balloon up afterward?
    6. I like your idea of starting with T25 and moving up to Insanity. Do you think this will produce good results? Do you think I can have those results by September (with a 3 week break in July to attend the World Cup)?

    Thanks for your advice!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Allie – I think Focus T25 would be a great workout program for you. It’s actually a really intense workout that will help you get awesome results, probably about 10-15lbs in its two months – or three months if you opt to purchase the gamma phase too. You have such a small amount of weight to lose, that there is no doubt in my mind you will reach your weight loss and fitness goals by your wedding in September – it’s great that you’re starting now instead of waiting until the last minute and stressing yourself out. After finishing any of these workout programs, you will not balloon back up unless you drastically change your eating habits like going from eating 1400-1600 calories per day to eating 2000+ or turn into a complete couch potato. Just remember that successful weight loss is all about lifestyle changes – what and how much food you’re putting into your body is extremely important, so make sure to keep track of everything you eat each day. Good luck!

  59. B Landis says

    I am thinking of starting a new routine. I have been doing 15-20 minutes three times a week of misc exercises but would like to have something to really follow and to push me harder. I am most concerned about getting in better shape and losing the pouch in my belly after having 2 kids while also toning my legs. I work outside the home 4 days a week, so finding a regular time to exercise with 2 kids can be challenging. I currently weigh 130 and would like to lose 10-15 lbs to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am really looking for more of an exercise plan to follow and less of a diet plan. Dieting doesn’t work too well with me and my family since I am also cooking and preparing meals for my 4 and 6 year old. I do try to eat healthy and balance out our food groups but a strict plan wouldn’t work for me. I am just starting to look into the 3 different workout plans (Insanity, P90X, and Focus T25). Thanks for any advice you can give me.

    • Bethany says

      Hi B Landis – with everything you’ve written, I really think Focus T25 would be a great workout program for you. Not only will it give you the precise direction you’re looking for, it will also help you lose at least 10-15lbs in its two month time span and get your body fit and toned – including your belly pouch. Plus, it’s a lot easier to fit into an already busy lifestyle, so you won’t have any excuse not to show up to your workout video five days a week. As for diet, if you don’t want to stress too much on following the diet plan (which I understand is really hard to do with young ones), at least follow the recommended daily calorie amounts, because reducing your daily intake of calories is what will also help you lose the weight. Good luck!

  60. Laney says

    I was wondering if I should do one of these programs at all. I’m 110 and 5’5. I’m mostly looking for a way to get ready for track in 2 months and for the summer triathlons I’ll be doing. I feel like I burn a lot when I do difficult treadmill workouts, but would it be a good change and get me really in shape if I do insanity or t25? Basically, is it worth it for me?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Laney, quite honestly, I think Insanity would be really helpful for you in preparation for track and your summer triathlons. It will help you build up your endurance and your athleticism, which will help you perform your sports at an even higher level. Hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

  61. Shelby says

    Hello! I want to start off by saying that today was my second day of t25. I’m a 20 year old female and I weigh about 160 lbs. I really want to lose weight within the next 4-5 months for the summer and I’m really uncomfortable with my body. I had a hard time keeping up with the cardio and speed 1.0. I would take a few second break, then jump back into it. I did find myself sweating just as much as I would if I had been running on an elliptical. I just want to know how effective these workouts are. Along with eating healthy and lifting weights, will I see results with this program? And how quickly? Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Shelby – these workouts are very effective if you follow the schedule religiously and eat a healthy, reduced calorie diet. I think you’ll see amazing results whether or not you add in extra weightlifting or not and feel comfortable in your own skin, putting on that bikini this summer :) It usually takes a few weeks to see real results, although you should be able to see minor changes from week to week. My advice would be to just keep pushing as hard as you can – if you need to pause the DVD every now and then or walk it out to catch your breath, just do it. Your endurance will build with time until you’re finally able to finish the workouts at full intensity. If you’re sweating, that means you’re working hard and burning calories – good luck!

  62. Leah says

    Hi Bethany,

    I am trying to determine which workout is best for me. I am really trying to shed weight (5’8 and 150 lbs size 6). In college (2 years ago) I used to be between 125-135 lbs and a size 4 and I would really like to get back to that, and tone up. I have some tone so my primary concern is shedding fat and pounds. I work out regularly (Ran 6 miles 5 times a week until this polar vortex that came over the mid west and do Barre workouts, abs etc.) but have not been able to see the results I used to when working out in college!! My problem areas are my thighs (but dont want to lose my butt!), my under arm flab in my triceps, love handles and a tiny bulge in the bottom of my tummy. I need something to work!

    Also, I have tried the Visalus shake diet but have not been able to do 2 shakes a day ( i stick to 1, but doing 2 I pass out, just not enough for me I guess) but 1 shake is doing nothing for me. Should I even bother with shakes?

    Lastly, I am somewhat crunched for time. I could fit in an hour workout if I had to but Id have to be really motivated (ie when getting out of the house I have no problem commiting an hour, even 2, but at home Im not as sure with all of the distractions…). I feel like insansity will make me burn more calories just because it is longer? Is this true? To add to this, I prefer the least time on the floor as is possible. When working out on the floor my dog likes to come up and jump on me… not as easy to work out like this! I own dumbbells, stott pilates balls, yoga mat etc. so none of that is an issue for me. Also, can i still incorporate other workouts along with this? I was thinking with only 25 minutes (for t25), i wasnt sure if thats enough. And i would have time for another workout. I still like my barre classes and runs with my dogs when its nicer out. Is that too much? Will it ruin the effects of insnaity/t25 by doing different things as well?

    And of course my most important question… will this even work for me if I already workout and eat well? It seems nothing will!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Leah – with what you’ve told me, I think change would definitely be a good thing for you. I think you’ve been doing the same types of things for such a long time that you have plateaued – no more noticeable results. It’s time you mixed things up, and I think Insanity would be good for you, since it is very intense and should help you shed the last several pounds of fat, getting you back down to where you want to be. It does have some floor moves, but any of these workout programs do. I would suggest tuckering out your pooch prior to working out – like a long, brisk walk. I wouldn’t go beyond that though, because you really don’t want to do too much else while following the Insanity program – it’s enough to get you the toned look you’re after.

      Also, quit with the Visalus shakes – not worth it! If anything, you could always try something like Shakeology, which is more of a meal replacement drink. Mix it frozen berries, and voila!, you’ve got a super healthy breakfast or lunch. You should also be eating at least 1400 calories per day in ratios of 40% whole carbs to 35% lean protein to 25% healthy fat to maximize fat loss – and make sure to eat healthy, whole foods for the entire program, not only most of the time. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck!

      • Leah says

        One more question, once I am finished with Insanity, will I gain all the weight back if I don’t repeat Insanity? I would obviously continue to workout but would prefer running.

        I know you said that any other workout with Insanity would be too much… what would happen if I was to overtrain? Somedays I do have to get out and run with my dog, a walk is not always enough. And because my thighs are my biggest problem area I would probably want to sometimes add in workouts that focus on that problem area only (barre for ex).

        Also, I know this will make everything less effective, but can Insanity still be mostly effective with a cheat day here and there? Obviosuly portion size would still be in control but if I am going out to dinner for a celebration I generally have to cheat a bit on healthy options. Will this ruin the whole plan?

  63. Ashley says


    Thanks for sharing this comparison on Insanity and T25. I have been doing Insanity for awhile now…I went through the whole program twice all the way through and I have basically been doing the Max workouts for my regular workout routine. Some days I do mix it up and just go to the gym and do cardio on the treadmill then some weight training. Anyway, I was more than happy with the results I achieved with Insanity, so that’s why I still continue to do the workouts, however, I feel that I have plateaued and the workouts aren’t as effective for me. Do you think the T25 is a good route to take to change up my workouts? I tried Asylum but I felt that was more strength training/sports conditioning focused. I like the intense cardio/full body workout that Insanity has, and I just don’t know where else I can find something that in similar to it! If you could please help me figure this out, I’d really appreciate it :)

    Thank you!!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Ashley – it definitely sounds like you’ve hit a roadblock – I think you’ve reached your maximum intensity with the Insanity workouts and you need a change. I happen to like Focus T25 very much and feel like it’s a totally different workout than Insanity that could just be the change you need. Yes, it is shorter, but it is really intense and works your body in different ways than Insanity. It does incorporate weight training in the second and optional third phases, which worries me a little if you think Asylum was too strength training based. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please let me know. Good luck!

  64. David says

    I’ve done several rounds of P90X and love the workout. I also did a round of Insanity and liked it, but missed the weight lifting from P90X. I’m looking for a shorter alternative without giving up the muscle that the weights bring. Is T25 a good balance of cardio & lifting like P90X or is it more cardio like Insanity?

    • Bethany says

      Hi David, in the beginning phase of T25, there is more cardio than weightlifting. However, the moves they have you doing revealed some real muscle definition, so it definitely has strength training moves incorporated without actual weights. For the second and optional third phases, the dynamics change, and you start lifting weights.

      Another alternative you may be interested in is P90X3. It’s only a half hour a day (much shorter than P90X!), but will kick your butt too – and is predominantly weightlifting, which seems to be a good fit for you. Hope this helps :)

  65. Tyson says


    How much room does a person need for T25? I have limited space per person in my gym, insanity really has you going with the globe jumps and other exercises which results in people bumping into eachother at times.

    Also, if I were to buy extra resistance bands would you reccommend the same weight of resistance or would you increase it? I don’t have the funds to buy a bunch of dumbbells at the moment so the bands are a more viable option at this point in time. Any specific band reccommendations?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Tyson, honestly, you do not need a lot of space to work out with Focus T25. I was able to do it with my 6’4″ boyfriend within an 8’w x4’d space. Some of the moves you may need to adjust some to fit inside the space so you’re not bumping into one another, but it will not affect your results. As for resistance bands, I would buy and increased resistance, so that you can use it once you’re feeling like the ones the program comes with are not offering enough challenge. As for brands, I don’t really use them and have never heard any specific comments about them – but, my advice would be to buy the program from Team Beachbody and buy the bands through, so you can read reviews. Usually when something gets 4+ stars with more than 10 reviews on Amazon, it’s a good product. Hope this helps – good luck!

  66. Shaun says

    Hi Bethany!

    I am in good shape currently and hit the gym several times a week. I am interested in getting t25 because i can fit it into my schedule more consistently. Once the ten week program is finished, and you finish the gamma workout, what do you do to keep going, or to maintain the results from T25? Do you keep doing the gamma over and over again, or do you go back to alpha and work your way up to gamma again? I don’t think I would want to purchase insanity or any other workout program, I’d like to stick with this one if I could maintain my results or keep improving them through doing the program over and over. Thanks for your help!


    • Bethany says

      Hi Shaun, the only downside to doing the same program repeatedly is that you may become mentally bored with the workouts. If you were only to do T25, I would do the entire program every time, but perhaps change up the workout schedule and the amount of weight you’re using, as well as the reps. Maybe sometimes you can do more reps and less weight, and sometimes more weight and less reps – it is important to change things up to continually challenge your mind. There will be a point when the workout is no longer fulfillinh, in which case, you will most likely want to move on to something else, but that will take a while. Result maintenance has more to do with eating the right amount calories to maintain your weight while continuing to work out. I hope this helps!

      • Shaun says

        Bethany, thanks so much for your responses on here (wow you’re quick!) I will probably do what you suggested and start the programs from the beginning again, and just switch it to make it more advanced if need be. You mentioned increasing the weights. I thought you just needed resistance bands? Can you increase those or are weights best? How much weight do you suggest starting with (I currently can workout my arms and chest with 55 pound freeweights at the gym) Thanks so much again for your time on here, it’s much appreciated!

        • Bethany says

          Weights or bands. If you decide to use weights you should start light, ten pounds or less and move up as your fitness level increases.

  67. Ashley says

    Hey Bethany,

    Thank you so much for the informative site! So a bit of background, I always have been quite active (boxing,kickboxing,rock-climbing,lifting etc.) I unfortunately suffered a pretty kickboxing bad knee injury and needless to say over the past year – 2years now I have been in and out of surgeries to get it sorted. My final replacement was June 2013 and for the past 2-3months finally just started walking bending etc getting it in tip top shape. So now that i feel im ready to get back into it (its really hard dealing with your body where you’re not where you want to be , used to be etc. So I was wondering which would be best for myself. I’ve been comparing T25, to BBL, to Insanity (and ruled out p90 till a later date haha) as well getting strict and off my eating vacation! Thanks again!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Ashley, be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning. But, I think BBL would be the best program for you. Here is why: Insanity is a lot of high impact plyometric moves that can be tough on the knees. While Focus T25 does not contain as much plyometric exercise as Insanity, I still think BBL would be better. BBL focuses a lot on your butt and hamstring muscles. Having strong glutes and hamstrings will help with knee issues. BBL also has the sculpt circuit training weight work out that with your background I think that you will enjoy. Hope that helps, Bethany

    • Bethany says

      Hi vang – this is a tough one, since there are a lot of factors coming into play. However if you were to consume the exact amount of calories on either program, you would likely lose weight a little bit faster with Insanity in less time, since you’re getting in more time of exercise per day. I hope that helps.

  68. Virginia says

    Hi Bethany!

    Thanks so much for writing this comparison. I am 32 yrs old, female, and currently weigh about 123 lbs but im only 5’3. I am looking to get a flat, toned stomach, lose some inches on my thighs and be overall better toned. I was in the last time i was in really great shape and well toned, I had more muscle mass and weighed about 111. My husband and I are taking our honeymoon in mid April so I feel like im a bit crunched for time, hence the reason im torn between 8 weeks of insanity and 11 weeks of t25. Any opinion on which one might be better for me? Thanks!!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Virginia – personally, I like the way Focus T25 shapes your muscles more (especially the leg area), and I think you could definitely reach your weight loss goals by April following the program. Weight loss has a lot to do with your diet, so make sure you’re reducing your calories, eating healthy, whole foods, and really sticking to the workouts. Keep track of your calorie intake on a site like myfitnesspal, and there is no doubt in my mind you will be looking sexier than ever for your honeymoon. Good luck!

      • Virginia says

        Hi Bethany!

        Thanks so much for your quick response! I’ve been using myfitnesspal for a while now…it helps so much! My husband used it and lost 130 lbs last year! I try to stick between 1200 & 1360 calories per day and a target of 149g carbs, 30g fat, and 111g of protein. I also do one protein shake per day. I plan to get back on Jackie Warner’s meal plan from her book “This is why you’re fat and how to stay thin forever” ( it basically just helps me to stay eating clean and allows for 2 cheat meals per week). My friend just got T25 & we are going to do it together and motivate each other. Can’t wait for Monday! :-) I’ll def send some before and after pics.

  69. sheila says

    Hey Bethany, Started the insanity program at 84 kgs at a height of 5’02 last year March and continued with months 2 program up until November. Since then been able to drop 26kgs, problem is targeting my thigh areas, which would you recommend as the best program for losing the remaining stubborn fat on my thighs. Thanks and God bless.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Sheila, to remove that last bit of fat and really target your thigh area, you could try Focus T25 (I do like how that works my thighs more than Insanity), or you could opt for BBL’s combination schedule. BBL has you doing about an hour of working out each day and REALLY targets you butt and thighs with overall toning of the rest of you. I hope that helps, but if you do have any other questions, never be afraid to ask.

  70. Justin says

    Hi Bethany. All throughout High School, I was thin and rather toned, maybe 160 lbs, until I had some medical issues that prevented me from being able to continue going! So in order to finish, I had my instructor come to my house for lessons for 6 months. I never realized until I saw some of my old classmates how much weight I had put on just from not exercising, but I had put on literally almost 50 pounds! Since then, I haven’t been able to take that weight back off, either from lack or motivation, or more lately, a full time job and being a full time student! My biggest problem now is that I simply have a hard time with exercising for extended periods of time without getting discouraged because I simply can’t keep up. So would you recommend T25? Some people have told me to try Insanity and just “fight through it” but I just don’t think I’m at that level of fitness to do it.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Justin, T25 sounds perfect you as you must have a packed day, working full-time as well as being a full time student. Why not begin with T25 while you are in school, and then when you are finished move onto Insanity. By then you should be in plenty good enough shape to keep with Insanity workouts. -Bethany

  71. Jaye says

    Hi Miss Bethany. I’m 5’2 and 135. So, I’m not really overweight. I run almost everyday, and I play soccer year round, so I am very athletic and I have alot of endurance. My problem is, aside from all that activity, I just can’t get the “beachbody” I want. I want to be toned all over, and have a flat stomach. I am a little limited with time because I am still in school and involved with sports. I’m just wondering if you think T25 could give me the body I want, or if I should commit time to Insanity to see those results. Thank you.

    • Bethany says

      HI Jaye, I would normally say to go with Insanity, but with your tight schedule T25 is likely the best option. Just really focus on your diet and the amount of calories that you are consuming and you’ll get that beachbody by summer.

  72. Ally3314 says

    I was doing a intro crossfit class for a year about 3x/week and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and didn’t feel like I was getting what I should be for the $115/month. I’ve been doing the first month of Insanity ok, but I can’t keep up (taking additional water breaks, etc.). I strained my back and ended up taking most of last week off (week 4) and only did like 2 of the workouts. T25 is appealing because of the shorter time frame, but I’m not sure if I can justify spending the extra money. I’ve actually had Insanity for 2 years and just tried it since I stopped boot camp. I’m not really sore from the workouts ever (except my back) but I have been absolutly exhausted for the last month. I get up to work out at 4:45am since that’s the only time I have. (I go to bed anywhere between 8 and 9 so I get enough sleep) Should I stick with Insanity or do T25 and then Insanity?? I like the idea of 25 min workout in the morning…that means I can sleep for another 30 mins.

    Also, I’m 5’8 160 lbs….looking to lose 10-20 lbs depending on what I look like when I get to the 150 mark. I don’t want to be skinny, but I like the look of a lean and athletic body. My thighs are thick and I have a decent bit of tummy pudge. I’m thinking that T25, followed by Insanity, followed by a hybrid might be the best bet.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Ally, with everything you’ve said, I think your idea of doing T25, then Insanity, and then a hybrid is a great idea…I couldn’t have suggested any differently. It definitely sounds like you would benefit from the extra half hour of sleep, and I do think T25 would get you the lean, athletic look you’re after. Just make sure to watch what and how much you’re eating. Diet is just as important as exercise when it comes to losing weight successfully. Good luck!

  73. Parwinder says

    Hi, I haven’t excercised for last three year and i suffer from flat feet. After 20 minutes of treadmill, my feet start burning and hurting. In the evening i suffer from aching feet and recently they are quite sore. I want to loose weight and thinking of starting T 25 programme but not sure if i be able to cope with it.Is there anything you can suggest ?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Parwinder, honestly, I do not know if your feet would be able to handle T25 or not. Has your doctor recommended any exercises for you? If not you may want to try feet strengthening exercises and see if that helps before beginning a program like T25. -Bethany

  74. Hannah says

    Hi Bethany!
    Loved the article! I am 23 years old and 5’7′ and 163lbs. I have just graduated college and have a new desk job. Since then I have noticed the pounds starting to creep up. I am working on my running with one of the couch to 5k plans that are out there, but I am also looking at insanity and t25 to bump up my strength and toning and was wondering which would be better? My ideal plan once I choose would be to do the insanity/T25 in the morning before work, and the running program 3 days a week after work. I have done HIIT programs in the past, but not for a couple years.
    Thank you so much!

    Also my lowest in college has been 145lb, I would love to get back there or even 140. I am also open to other fitness program suggestions!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Hannah, I would recommend T25. A few of my reasons why are – Insanity in the morning and running in the afternoon would be very demanding on the body (borderline over-training), T25 is only 25 minutes, so it is very easy to get done in the morning before heading off to work, and I believe to T25 to be more geared towards muscle toning which you are looking for. Hope that helps, Bethany

  75. Rodrigo says

    Hi Bethany!
    Thanks for the article and all your knowledge. This will be my first time trying one of the Beachbody programs and I’m thinking about starting with T25. I myself am 30 yrs. old 5’8″ about 168lbs and feel I’m in decent shape. I go to the gym about 3-4 times a week doing a mix of running and light to moderate weightlifting, however, I’m ready to try something different as I don’t see the results I’m looking for. I’m slim but still have areas I want to lose fat in (stomach, chest) and tone up/get total body definition, especially abs. My goal is to have a slim but muscular look – more Zac Efron/Chris Evans less Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator Days :)
    Given my current level of exercise do you think T25 alone would be enough as a starting point or do you recommend another program? Any objection to throwing in some additional running during the week with T25 (e.g. T25 mornings/running afternoons) or is that overkill?

    Thanks so much!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Rodgrigo. Congratulations on your decision to try out a Beachbody program – I think you’re going to like it. With everything you’ve said, I do think T25 would be a great choice for you. It will slim you down and define you without you looking like the hulk :) I would try out T25 for a week, see how you feel, and then decide if you want to run in the afternoon after working out in the morning. As long as you don’t run for more than a 1/2 hour in addition to the workout for the day, you should be good, but you just may feel like you’re getting enough of a workout each day from Focus T25 alone. Good luck – if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

  76. Charly says

    Hi Bethany,

    I am 36 years old guy and on my 4th round of P90X, it helped me to reduce around 20 pounds and 8% of body fat. I am now at 14% body fat but have been around that number for the last 3 or 4 months, so now I am thinking it is time for me to change to a different program, would you recommend T-25 or insanity? My goal is to get ripped, Looking for my 6-pack.

    What would you recommend?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Charly – congratulations on your progress so far – that’s great! It’s normal to hit a plateau when you’ve done the same program for so long, so it’s great that you realized and are ready to try something new. For your next adventure, I definitely would suggest Insanity. I think you’ll really love it and love the results you’ll get from it. Hope this helps – good luck! You should be seeing your 6-pack in no time :)

      • Charly says

        Thanks so much for your quick response Bethany, I will try Insanity as you suggested, and keep eating healthy, Some people say I am ok already, other say I can not get below 14% , well I say that I will not stop trying as far as I am healthy enough to workout.

  77. Michelle says


    So I am 20 and I weigh 104 and I am 4’11 I have completed insanity twice and got amazing results and I am very petite, I own Insanity Asylum as well as Focus T25 and I also am a cheerleader on the side so I practice on the side doing tumbling, stunts, and focus on flexibility. However, I want more muscle I look very slim and my cardio is pretty good, I am able to do all work outs but I am not sure which one to do anymore. I really want to build more muscle and I am still unsatisfied with my results. I do eat healthy when I can but when my budget suffers so does my diet. Any suggestions on which program I should do? Should I do a hybrid. I also use dumbbells and do some weight training before I do insanity or T25 but like I said I do not know which one to keep doing!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Michelle, have you ever considered P90X? It has lots of bodyweight exercises and is weight training 3 times a week, so you’ll build the muscle and build upon your current athletism. -Bethany

  78. Nudrrat says


    I have gained a lot of weight over the period of six years. I used to work out and jog 5 times a week. But with the massive weight I have put on, its not easy to go for extreme exercise. Though I still believe I can manage to build my stamina with time. Do you suggest I start with Insanity or T25? Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Nudrrat, I would start with T25. Then when you have dropped some weight and built your cardiovascular stamina you will be able to conquer Insanity. -Bethany

  79. Debra says

    Hey, I am a 22 yr old female I have always been in decent shape and considered myself “fit” but 1 1/2 years ago I was in a serious car accident and gained 20 lbs I just can’t seem to lose. I’ve had rotator cuff surgery but that’s not too much of an issue. I have herniated and bulging disks in my back. The only one that seems to kill me is my L5/S1 with sciatica. I’ve tried insanity but didn’t last more then 10 minutes cause of the high impact style. I seen the t25 and I’m wondering if I started with the low impact modifications if I would still get results.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Debra, yes, you will get results with the modified moves in T25, it sounds like that would be a great place for you to start. -Bethany

  80. John says

    Hi, I want to get stronger and loose a little bit of extra fat. I am 15 so I know I I have plenty of time until I actually need to work out but i want a head start. I have done 2 1/2 weeks of T25 and returned it not because i gave up but didn’t want to pay all the money. For my birthday im going to get a workout program so I’m wondering if I should get Imsanity or T25. I found T25 pretty easy when it came to the endurance since I do track and cross country. I don’t have much time because of school but if needed I can make some. Please tell me what you recommend. Thank you!

  81. Amber says

    Hi there,

    I came across this article and would like your opinion on if one or either of these workout programs are for me. I am fairly fit and am currently on day 40 of P90x3 and have worked out off and on my whole life. Since having my second child two years ago I haven’t been in as great of shape and have about 10 pounds to lose, but I still workout consistently and have done 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30 and other similar programs with great results over the years.

    My problem is that all of the upper body work in P90x3 has caused tendonitis in my shoulder and elbow and some wrist issues. In addition to that I don’t think P90x is helping my achieve optimal results for my goals. I have not lost much weight at all, but have lost some inches and I do see increased muscle definition. I really want to slim down more than anything and, although the inches are nice, I know I need to trim down at least 10 pounds to be the size/shape I want, even with muscle.

    My question is whether these programs have intense upper body shoulder/wrist exercise and if so, could I modify or skip them and still get a good workout? As of right now I can’t plank longer than about 30-45 seconds because of my wrist and push ups are iffy. Is it worth it for me to try one of these workouts? Is one better than the other for someone in my situation?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Amber, I think you should be okay with T25 or Insanity. Of the two programs Insanity would likely be harder on the wrist as there are more movements having you in the push-up/plank position. -Bethany

  82. Matthew says

    I am tryiing to decide between Focus25 and Insanity. I am 37 yrs old. I need to lose 40-50lbs. I am 6’2” 270. Despite being overweight right now, I am pretty able-bodied. I have been doing simple weight training now for about a month. Haven’t lost much weight yet.
    I am wondering if Focus25 is the way to start and then graduate to Insanity. I was told by someone that I will drop weight on Focus25, but since I am in need of extreme weight loss, Insanity may be the way to go.. Not sure what to do.
    Thank you.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Mathew, I agree with the person who told you to start with T25. After T25 you will be in a much better position to tackle the Insanity workouts. -Bethany

  83. KT says

    Hi Bethany! I lost all the weight I wanted doing Insanity. I am at about 115 lbs right now. I really need to tone up though. Would FocusT25 help me do that?

    • Bethany says

      Hi KT, T25 should help you tone as it includes circuit based weight training workouts. You may also want to consider the additional gamma phase workouts that are sold separately as this phase is aimed at muscle toning directly. -Bethany

      • KT says

        Would I be able to start with the second phase instead of the first since I’ve done Insanity before? Or would it be okay to do the Gamma straight?

        • Bethany says

          Hi KT, you could start with the second phase if you wanted and then on to the gamma phase, but honestly, the first phase will also help you tighten up. It is during the first week that I really started noticing my thighs getting real muscle definition, as well as my back – and that was all without any weights. It’s up to you, but I wouldn’t throw the first phase aside just yet…you may just be surprised at how much it tones you up. Hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck!

  84. Mike says

    Hi Bethany,

    I’m about to finish my 2nd full round of Insanity. I’ve lost 36 pounds but would like to lose about 30 more by the end of this year. I’m 6-1 and currently weigh 250 pounds (I used to be a college football player and power lifter but just want to slim down now). I’m obviously able to keep up better in the second round of Insanity than I did during the first but still feel I can make get better at it. My question is that Insanity is getting stale mentally for me and I would really like to try T-25 but worry about its effectiveness after two full rounds of Insanity. Do you think T-25 would be a step down for me? Thanks for your help.


    • Bethany says

      Hi Mike, yeah that is a tough one. Another option is taking a look at the Insanity:the Asylum workouts. These workouts are intended for Insanity graduates. With your athletic background you should enjoy the workouts as they are made to better athletic performance in different sports. -Bethany

  85. Linda says

    I’m 55 years old but I have been active all of my adult life. I have been running for 30 years 15-20 miles a week, swimming in the summer months, and excersising in the gym. I recently had knee surgery. I can’t run like I used to but I want to maintain active at the same level. I’ve been doing insanity 5 days a week for 2 months and have seen only little results. I haven’t lost weight but feel like I can do more upper body exercises but I’m a little concerned about all the high jumps. My main question is should I continue with insanity and hang in there or should I purchase T25. Of course, I like the 25 mns from T25 but I also need to be challenged. My goal is also to be toner overall and to loss maybe 5 lbs. Will I get these results with insanity or T25? Please let me know you opinion.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Linda, yes you can lose the five pounds with T25 or Insanity. It is said the last five pounds are the hardest to lose and it looks like you are there. T25 is not as hard on the knees just fyi. What i think you need to do is really look at your diet and see if that might be holding you back. -Bethany

  86. Heather says

    Hi there! I loved reading your comparison on T25 vs Insanity. I have been going back and fourth on which one to purchase and I just cannot make a definitive decision. I am a runner, I also eat pretty clean. I have come to a plateau and I want to add something to my routine that will help me loss the last 5-10 pounds and get rid of my mid section (upper and lower abs) that I cannot seem to get rid of. I also want to start building some muscle (hopefully that will help with the last little bit of fat that I want to lose too). I am just starting out, do you think it would be better to start with T25 or just jump into Insanity? I will continue my running with which ever one I choose, I just don’t want to over do it. I need help deciding on which program to invest on :) Thanks in advance!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Heather, for people that want to start or continue a running program I always advise T25. You can do T25 in the morning and running at night or vice versa. Insanity is just too intense to run and do at the same time, it would likely lead to over-training putting you at an increase risk of injury. -Bethany

  87. Nick says

    Hi, as I’m sure you know I can’t decide which one to buy insanity or t25. I weigh 210 and am 6.1. I have never really worked out in my life except for the occasional walk on the trail and swimming but I NEED TO GET IN SHAPE. I plan to enlist in the Air Force over the summer and want to become a battlefield airman. This said I need to be able to run a good distance nonstop for alloted time, push ups sit ups pull ups. I’m sure it would be easier to do just those, but I’m not disciplined and someone was in front of me telling me what to do I think I would do just that. I will sign up this June and probobly leave for boot camp sometime next summer so I need to step up my game here if I want to pass the past test there. Which one do you think will help lose weight and gain some sort of strength in my arms so I can actually do a pull up

    Thank you, Nick

    • Bethany says

      Hi Nick, I think Insanity would be the better program for you if you’re looking for someone to get in your face and tell you what to do. Shaun T definitely has that drill sergeant type character going on for this one. Plus, it’s a lot of core and upper body work in it. It is also longer in length each day, which will help you build endurance for long distance running. It is also tough enough, so you can easily handle boot camp when the time comes.

      That being said, T25 would also help you improve your overall athletic abilities – if you paired that with a daily run in the afternoon, you would really be all set. Ultimately, it’s up to you. T25 is easier to tone down if you’re completely out of shape, while Insanity is a bit tougher. T25 also shapes you more overall, while Insanity is more core and upper body based. I hope this helps clarify some things, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck!

  88. Marcus says

    Hey I did insanity before and it worked well for me I lost about 35 pounds and had some nice abs. Since then I have gained about ten pounds because I have been slacking lately. I’m looking to get back into great shape and even more cut then before. Should I try the t25 or just do the insanity again?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Marcus, instead of spending money on another program, I would just do Insanity again if it worked for you and you liked it. If you hated doing the actual program, then absolutely try Focus T25. Either program will get you ripped with Insanity focusing more on a strong core and upper body with Focus T25 sculpting definition from head to toe (including legs). Hope this helps!

  89. Laura says

    Hey Bethany, this was very helpful info as I’ve been trying to decide which of these programs to buy. I am usually very active but as of the last 2 years kind of fell off the bandwagon. I was curious to know whether you’ve used a HRM when you do these workouts and could share average calorie burns for Insanity and T25.

    Thanks for your time and input,

    • Bethany says

      Hi Laura, great question. I would burn between 350-500 calories with the Insnaity workouts according to my bodybugg. Unfortunately, my Bugg stopped working and before my T25 package arrived. -Bethany

  90. Natalie says

    Hi, I can only exercise at 5am due to other commitments, I also find it hard to eat before this morning workout. What will you recommend for me doing the T25, mornings fine, no eating ok?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Natalie, if you’re finding it hard to eat that early, then workout on an empty stomach – it’s 100% fine. However if at any point you feel lightheaded or extremely fatigued, you can try to eat an apple or something else small before your workout to give you some fuel. I hope this helps :)

  91. Mistey Keler says

    Hi, I am a 29 years old male. I am about 90 kg. I really want to lose at least 10-15 kg. I wanted to know if T25 is ok for me if I extend it to 12 weeks and add steady running to it.
    Thank you

    • Bethany says

      HI Mistey, yes you can extend T25 for as long as you want. Yes, it is okay to also to add in running workouts. I would recommend that you split T25 and running apart from each other, like running in the a.m. and T25 in the p.m. or vice versa.

  92. Kristie says

    Hello, I would like to know the difference between t25 and p90x3. I currently run six days a week and weight train three. I desperately need a change of scenery. I have t25 but have trouble keeping up with the constant change of position. Thanks.

    • Bethany says

      HI Kristie, I have not done any of the P90X3 workouts or have I looked at the schedule. I believe P90X3 is three resistance training workouts a week and 3 cardio style workouts, I’ll try to do an in depth review in the future. -Nethany

  93. Tim says

    I am 50 and my girlfriend is 49. We both work in healthcare so we have some lower back injuries. doing strength training three times a week. Which of these workout would suit us?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Tim, be sure to check with your doctor, before beginning any new program. With that said, if you have any type of chronic or easy to flare up injury do NOT try Insanity. For either program you should be 100% injury free before beginning, but I would suggest T25 and if any of the moves bother you follow the less intense modified move. -Bethany

  94. Rebecca says


    This site has done a fantastic job explaining the differences between some programs I have considered. I have only just started Leslie Sansone’s walking program, have a 2 month old baby and 3 other kids at home, so time is crunched. You mentioned T25, which sounds like it would really be hard for me but also something that I can work towards tackling. But in your comparison of T25 to Insanity, you list that T25 is not for weight loss. But I have about 40-50 lbs to lose. I just don’t know if I would become discouraged with Insanity. Any advice?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Rebecca, sorry for the confusion, the chart is meant to show which program is better for goals as it is now. I’m going to change it, to make it clearer. You will lose weight with T25 and it sounds like the right program for you. Hope that helps, Bethany

  95. Lili says

    Great article! I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids under 3 including a 2 month old that I’m nursing. I’m looking to lose the baby fat.. I’m 5’10” and 165lbs – I have about 25 lbs to go. I’m not concerned so much with definition as much as weight loss since I’m sure that’ll happen anyway with these programs. I have completed insanity in the past with great results. I feel like I should be doing insanity if I have time that specific day and, if not, do a T25 workout. What do you think? Should I do a hybrid of the 2 workouts or just stick to one routine completely? Also, should the meal plan be modified to accommodate the extra calories needed for breast feeding? Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Lili, I think the best workout program is the one that you’re going to stick with. So…if you think that the Insanity/T25 hybrid program will work best for you and your very busy schedule, go for it! I think it sounds like the most logical thing for you to do at this time. And like you said, if you’re finding you just don’t have enough time to do your Insanity workout, just replace it with a T25 workout.

      As for breastfeeding and diet – you do have to make sure you’re eating enough calories because as you know, you’re already burning 300-500 calories more each day. You can safely lose one pound of fat per week while breastfeeding without compromising your milk supply. Any more than that and you will.

      Also, you need to get an okay from your doctor before beginning any type of intense exercise program, because the best type of exercise after giving birth is gradual. I’m worried just jumping in to Insanity may be too much, but again, as long as you get the okay from your doc, you’re good. Here are a few tips for breastfeeding and exercising:

      1. Get your milk out before exercising – it will settle your baby and working out when your breasts aren’t full of milk will make it more comfortable for you.
      2. Wear a really good sports bra.
      3. Drink extra water, at least 2-3 glasses before and during your workout. Dehydration can zap your milk supply.
      4. Go slowly – ease back into it. Don’t go full throttle in the beginning.

      I hope this helps. Congratulations on your new baby, and good luck!

  96. Aisha says

    I’m 21 years old 5’2″ and weigh about 138lbs. I’ve been working out for about 2 months I was doing the p90 (not the X) because i needed something easier to start with since I have trouble breathing due to my asthma, but i was going into past 60 days and my results started to fade So. I just started doing T25 and i’m on my second day. I’ve been trying to keep up with the workout, but at times even the modified moves are quick so i end up missing like 10seconds at a time maybe about 2 mins overall. I have a few questions 1) I’m unable to maintain the workout and tighten my core at the same time is that going to affect my results? 2) As well as theoretically if a person were to do modified workouts for about 1-2 weeks how does that vary from the results they would see doing the non-modified? 3) Doing modified for when you get tired + Shaun’s speed will that still give you good results? I know with other workouts they say as long as your trying to do as much as you can you will see results even if your not going at the speed as others, but your going at the most you can do.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Aisha, it’s 100% okay if you can’t keep up with the workouts in the beginning. Most of us are like that unless we’ve been regularly exercising. Don’t worry if you can’t tighten your core and maintain the workout…as time goes on, you will be amazed with how much progress you’ll make from week to week. There is only an issue with you not getting as good results if you weren’t being challenged by the moves – modified or not. When you’re not in as good of shape as someone more athletic and you can’t perform the moves at the same intensity as they can, you will not be burning any less calories than they will, because for you, those modified moves are equal in intensity to what someone in better shape who is doing the moves at full force. You are working your body just as intensely as they are. The good news is that as you become more in shape, you will be able to perform the moves at the same rate as the videos. Don’t worry if you can’t to begin with. Remember that getting in shape is not a race – it’s a do-it-at-your-own-pace to get the best results. I hope this helps – good luck!

      • Aisha says

        Yes it helped! Also made me feel a lot better too, since everything hurts from working out when i’m not even doing the full force workout.

  97. Jessica says

    Hello Bethany,

    Thank you so much for such great information! I am 32yrs old, have 4 children and have never worked out in my life. My youngest is now 4 years old so the excuse of “I just had a baby” is not working anymore:)
    My aunt recently passed away due to heart problems and being over weight was not in her favor either. This has motivated me to become healthier. I want to lose around 50 pounds so I know I need to find a work out plan. I have started eating right and need a good plan to keep it up.
    Everyone keeps telling me to get Insanity if I want REAL results. My question is should I jump right into Insanity even though I have never worked out before (I dont want to kill myself) or should I try T25 first (I dont want to waste time and money either)? Thanks again:)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Jessica, I would highly recommend T25 to start. You will get REAL results with T25 too! Honestly, as a beginner never working out before Insanity is not a good option. T25 focuses more on exercise form teaching you how to exercise right and not risk injury. T25 also has modifier moves that you can follow when the going gets tough. -Bethany

  98. Mark says

    Hi Bethany,

    I am going into the national guard and I am shipping out on April 22nd. I would like to pass my pt test at my next drill before I ship off for basic. I am in relatively decent shape already and I have been eating healthy for the past two weeks straight. So here’s my question, I don’t have the time to complete either workout before my next drill so which one will give me the best results in the next 5 weeks.

    Thanks, Mark

    • Bethany says

      Hi Mark, I think Insanity would be the better of the two for you, since the workouts are longer (which will help build up your endurance) and they feature lots of core and push-up style moves, which will all be useful for your pt test. I hope this helps – good luck!

  99. Michelle says

    Hi Bethany,

    I’m 30 years old and weigh 135lbs. I have never really worked out in my life. My fiancé and I want to start working out. I do not want to lose any weight. I just want to get really toned, my fiancé want to lose weight. Which is best for us, T25 or Insanity?

  100. Rob says

    I have been suffering sciatica pain for the last 18 months. I have had an MRI and it did not show degenerative issues, just bulging. Is T25 recommended for me or should I stick to walking til the pain goes away before building muscle?

    • Bethany says

      Hi Rob, if you are still having pain do not try T25 yet, please wait till you feel 100%. It is not worth worsening your injury. And, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning. -Bethany

  101. Zach says

    Hello just started t25 after about two months of eating healthier and weight training bench pressing curling and crunches I went from a 36 to 33 in waist 10 years ago I was in insane shape ran ten miles a day and worked with weights everyday was 157 lbs 3% fat benching three sets of 225 now I’m 200 outta shape smoked ciggs quit tho and currently work construction I eat a salad everyday apple banana turkey sand which protein bars then chicken or steak with mashed potatoes and corn t25 is tough and fun my question is should I maintain those eating habits or am I doing it all wrong lol… Thank you for your help

    • Bethany says

      Hi Zach, your diet looks good for the most part. I would caution against both potatoes and corn for dinner as they are both complex carbohydrates. A better option would be for instance a baked potato and two cups of steam broccoli or another vegetable. Just tstick with it and you will hit your goals. -Bethany

  102. NIcole says

    Hi Bethany! I’ve spent the past few days researching Insanity because I want to get back in shape, but then my friend mentioned T25. I’m 20 years old and gained some weight when I started college last year, so my main focus would be losing around 20 pounds and toning up my arms a little. I’m leaning more towards T25 since the workouts are shorter and I’m a full time student, but I’m worried that it won’t give me the same results that Insanity would. Should I suck it up and get Insanity, or go with T25? Would I start to see results with T25 by the time May rolls around? Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Nicole, I also think T25 would be the better choice for you. And, yes you will see results by May as long as you follow the workouts and focus on your diet. Will you lose 20 pounds by May no, but you will be on your way. -Bethany

  103. Kameron says

    Hello! I have done insanity since July of last year and quickly fell in love. I lost almost 90lbs and felt great. I am a20 year old male who goes to college and works what you could call full time(I’m an RA ). It was super easy for me to work the first months workouts into my schedule but now that the workouts are an hour long it’s tough. I find myself getting so tired and just not motivated to trudge through the hour. I’m 170lbs now and would like to get down to 155lbs. I am so on the fence about T25.

    • Bethany says

      HI Kameron, sounds like you are busy! You could repeat month 1 of Insanity if you can’t fit in the longer month 2 workouts. Or, you could give T25 a try too. -Bethany

  104. Steven says

    Hi, I’m a 20 year old guy weighing about 230 pounds. I’m really active in sports, however I have a big body where my stomach and glutes are way to big. I have tried insanity previously, but gave up on it due to lack of commitment and failure to make time for it. I would have some days where I would try to avoid doing the workouts. Now this June, my soccer season is going to start and I want to be on the best shape of my life. I no longer want to be the biggest guy on the team. I feel as if my weight is holding me back on my abilities to excel in the sport. I just want to know what would be a better option for me in a short time frame to get my body in the best shape either insanity or T25. I want to be able to run faster, and be a lot quicker overall.
    Thanks for the help

    • Bethany says

      Hi Steven, honestly if you think you can stick with it this time, I think Insanity would be the way to go to get you to where you want to be by June. However if you’re having trouble with the length of time the workouts are each day, then definitely go for T25. No workout is worth trying to do if you know you’re not going to be able to stick with it for one reason or another. Hope this helps – good luck!

  105. says

    So glad I found this review comparing the two! I have both, but I’ve only done one or 2 insanity DVDs and I just got T25. I’m at day 3 only. I’m in pretty decent shape. I usually run 3-4 miles twice a week, lift some weights, do abs, and squats. So I ditched that routine for T25 since it’s only 25 min long a day. Do you think I’m burning more calories w/ T25 or w/ my previous routine? The whole concept is that the 25 min is so intense it burns more calories for longer right? But does my longer less intense run plus the strength training actually burn more??

    I’m trying to lose that last 5 lbs for the beach!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Diana, you will definitely burn more calories with T25’s focused interval training, which should easily get you losing your last five pounds and toning up to give you a perfect beach body. Just be sure to eat a really clean diet and keep track of your daily calorie intake as those last five pounds are often the most difficult to get rid of. Hope that helps!

      • Amy says

        I just started T25, 10 days ago. I found that Alpha cardio and total body circuit are my favorites. Do you think if I just alternated these, I would still see results? Or do you think that it’s important to alternate all of the videos in the series? Thank you for your input

        • Bethany says

          Hi Amy, it is important to alternate all of the videos in the program to get the best results. It is the combination of the movements and cardio provided that is going to maximize fat loss and sculpt your muscles. You would see results just alternating those two workouts, but you would not get real results. You would end up overtraining those muscles and plateauing. Hope that helps :)

  106. sara says

    Thank you for the efforts and advice it is so helpful.

    I did insanity about 5 months ago, I was a beginner and it was difficult for me but I’m so glade that i finished it and proud of my self, the results also was awesome.
    Then I finished only one month of Brazilian butt lift but did’t complete it :S

    my biggest problem areas is that i have (big legs + big arms and not good shaped booty).. =(

    I/m confused what to choose T25 or BBL!!!! for best results and to get rid of the rest 10 kg that i hold.
    I am 159 cm , 67.5 kg and I wish to be 54 kg with toned up body.

    Please help.. thank you <3

    • Bethany says

      Hi Sara, since you already have BBL I would go with that one. If you follow the combination schedule for the entire two month period it should get you to where you want to be. -Bethany

  107. Whitney says

    Hi Bethany,

    I was just wondering which program you would suggest for someone who has all ready lost a considerable amount of weight but does still want to shed pounds but definitely tone the body. I am having a hard time deciding between the two programs and could make time for either of them so that’s not a factor. I just was wondering which one would be more leaning towards getting those sculpted muscles while still burning a ton of calories. Thank you!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Whitney, I think you would benefit from either program. I would suggest doing the program you think looks like it would motivate you the most. Shaun T is more drill sargeant tough in Insanity and in Foucs T25 he is encouraging and encourages you to focus and get the most from the workout.

  108. Fiona says

    Hey Bethany, I’m 5’4″ and 122 lbs and did the insanity workout for 40 days straight earlier this year. I stopped on day 40 because my knees hurt quite a bit, and have been taking a break from exercise since then (probably a month ago). I’m looking to get back into exercising and was wondering if I should get back into Insanity or try the T25. Strangely I didn’t lose much weight with Insanity during the 40 days, nor did I tone up much (didn’t even drop sizes). I don’t really understand cos I was sticking to the exercises, and made generally healthy food choices (although I did still get quite a bit of carbs but I stuck to mostly complex). I’m generally looking to tone up and lose the fat around my thighs and tummy area (as most girls do). So I’m wondering if I’ll even get any visible results with T25 since Insanity is supposed to be tougher? Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Fiano, you might want to give T25 a try. Normally, I would have suggested giving Insanity another try as you already own it and really dial in on your nutrtion, but if you were having knee pain that might not be the best idea. T25 also targetted my thighs, so maybe give T25 a try, again try to follow the diet the best that you can. T25 has simple 5 ingredient meals, so you might want to look at some of them also. -Bethany

  109. Jamie says

    In your comparison at the top of the page you state that T25 does 5 workouts per week, in reality it is 6 (2 on Friday) or even 7 if you include the stretching on Sunday. Just thought it was an unfair comparison. I am not trying to be ugly. I really enjoy your site. I just think people may be disappointed when they get it home and realize it is more than they thought.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Jamie, thanks for the comment. The second workout on Friday is optional as is the stretch day. IF you don’t feel like doing them, you don’t have to.

  110. Trish says

    I am interested in T25 and found a video which showed 3 versions of the workouts which I really liked because I am out of shape. Mostly due to health issues and working my way back. If I order the T25 does it show all 3 of these versions? I can’t find an answer to this anywhere. Thanks

    • Bethany says

      Hi Trish, not sure what you mean by three versions of the workout. There are three phases to the workout program, which could be what you’re thinking of. They are the alpha, beta, and gamma phases. Each phase does have someone who does a less intense, low impact version of every move, so if you’re out of shape or have bad knees, you can watch her and make any necessary adjustments. My advice would just be to do the best you can and pause the workout anytime you’re feeling too out of breath – or you can always just march it out if things are moving too fast for you. I hope this helps. T25 is an awesome workout that will get you great results regardless of your current fitness level. :)

  111. Marissa says

    Hi. I just had a baby three weeks ago and went from being athletic 130 pounds to 163 pounds now. I need to lose the weight but haven’t worked out in eight months. Which program would work best for me t25 or insanity?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Marissa, Congratulations on your new addition! You really need to talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program – you just had a baby 21 days ago…your body is still adjusting :) Both of these programs are intense, so depending on your activity level prior to working out, you need to ease your way back in to working out – either starting off really slow or just slow. Plus, depending on whether or not you’re breastfeeding, you will also make sure to eat the right amount of calories and stay super hydrated. And if you gave birth via c-section or natural will all have an impact on when and how intense of activity you can do. I would suggest following T25 after you get your doctor’s okay, but they may want you to wait at least six weeks before starting up again. Check with them first – you don’t want to permanently injure yourself in an attempt to get rid of the baby weight. Good luck!

      After you get y

  112. Emma says

    Hi Bethany,

    Thank you for providing the information on the two workouts. I’m 5 foot 2 and around 116 pounds. Which was hard to achieve as I’ve had to put a lot of work to get to this size. I am not big now, but due to genetics, I would like to loose a little more weight (6-7 pounds) and cut out more fat (esp around tummy and arms).

    I’ve been doing turbofire 5 times a week (just the HIIT 20/25 workouts alternated with the 30min cardio), plus 4 pilates/strength classes per week (45 mins), and just started adding a les mills body attack class (55min) once per week. I give my body 1 day of rest a week.

    I would like to now switch up my turbofire workouts to either insanity or t25. Which would you recommend? I’m drawn towards the t25 due to time, but would like good results, ideally drop 6-7 more pounds and lose some more inches off the waist in the next 2 months. I love food too much to cut back too much, but happy to cut back a little more if needed.


    • Bethany Lyn says

      HI Emma, I think that the T25 workouts are better to mix in with other workouts. Hopefully, the change up will help you lose those pesky last pounds, the hardest ones. -Bethany

  113. Kris says

    Hi Bethany,
    I run 5k’s and in sept. I am running my first half marathon. I run between 10 and 12 miles a week’s and that is about the only exercise I get, maybe a occasional bike ride or walk. I am 47, 5″4′ 145lbs. I would like to build up my endurance mostly, but tone and lose weight also. Do you think either one of these programs would benefit me and if so which one?


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kris, I would definitely opt for Insanity. Although both workouts will help you lose weight and tone up, the longer workouts in Insanity are better if you’re looking to increase your endurance. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Congrats on running your first half marathon this September – that is a HUGE achievement you should be really proud of :) Good luck!

  114. mason says

    hi I have never tried a workout video before and are looking to start all I really care about are 3 things getting abs losing my man boobs and improve my vertical jumping ability which program would you recommend for me? also all am already in okay shape.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Mason, I would recommend beginning with Focus T25. Even though you are in okay shape, Insaniyt is probably a little too intense for you at this point. -Bethany

  115. Kelly says

    Hi Bethany! I have done the Slim in 6 Series mixed in with RevAbs and various other workout series for a number of years. In the beginning I lost 30lbs. But now I feel like my routine is not giving me results anymore. I haven’t been as strict in working out over the past year and a half due to personal matters and such but once I jump back in I’m not seeing any results and I’m bored with the workouts. I have gained weight back which I would like to lose, but I really would like to see muscle definition too. I feel like the Slim Series helped me tone but not really much definition. I don’t want to bulk up either, which I feel like my legs easily do with all the squats Debbie loves to do :) I’m intrigued with T25 for the shorter workout times. Do you think it can give me the weight loss and muscle definition I’m looking for and to get me out of this plateau? It’s frustrating to put so much time and effort into something and never get the results that I am striving for. Thank you for your advice!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kelly, I do think a change-up is a great idea to get you out of your workout rut. T25 is an excellent choice. Its shorter and very intense workouts will definitely help boost your weight loss and get you headed in the right direction again. And did I mention that the workouts will give you awesome definition? After just one week, I was beginning to see real definition in my thighs – an area that’s very tough for me to define. So ultimately, I think you will get the results you want and reach your weight loss goals following the program. Just make sure to follow a healthy, reduced-calorie diet too because diet is just as important. Good luck – keep pushing!

  116. Kayla says

    I am a 19 year old girl, 5’6″, 123 pounds. I have been working out (treadmill and floor exercises) every day for about 4 years…very very dedicated to a schedule. I am looking to become more defined and fit. I originally planned on doing Insanity and was about to order it but my sister just told me about the T25 workout…I have time everyday for about an hour workout so time management isn’t a problem for me. Which program do you think would be better for me? Insanity or T25?
    xoxo Thank you

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kayla, sounds like you could do either program, so I would make the decision based more upon which program you are going to be able to stick with. Insanity or T25 will help you get more fit and defined. -Bethany

  117. Jessica says

    Hi Bethany!
    Awesome site and great information. I’ve read everything and understand all that you have to say, and appreciate the advice. I just have a couple questions! While I want to change my lifestyle and become healthier and more active, I also want to lose weight in a very short amount of time. My wedding is less than 2 months away. I had a personal trainer but I recently moved and haven’t had time until now to get back into working out. My question is, regardless of which program I purchase, if I choose to do more than one exercise a day (45 min for the insanity exercise or 25 min for the T25), will I get faster results? Since I don’t have 60 days. Will that be beneficial to me? After the wedding, I won’t need to cram in a lot of exercise in a short amount of time, but for now would you recommend that I do a couple exercises in one day to make up for the time that I don’t have before the wedding? I have all day 7 days a week with an open schedule so, time/work schedule isn’t a factor at all.
    If you don’t recommend this, do you have any suggestions for me to boost the exercising or do anything in addition? (On top of dieting and eating clean)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Jessica, while I love your enthusiasm I have to warn you that exercising too much is not good either. Pushing you body past its limits can lead to overtraining which will hinder your results. With that said, one Insanity workout a day with one rest day a week is more than enough exercise to get you looking good for your wedding(congrats). Like you said, you also have to be on top of your diet to get the best results. -Bethany

  118. Brad says

    I did insanity a year ago and loved the results, but hated how long the workouts were. I was just seeing abs when I finally finished insanity. I’m on more of a tight schedule this summer so I plan on doing T25. T25 doesn’t really focus on getting you abs like insanity does, so would a hybrid be good? Like t25 as normal but throw in the insane abs video from insanity a few days a week, and maybe a weekend run of an insanity video? Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Brad, one person I coached got amazing results by adding Insanity Abs in after every workout. Insanity abs is only an extra 15 minutes so why not try it after every T25 workout! -Bethany

  119. Kylie says

    Hi Bethany! Thanks for the review. I have been doing Insanity for the past month, but recently just got the Focus T25 and did my first workout with that today. Honestly, I really like both. I don’t really have any time constraints, but I just wanted to change things up and see which one I liked better. I was a competitive swimmer for 16 years (6-22) and swam D1 in college, so working out and staying healthy has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been “retired” for two years now and really only get in the pool maybe once a week because once you’ve swam for that long, you like not having to do it daily anymore. I’ve been having a hard time finding a different method of exercising that I enjoy and that also keeps me as fit as swimming did. I’m able to withstand a high level of cardio, I’m really just looking to tone up again overall. I was wondering which program (Insanity vs. T25) you think would work best for someone in my position, or if maybe just doing a hybrid would work best?


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kylie, I would switch it up by doing Focus T25 if you found it enjoyable after doing Insanity for a month. The shorter workouts are easier to fit into your schedule – plus, you’re still getting a tough workout. It also has noticeably different phases, so that the workouts change from month to month, which should curb boredom. I think after T25, you could move on to an Insanity/T25 hybrid or just Insanity – it’s entirely up to you. I hope this helps, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to ask. :)

  120. megan says


    i am currently in the process of trying to conceive after 3 miscarriages. i am overweight at 16 st, so i know losing weight will help us. i am looking for the quickest results for weight lose. i dont like exercise so would prefer to work out for less time, however i am willing to do anything to boost our chances of having a baby. cant decide between the two as im not totally sure what the results difference would be.

    hope you can help.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Megan, I would suggest T25 – it will help you lose weight fast in only 25 minutes a day. Just make sure to eat a reduced-calorie healthy, whole foods, well-rounded diet, which will not only help you lose weight, but the healthy foods will help your body get in optimum shape for getting ready to try again. When you’re ready to try again, just make sure you’re enough calories.

      And quite honestly, the results people get from Focus T25 are comparable to Insanity with a lot less of time effort. I hope this helps, but if you do have any questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck – my sincerest wishes that your next pregnancy is a successful one and leaves you and your partner with a healthy, happy baby.

  121. Lauren says

    Hi Bethany,

    I am 17 and I play volleyball. I am interested in finding a workout that I enjoy doing but will also challenge me and help me lose weight and get in “volleyball” shape. I am slightly overweight but am athletic and in relatively good shape.

    I did Insanity for the first 4 weeks and if wasn’t awful, but when I continued onto the second part it was way too difficult for me and it made me feel very defeated. I always dreaded the thought of doing it. Along with that I felt like it was very bad on my knee and ankles.

    So, what I am wondering is if you think T-25 would be better suited for me taking into consideration the stress on my knees and ankles as well as being easier for me to keep up with and stay motivated to do it.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Lauren, Beachbody’s at-home workout programs are intended for those 18 years or older, so I would hold off for now. That being said, you should definitely not be doing Insanity if you have problems with your knees and your ankles – its high impact moves can aggravate already bad knees. Opt for something lesser impact until you’re feeling better. Losing weight and foam rolling can be tremendously helpful depending on what is causing your discomfort.

  122. Trent says

    There are actually 3 phases of T25 if you are willing to spend the extra $

    1. Alpha (1st Level)
    2. Betta (2nd Level)
    3. Gamma (3rd & Hardest Level)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Thanks Trent, Gamma is a lot of weight workouts and is a good option for people who want to take it up a notch. -Bethany

  123. Leejoeks says


    I want to lose weight in like, 50days.
    Do you recommend Insanity or FocusT25?

    I’ve seen this comment before, and you say it doesn’t matter.
    But really? Isn’t one of them more targeted at weight loss then the other?
    Or isn’t one of the two working faster?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hello, weight loss comes down to creating a calorie deficit. It does not matter how this deficit is created, it could be through diet, exercise, or a combination of diet & exercise. Both programs are designed to help you lose weight. I suggest choosing a program based upon your fitness level, amount of time you have, etc. Hope that helps. Bethany

  124. Ranjana says


    I am an average weight women. I dont want to loose my weight much (5ft hight and 100lb weight), but still want to do excercise to tone body and burn fat on my tummy. I also have lower backpain. Can you please suggest which one will be good for me. it looks like T25 is better option for me, but what about the weight lose? If I do this exercise, will I lose my wait more? Because I dont want to lose my weight more. Thank you.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Ranjana, I believe T25 sounds like the better program for you. Be sure to get that back pain checked by a doctor before beginning. Weight loss is controlled by calories in verse caloties out. Meaning if you are burning more calories than you are eating you will lose weight, eat more calories than you burn and you will gain weight. Sounds like you want to stay around the same weight but tome up so I would advise consuming 1200 to 1400 calories to being. If you start to lose weight add another 300 calories to your diet. Hope that helps, Bethany

  125. Matt says

    Hi my name is Matt, I have been working out for years and am trying to cut up for the summer. I am currently 190lbs. I have never tried either program, but my biggest concern would be losing muscle during one of these programs. Which would you say would help build more muscle or at least sustain what I already have ?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Matt. as long as your diet is good you should not lose muscle with either program. Sounds to me like you might enjoy the intesity of the Insanity workouts. -Bethany

  126. Ruby T says


    I’m 5ft5.5″, 21y.o., about 147lbs, and looking to drop at least 21lbs to have a nice flat tum for my college graduation (in 2.5 months). I know I probably won’t achieve this goal- but which workout would be best to see results fast? I only really have fat on my tummy and want it gonegonegone!


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Ruby, congrats on graduating! With two and half months you might be able able to hit your goal or you will be very, very close as long as you put your all into the workouts and follow the diet plan closely. As for a workout suggestion, I would decide more upon what type of workout stlye you like. YOu will see weight loss with either program, so if you like more of a boot camp stlye workout I would recommend Insanity, if you have limited time then T25 would likely be the better of the two options. -Bethany

  127. tiffiany says

    Hi, this will be my first time really working out on a regular bases. Im around 150 and looking to tone up and gain some upper body strength more than anything because I can barely do 5 push-ups consistently I’ve never tried either program my concern is losing more weight than I want to because all I want to do is tone which do you think will help me?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Tiffiany – definitely go with T25. It’s the better of the two workouts for those have been away from exercise for a while or the sheer beginner. Just do the workouts at your own pace, there is always someone in the video who is doing a less-intense version of the exercise moves that you should follow. Don’t worry about the fact you can’t do 5 push-ups right now, because with each passing week, you will get stronger. And you will lose weight regardless and tone-up, just be sure to watch your daily calorie intake and eat a healthy, whole foods diet. Hope this helps – good luck!

  128. lee betemit says

    hey so i actually want a workout that give me quick results I want to loose weight but also build muscles. I’m really looking forward into tone abs , legs and butt .. which one do you think I should do ?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Lee, either program will get you quick results…this is where it’s more about the time you have to commit to exercise and what kind of shape you’re in. Both programs will give you toned abs, legs and butt with the proper diet, but whether or not you want to work out 25 minutes a day or 30-60 minutes a day is a determining factor, as is your current fitness level. I personally like Focus T25 better, because it’s easy to fit into the busiest of schedules. Hope that helps a little, but please let me know if you have any questions.

  129. MoSha says

    Hi! I have purchased both the Insanity & T25 workout programs. I have an event to attend in 1 month and would like to know which program will get me the most weight loss/results in 1 month. Thank You!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Mosha, you can get weight loss resules with either program. For optimal weight loss you should be burning 500 calories more than you are consuming a day or 3,500 calories a week. This will result in a 1-2 pound weight loss a week. -Bethany

  130. Nick says

    Hi Bethany,
    I’m Nick and I’m a High School Cross Country and Track runner. I’m pretty tall (5ft11) and also pretty skinny (140lbs). I’m a very good runner but not THE BEST. I would like to go back to Cross Country next year and be in really good shape. As a long distance runner, I don’t want to look buff, because that adds a lot of extra weight, but I can’t be as skinny as I am now. I want to have a toned body by next september by doing the running workouts my coach gave me, and I’m also thinking about adding t25 to my summer plan. Do you think it’s a good idea for me? Or is this program aimed more towards people who are overweight and trying to loose weight? Thanks!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Nick, this is a question that I think would be better for your cross country coach to answer, just explain to him your goals as you have to me and he should be able to help you. -Bethany

  131. Kellie says

    I need a workout that is low impact because I have had 3 hip surgeries. I’m still having a little trouble with my hips, but I need to do something. I’m wondering if T25 would be a good fit?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kellie, the nice part about T25 is all the moves have modifiers so you should be able to follow along, if a move does give you problems just walk it out. Be sure to get clearance by your doctor first of course. -Bethany

  132. Chante says

    Hi Bethany,

    Thanks for all your advice:) I just finished with T25 last week and started with P90x this week. I loved T25, but I didn’t get the results I was hoping for. I think because I didn’t follow the nutrition plan. I have 3 kids and work full time with long hours as a nurse, so it is really hard to not only change eating habits but also to eat healthy 100% of the time. I was debating about starting T25 over again or going for P90x. I decided to try P90x for the summer since I have more time and then do T25 over with the gamma or give insanity a try. Thanks for your encouragement and advice to not beat yourself up over not being able to always eat right. My problem is my abs and obliques after my last baby, which are better after T25. I have had a hard time finding time to work out the last few years with work and kids, and T25 is awesome for that. The workouts are different everyday, so I didn’t get bored. The first week killed me, but I stuck with it and a noticed improvement every week. Good luck to everyone!!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Chante, congratulations on your progress! You’ll get there! I’m glad to hear that T25 worked into your schedule. I also like that you are switching it up with P90X over the summer now that you have more time. And thanks for checking back in. -Bethany

  133. says


    I think you’ve developed quite a successful blog here! Congratulations on being fit and paying it forward!

    As a compliment to your blog, I’d like to share my experience with INSANITY, then explain why I just selected FOCUS T25 for this summer.

    I am a 49 year old man with a wife, 3 kids, 3 pets, and 3 jobs. How do you spell stress? I just did. At 5’11” I weighed 241lbs 2 years ago. I was having blood pressure and sleeping problems. My doctor said I had better make an extreme lifestyle change or I was in for some serious health problems. Enter the world of Shaun T and INSANITY.

    I made the commitment to my wife and kids that I would take better care of myself, so one late night I ordered the INSANITY workout after watching the inspiring infomercial. Could I really do this workout? I would never know until I tried.

    At this point I must be honest with everyone reading this, doing the Fit Test nearly killed me and also nearly caused me to quit the program before it even started. Fortunately for me, my football days reminded me that things would get better if I fought through the pain. I could barely catch my breath during the first week. I took lots of breaks and watched my heart monitor like a hawk.

    Folks, if you are overweight and haven’t worked out in a while- BUY a Heart Monitor and use it!! And…don’t be ashamed to press pause! Please also be very aware that PLYOMETRICS is not for everyone! You will be jumping and jumping and landing and landing over and over again. It is very taxing on heavy guys knees, ankles, and feet.

    Well, I made it through the 64 days without missing a single workout! I lost a total of 41lbs! I earned the t-shirt and went on to run 5 and 10k races. Sadly, I hurt my knee running a road race. Here I was in the best shape of my adult life (even when I played ball) and I injured myself in a fun run! Life isn’t fair at times. My Dr. recommended knee surgery, but I insisted taking enough time off would heal me.

    Now, here I sit typing to you all sharing that I will be embarking on a T25 journey cautiously. I’ve put on 32lbs of the weight I lost simply by terrible eating habits and not doing any workouts of any kind. My plans are to complete T25 then do INSANITY over again, then follow up with P90x or T25 Gamma. At this point I want to throw all my meds away and take care of my body by changing my lifestyle completely and sticking with it. Results will not stay in place if you don’t continue your journey. I’m living proof of that!

    I will be turning 50 in October and want to be in the best physical shape of my life for my wife and children. They deserve the maximum energy I can expend on them. Bethany, thank you again for sharing this space which serves as mental therapy and support for many people who strive to restore their bodies again. You are ALL so worth it! WE are all fearfully and wonderfully made! God Bless!


  134. Levi says

    Hey, I workout about 5 days a week in the gym. Im not in great shape by know means but I’m trying to figure out if insanity or t25 would be better. I’m trying to loose weight and get toner

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Levi, I would consider T25 as it is a five day a week program that could fit right in with your current schedule. -Bethany

  135. Amber says

    Hi Bethany!

    I am 28 years old and 5’4″ and at the beginning of this year I drastically changed my lifestyle. I have a new job and work 6 days a week, on top of being a newlywed. I used to linger at about 132/133 lbs, but I have slowly creeped up to about 139. I am trying so hard to lose these extra 7 lbs again, if not more, but no matter how many calories I count and how many days I run/lift, I can’t seem to do it.

    I am trying to decide between insanity and t25. I am incredibly busy, but I have done the first month of insanity in the past and know it kicks your butt.

    Which should I pick? I want to stay committed, and lose as much weight as quickly as possible. I have a large butt and what my husband and I call my “side butt” (or outer thighs lol), and I want to shrink my middle too. Even though I am busy I am willing to do either, as long as I get the results I am craving. Like I said, I want something that keeps me interested and committed, as well as gets me toned.

    Thanks so much! And thanks for this awesome blog :):)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Amber, what kind of results did you receive when you did the first month of Insanity. Since you already own Insanity I would start with it. You could then switch to T25 if you begin to get bored with the Insanity workouts, or if you find you do not have the time. Congrats on the job and getting married, Bethany

  136. celestee says

    Hey am wondering which workout to buy like the insinty or the T25?

    I’M 54 kg and I’m 16 year old
    I would like to get some abs and some good looking belly
    my belly is not flat its kinda medium< sry

    but i am having a hard time figuring out which one to get ;/

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Celestee, sorry I can only give advice to people over the age 18. It would be a good idea to talk to your doctor. -Bethany

  137. rocco says

    hi im 31 and i’m on 250 lb and when i try to make some work out my knees still in pain for two or three days what program recommend for me?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Rocco, I would suggest T25 if you are having knee pain. There is always a modifier on screen if you find any of movements hurt your knees follow the low-impact version of the exercise. – Bethany

  138. liz says


    So I did the 21 day fix lost 6lbs and now I feel like the workouts are just not enough for me to really loose anymore weight or tone. Im not getting as good as a sweat anymore and my heart rate does not feel like it goes up much.

    I have both T25 and insanity (gave up on both a while back lol). I was wonder what work out would be best to finish losing tummy/hip and thigh weight and make them looked ripped haha. I want to keep the FIX meal plan because I like it the best. But anyways I love to use weights thanks to the fix hopefully I can use them in insanity or T25. So would your recommendation be I do the hybrid work out of the two that you offered or just one?

    Thank you so much!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Liz, congrats on the 21 day fix results. Since you want to continue with the weights I would recommend T25. There is no weight training in the insanity workouts. I would hold off on a hybrid routine until completing T25. – Bethany

  139. Jayne says

    Hi Bethany, I am Chinese, 167cm and 121lbs. For the past 2 months, I tired the JungDaYeon work out, not sure if you know this. Now I am thinking about the T25. Actually someone recommended the Insanity, but I don’t think I can do it,haha~ So I found T25, it will be better?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Jayne, if you don’t think you can keep up with Insanity workouts, T25 would be a better option as there is always a modifier on screen. – Bethany

      • Jayne says

        Thank you Bethany, do you think I need to buy a professional sport shoes? I usually do the firgure Robic without wearing a shoe, will that hurts my knee?

  140. Ram says


    I did Insanity and lost lots of weight. I lost more weight in first 1st month of insanity than in the 2nd month.

    I would like to lose more weight (fat).

    Would you recommend another round of Insanity or should I do Asylum or T25?

    I started doing Asylum and am on the 4th day. I know my body is bcoming stronger with this but I am not sure if I will lose as much weight as Insanity.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Ram, I would stick with Asylum instead of ordering another program. Sounds like you are well on your to losing the weight that you want to. Sometimes weight loss does slow down, at this point 1-2 pounds of weight loss is the most that you want, otherwise you could be losing muscle mass. Use the contact form to send me an email if you would like to really dig in. -Bethany

  141. Ryan Smith says

    Hi Bethany!
    I’m a pretty fit guy. I’m 15 years old 5′ 8″ and I weigh around 145 lbs. I go out and play sports pretty often (ie. basketball, football, soccer) but I don’t go to the gym much. Recently I’ve been doing Mike Chang’s Insane Home Fat Loss and I don’t think it’s working that well. I was wondering which workout would best fit my end goal of losing the last bit of fat on my body and getting a six pack/ more defined body. I haven’t done either but I don’t know if I can keep up with the Insanity workout and I fear that the T25 will be too easy because it’s similar to Insane Home Fat Loss and I wasn’t getting results from that.

  142. Lily says

    First of thank you so much for your blog, I enjoyed reading all the comments.

    My husband had an open heart surgery in 2004 at 44, we caught it before the big disaster so no heart attacks and other damages. We have been on the yoyo dieting now for over 15 years. From Seattle Sutton, no carbs, Whole Plant food diet to cleanse. Basically no meat, no carb diet and no oil. Quinoa, Millet and Squarsh, fruit vegetable and nuts are the basic food group some, oh some meat/fish 20% of the time and nutritional/protein drinks.

    Well with that being said, we lost weight, we gained it back even with what we eat and yes we neglect exercise as we are too tire with working etc.

    Because my husband works 70 hours a week, 5.8 height, weights 208 lbs now 54. what exercise do you recommend for him and I would like to work out with him so we have peer pressure. I love pilaties and yoga. But we can only buy one set of work out program.

    Thank you!!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Lily, sounds like T25 would be the better option since you are tight in time and are a beginner. T25 has a modifier to if you can’t keep up to begin. T25 also comes with a diet plan that focuses on a balanced whole food diet. It also contains recipes for meals, all with 5 ingredients which makes cooking pretty simple. You might also want to take a look into the new PiYo at home workout, it combines yoga and pilates, I just wrote what I thought og the program, it should be on the home page of my site. -Bethany

  143. says

    I enjoyed your review. Thank you so much for breaking it down by so many aspects of the training program. Will definitely be reading more of the comparisons!

  144. Teanna Hutchison says

    Hello Bethany!

    I am 19 and weigh 152 pounds. I am not necessarily overweight, but for my age, I don’t have the body I desire to have. I have a lot of stomach fat and would like to tone my legs. I haven’t worked out on a consistent basis in a year, but I am ready to do so again. I have done Insanity workouts in high school before and loved them. I want the whole 60 day workout set but I can’t decide between that or T25 because with my college schedule, T25 would really work the best, but I am afraid I wouldn’t lose enough weight with it. Your advice would be most welcome!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Teanna, if T25 fits into your schedule better, than go with it. The best workout program is one that you are going to be able to stick with. With proper diet you will lose weight with T25. -Bethany

  145. Sarah says

    Hi Bethany Lyn,
    I’m in great shape. I love working out. About a year ago I start doing Insanity. I loved it b/c it really got my muscles great definition. I had previously been doing the gym thing, running, and the elliptical, but wasn’t getting great results just staying thin. I will never go back to the gym lol. Anyway after a year of Insanity I’m getting a little bored and want something new. I’ve been considering T25. Do you think that is a good option or is their another workout program you recommend.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Sarah, I’m not a gym fan either, never have been. Yes, I think T25 would be a great change up. After a year of Insanity, the change will be great for you. T25 has an advanced phase called Gamma that you might want to take a look at also. -Bethany

  146. Grant says

    Hi Bethany,
    I have been considering the T25 program for quite sometime, however I would like to put on weight rather than lose it. Not looking to pump iron to bulk up but rather stay fit and put on some more weight/build a bit more muscle.
    Which program would you recommend? Do either of these program’s cater for gaining weight or are they only designed to help you lose weight?


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Ho Grant, you could train with either program and add weight, you will just need to adjust your calories. To gain weihgt, I would recommend multiplying your body weight times 16 for the total amount of calories to eat. And, try to eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight. -Bethany

  147. krish says

    hi i never did any workout in my life i am new to this exercise i need to loose weight should i do insanity or focus t25 ?

  148. ARae says

    Hi there! I see I’m commenting a bit late, but hope you could answer my questions! I am almost finished with Insanity (I have one week left), and I have not lost any weight. I am slim already 5’6″, 125 lbs, but I am what you’d call skinny fat. I eat around 1740 cals to balance the cals burned, and am only looking to lose around 5-10 lbs max, so I didnt expect to lose a lot while doing this program. I, however, am gaining muscle like no ones business and I do NOT like the way it looks!!! I feel so bulky, and I know that it’s impossible to bulk without eating a lot and lifting weights, but I just overall feel so “thick”, from my thighs to my arms. I don’t want an athletic body at all, just a slimmed down less jiggly one.
    Would T25 be better for this goal? I will probably need to eat less now, and that’s alright with me, I just want to choose the exercise that helps me meet my goals. I have less body fat now, but someone look and feel larger. I don’t understand how this is possible! Thanks for any help you could provide!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Arae, some people would love to have what you think is a problem. Beachbody just released a new workout program called PiYo it combines Yoga and pilates moves, its a great workout in a totally dofferent way then Insanity or T25. It might be a good change of pace for you, the goal of that program is to build lean strong muscles and define yourself. I’m on day 42 now and can say, my body fat is lower and my muscles do look more defined, I have not added any real muscle mass either. I also add muscle quickly, it is something that you just have to work with, damn genetics. -Bethany

      • ARae says

        Yeah, I actually liked the first six weeks of insanity but as soon as the second month of exercises hit, my body shape changed a bit and I didn’t like it.. I’m afraid piyo won’t be as much of a challenge for me.

  149. Bren says

    Hello. Im 44 and a pretty thin woman. Im about 5’6 and weigh 122. Can I do this workout without loosing weight? I want to get toned.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Bren, yes you can do either program and not lose weight. You would want to choose the calorie level to maintain weight, the nutrition guides detail calorie ranges to lose, maintain, or gain weihgt. For someone of your size, that would be anout 1500 calories a day to maintain. -Bethany

  150. Em says

    Hi Bethany! Thank you so much for this great review/comparison. So, I was hoping you could help me with my decision. I’ve actually completed Insanity twice, completing my final round about a year ago. I had awesome results, I felt great! But like I said, that was a year ago. What happened afterwards? No working out! Surely enough I went back to my old *bad* habits… Eating badly, no physical activity, etc. I miss those days when I felt good about myself, so I tried Focus T25. It was intense but I felt like it wasn’t intense enough? I wasn’t sore like I was after an Insanity workout. Because of this, I just stopped because I felt like I wasn’t progressing. Now I really want to work out, but with my crazy work schedule, I don’t even have time at all (which is the issue which Insanity). What do you think? Maybe I’m just impatient with T25… Does it really have good results? Sorry for the long post. Thanks a lot! :)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Em, what happened to you is common, I suffered from it a little too after bbl. You just have to remember “why” you want it and do it. Soreness is not the best indicator of workout effectiveness. DOMS or delyayed onset of muscle soreness is caused by your muscle cells breaking down and not fully recovering. T25 with proper diet does produce results. Since you have comlpeted Insanity before, maybe if your work schedule allows try to mix in one or two Insanity workouts a week on days that allow. After two rounds of Insanity, I think you are advanced enough to try a hybrid schedule. – Bethany

  151. Henry C says

    Hey Bethany,
    I am a 21 year old guy who is about 230 pounds at 5’11”. I’m very active in terms of sports, I play rep soccer over the summer and have started playing hockey over the winter. However, I have a big body and my stomach and butt are wayy too big which in the end affects my performance on the field. Being overweight has caused me to develop patellar tendonitis, and I need to loose weight to reduce most of the pain I’m getting. Now in November, my hockey season is set to start and currently I’m the biggest guy on the team. I was wondering which program I should go with to have the best results either Insanity, T25 or do a hybrid of both. I want to lose a significant amount of weight and reduce the sizes of my stomach and mainly my butt. i also want to have a program that in the end would allow me to run faster, jump higher and allow me to improve on my agility.

    Thanks again for your feedback,

    Henry C

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Henry, I assume you have talked to a doctor about treating the tendonitis. Your first goal, must be getting injury free. Now, if your doctor has cleared you for exercise, I would recommend T25 to start. This way you can lose some of the initial weight which should help your knee pain. -Bethany

  152. Ronnie says

    Hey Bethany, I have a question… I tried Insanity workout last year and I lost so much weight that I couldn’t believe it… but then I got this new job and I have no time as I used to. I just wondered… now My schedule has changed and I have time now for me and more days off. I wan’t to restart my workout, but I don’t know which one should try this time… Insanity or Focus T25, I want at least a toned body with abs and a nice butt. Would you please tell me which one is better… Insanity or Focus T25, I remember my days doing Insanity workout and it took more than 40 min, now there’s this new one which takes 25 min only… sounds great.. plus I don’t like how my body looks like now… I’m skinny but everything flat I think and It’s my fault cuz I’ve been drinking too much and I’ve been eating carbs and no healthy. Please, I really want to know which one is better for me now. have a good one!!!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Ronnie, more and more, I becoming a greater fan of T25. The shorter intense workouts might be just as or more effective as the longer workouts. Studies are showing the short intense workouts allow the body to burn more calories during the day, couple that would a good diet and you’ll be an your way to getting back in shape. -Bethany

  153. Nick says

    Hey Bethany,
    I have been working out did p90x twice then insanity 3 rounds already. i have my upper abs but the lower abs are hard to come by. would you suggest t 25 to focus on muscle definition and get my abs or some other program. Thanks

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Nick, yeah those lower abs are hard to come by. Not only do you need low body fat, but also enough ab mass. The more advanced T25 Gamma phase might be the best option for you since you have done the other workouts. -Bethany

  154. leanne says

    Hi, loving the reviews really helpful but still i some doubt as to the workout I should choose, Im 31 just had my 3rd baby 4 weeks ago, need to lose a bit of weight but not too much as I tend to lose weight a lot quicker than i put it on so I need to tone and build muscle to lose the baby fat but not get the skinny look if you get me :) I also suffer from ulceritive colitis so my diet is changing more towards raw food and vegetarian even though at the moment im still eating meat I have cut out wheat and dairy, can I adapt the meal plans to the kind of diet I have to do? and still get great results? thanks in advance :)

  155. Les says

    I’m 54yrs and completed the Insanity programme Feb/March this year after putting on a lot of weight and years of only a little running as my form of excercise
    Within the first month I got a little disheartened as I couldn’t see a massive change but all that came in the second month…….total weight loss 33lbs in 60 days
    I then went onto T25 Alpha as I couldn’t continue justify taking an hour out of family time each day
    I find T25 Alpha ( and now Beta) the perfect balance……I’ve maintained 156lbs now and am embarking on free weights programme parallel to T25
    Anyone can fit in 25 mins of HIT……..if I can at 54yrs of age, anyone can

  156. Melissa says

    Hi I am a mother of 4 and 32 years old weigh 112 pounds. I run 4-5 days a week at least 6 miles a day. I have been doing this for four years. I am not looking to lose weight at all. I am however wanting to increase my race pace and build up my endurance and cardio. I am looking for something that will help me with my cardio as well as building muscle in other areas of my body. I currently own Insanity but was considering getting the T25 would this be a good fit for me or should I stick with Insanity???

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Melissa, that is hard to say. I’m thinking since you have Insanity and sound be in great shape, T25 might be less intense than what you are looking for. But, then again T25 Gamma(3rd phase of T25) might be something to consider. Bethany

  157. Don D. says

    I have the Insanity DVDs and also the Insanity Fast & Furious DVD and Fast and Furious Abs DVD. I have started the Insantity program a few times but due to other things coming up have not been able to complete the 60 days. The Fast & Furious are good for days when I want to do some weight training and then I do one of those 15 minute workouts. My question is how would you compart the T25 to the Fast & Furious? Should I stick with that for wanting to tone up and shed some lbs? Or should I give T25 a try?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Don, yeah, I think you would probably get sick of doing the Fast and Furious DVD all the time. Maybe T25 would work better for you. And they do compare kind of, but not really. Sorry I can;t be more helpful, but if you like the Fast and Furious workout from Insanity you should love the T25 workouts. Bethany

  158. adik says

    Hi iam 46 years and iam 155 cm and 60 kg and every day I have a yoga exersice but I try losing weight to 53 kg what can I do for loosing and t25 is good for me and please some explaine abut this program an d tell me which dvd is good for me xxxx

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Adik, if you are a fan of Yoga, there is a new program that combines Yoga and Pilates called PiYo. There is a review on the hompegae of this site that you might find helpful. Bethany

  159. luke says

    Hi I am wondering what’s the best program
    To help someone put on weight/muscle like I’m 140 pounds and I’m 22 6ft 1
    But I want to be bigger?

    Any advice?

    Thank you

    • Bethany Lyn says

      P90X is a better option than Insanity for weight gain, but it is still geared to weight loss with muscle toning rather than muscle building. Good luck with the Beast. -Bethany

  160. Sarah says

    Hi Bethany,

    I was hoping you could help me out with deciding what to do next. I am 23 years old, 5’7″ and 154 pounds. I work out almost every day, but my diet has not been that great recently. I have a lot of muscle, but a layer of fat on top of it! I want to lose weight from my thighs and love handles/stomach. I would love to get back to 120 pounds!

    I have done t25 about twice through (did alpha-gamma once and delta and gamma the next). I have also done Insanity (first month through and then random videos for a few months). I really enjoy the shorter workouts in t25 and I remember being rather tired with Insanity.I now work full time and so shorter is definitely nicer. I didn’t notice much change with either program, but I also wasn’t eating my best, although I was drinking Shakeology.

    I am wondering what you think I should do to lose weight and also keep my toned muscles as well. I would love to take off that fat and reveal the muscles!

    Thank you for your help!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Sarah, Sounds like you answered your own question. Diet is going to account for at least fifty percent of your results and you really can’t out train a bad diet. I would suggest tracking everything that you eat for a couple of weeks with or similar and see how many calories you are taking in and then make adjustments from there. -Bethany

  161. Christel says

    Hello Bethany. I do insanity for 6 months, I like it because it works I whant to buy te new max 30 and now I see the new T25.. What must I buy? I can’t decide.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Christel, Max 30 has also peaked my interest. I think it is going to be a lot harder than T25, but only five minutes longer. We will see. I’ll have them all in my library at some point, mixing your workouts up can’t hurt. -Bethany

  162. Alex says

    Hi Bethany,

    I have done t25 one time through completely, another time doing just beta and gamma, and then random workouts from t25 here and there. I took breaks and did other workouts in between the sets. I haven’t done any workout from t25 in about 2.5 months (although I have been working out). I was planning on doing t25 again before maybe trying out max30 and I am wondering if you think I should start over with alpha, start with beta, or do some sort of combination for the first month. I have a good base level of fitness so it is more deciding if alpha would be worth it to start over with.

    Thank you!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      HI Alex, I think the Alpha phase is worth giving a try, if you do not find it intense enough you can alsways switch to beta. -Bethany

  163. brooke says

    Hey, I have done T25 alpha and beta.. beta now for two rounds. I am trying to decide between t25 gamma or insanity 30! I don’t need to lose weight.. I just want more definition. I am 38 and always worked out. Just don’t know which one to do! I feel like at my age I need some resistance training or I get soft! I have also done Kettle worx for a year prior to T 25. Any suggestions?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      HI Booke, I would suggest the T25 Gamma phase as it is strength training based. I’m not sure about Max 30 yet, it looks to be more weight lose oriented, but will see when it is released. -Bethany

  164. Amy says

    Hi Bethany!

    I’m a 15 y.o girl who weighs 168 lbs. I’ve lost 20 pounds already by going to the gym, but at the moment I don’t have time to work out since I’m busy with school and my exams (im doing a harder school program next to the regular one). This made me gain 10 pounds back and I really dont want to weigh 176 lbs again. I need my confidence back and I want to feel good about the way I look.
    I thought I should give T25 a try, but I want to lose around 27 pounds to be on a healthy weight for my age. It doesnt matter if I see results fast, I just really want to lose those 27 pounds before im 18 (however if i can lose it in a year that’d be great). Would you recommend T25 or Insanity for my weight loss goal?


    • Bethany Lyn says

      I’m really sorry Amy, but I am not able to give advice to those under the age of 18. Almost every Beachbody program is designed for the adult. -Bethany

  165. Luc says

    Have been doing t25 since begining of June just increasing the weight ( at 25 now ) and only redoing phase 2. I still have excess weight that I want to lose. Should I continue this or do insanity? ( I have both )

  166. Meena says

    Hi Bethany, I am 5’3 and weigh around 160lbs. Want to lose weight.
    My physical fitness is very bad and have a very hectic job.
    Which program would u suggest if i have to lose around 10Kgs and tone my Arms and Thigh

    • Bethany Lyn says

      HI Meena, T25 sounds like the better fit, 25 minutes a day five days a week and you can get the results you are looking for. -Bethany

  167. Janette says

    Hi Bethany,

    I’ve done insanity and obtained great results with the 1st month, but too difficult to stay motivated and the workouts are long. I never moved on to the 2nd month, I just repeated the 1st month. I was 125 lbs and went down to 117 lbs. I also own 21 day fix, I enjoy the workouts as they are short, but dislike that I have to do it 7 days a week. I didn’t see a lot of results with this program like I did with Insanity (probably because i wasn’t eating right), even though I did four rounds of it back to back. I wasn’t even sure of how much weight to increase by on the weights. So I was too easy on myself, I didn’t push as hard as insanity. I was 130 and stayed at 125. I am looking to purchase T25, do you think it would be worth purchasing or go back to 21 day fix and follow the eating plan closer, I would only go back to insanity if i really have to (at one point I got shin splints) ? Thank you. -Janette

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Janettem, sounds like T25 would be a good fit for you. It isower impact than Insanity so it should not bother your shins. T25 minutes are only 25 minutes long and the five day a week schedule, so you will not have to work out seven days a week. Just be sure to get your diet right as this will account for half your results. -Bethany

  168. Evan says

    Hi Bethany!!

    So I purchased Insanity about a year ago and I did the first workout and was pooped haha. I am 20 years old and I am on the rugby team at my college. (Go Koonducks!) I want to get the abs/ body of a lot of my teammates. I always feel self conscious when I see how toned they are and how it helps them succeed. Like I said, I do currently own insanity. I have been working out at the gym and haven’t seen the results that I want. I would like to switch back to Insanity but want to make sure that the investment of time is worth it! Will I see the results that I want?( abs and muscle growth) Or would I be better off with a different program. I do not want to spend the money if not necessary! Also, I have a hard time keeping myself motivated through the process. Any tips on how to keep on track? Thanks again for this awesome information!! :)


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Evan, I would definitely switch back to Insanity. It will not only help you get ripped, but it will also help increase athleticism. Just be sure to watch your calories and what you’re eating…six-pack abs don’t come from exercise alone. You really have to feed your body the right kind of fuel and make sure you’re eating enough, but not too much.

      As for keeping yourself motivated, you should read my article on 101 Motivational Tips to Keep You Working Out or 7 Ways to Stick with a New Exercise Program. It takes a little bit of work on your part, but one other important thing – always remind yourself why you’re working out, especially those days when you just don’t feel like it. This will help keep you going, because you will never reach your why if you don’t push yourself each and every day.

      I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Bethany

  169. Moh Hus says

    Hi there,
    Thanks so much for the reviews.
    To get straight to the point. I am 160 lbs, 5′ 8” tall, an intermediate bodybuilder, I started building my body 1 year ago and just want to shed up some fat (since I have 22% fat) out of the muscles I gained. So my intention is not to lose WEIGHT, but to lose only FAT out of that weight rather (target: 14% fat) , since I am not overweight.
    I read in many posts about the FAT BURN ZONE and FIT ZONE
    and definitely those two programs fall into the FIT zone since it can push your heart rate near its max and hence you’ll lose a lot more carbs than fat.
    my question is, if i wanna tone my body and lose much fat, should I worry about the fact that these programs burn carbs more than fat? should I look for a lower intensity program?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Moh Hus, both programs will help burn calories. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what you mean by the workouts burning carbs vs fat. Working out burns calories, it does not distinguish between fat calories or carb calories, unless you are talking about simple carbs which I do not believe you are. Honestly, if you are at 22% bodyfat you need to lose fat first, if you lose some muscle that is okay because it will be easier to add muscle once you get below 15% body fat. Lower intensity programs are good for when you have lower body fat, sub 8%, and just need the final touches. Bethany

  170. Dana says

    Hi there!

    I read one of your comments that really piqued my interest because of the problems I’ve been having with my flat feet. I haven’t been to the pediatrist yet to figure out if it’s flat foot syndrome or Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (I had never heard of that before) so I still don’t know what is really going on, but I have intense shooting pain in the balls of my feet (and flat feet) so I have a feeling it stems from lack of arch to even out the pressure of walking/working out on my feet. I am going to go with your advice to start with T25, but my question is about what you said about taking the time to fix your feet first. You said not to worry about 500$ orthodics and expensive doctors, so I am really hoping you can tell me or point me in the direction of how you went about tacking your foot problem? As long as it takes, I have patience, and I want to do it the right way. Any help or guidance would be so incredible and very much appreciated. Working out hasn’t been causing any foot pain, it’s really just being on my feet for long hours (I’m a server and on my feet for 10 hours), so hopefully T25 will be a great way to start.

    Thanks again for all the helpful information on this site, it’s very thorough.

    Best, Dana

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Dana, tarsal tunnel syndrome is often caused by fallen arches, so you will want to visit your podiatrist to find out what’s going on first, and then figure out what to do about it. For all you know, you could have a small cyst resting on a nerve that is causing the shooting pain. Anytime you experience pain like this, you should always see your doctor first.

      I have $500 orthotics that I never wear, because I am able to control my symptoms without them by making sure my arch is activated and daily exercises. It requires me to be aware of how I am walking and standing, which comes from the help of actual doctors. I feel like orthotics allowed my arches to weaken, because they were constantly supported, instead of correcting the weakened arch issue. HOWEVER, I did not have such serious issues with pain as you do, just very intermittent pain that I could manage with the exercises the physical therapists gave me and Tai Cheng.

      Ultimately, you may need the orthotics because of the severity of your pain and the fact you’re on you’re feet for hours. In fact, it was standing on my feet for hours that alerted me to the fact that I even had fallen arches – never had any issues before that. You really need to visit your podiatrist to find out exactly what’s going on before self-diagnosing and treating the wrong issue.

      And if you want to try some alternative healing in addition to receiving traditional treatment, you could try Tai Cheng. I hope this helps. Good luck! Bethany

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kasey, I just started MAX:30 four days ago. I’ll write a a more in depth comparison, but for now. In MAX:30 Shaun T is more intense, the workouts are more intense, the dedicated on screen modifier with Max:30 is a great addition. One thing to note is with T25 you get some workouts that use weights, MAX:30 is all strength training. Check the Insanity category on this site to read about my first impressions of MAX:30. Bethany

  171. Lauren says

    Hi there,
    I am looking for a workout to get toned, but not necessarily “bulked up.” I am a 25 year old woman and have been working out in spurts (I go for a few weeks and then stop for a few weeks-have a hard time sticking to anything), so I’m not in that great of shape, but not bad shape either. Another thing is that I’m looking to gain weight (in a healthy way) rather than lose it. I am very thin naturally and so all of the talk about losing weight in the reviews for both of these workouts have me shying away. Mostly, I want to be healthy and tone my butt, thighs and arms. Do you think either program would be good for me? Or do you think I should find something with less cardio? Thanks for the advice!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Lauren, Any program can be adjusted to maintain weight and tone. You just need to up your calorie intake of healthy foods. Basically, you create a calorie deficit you lose weight, calorie surplus you gain weight, consume as many calories as you burn and you maintain weight. As a side, T25 sounds like it would be a better program fit for you. Bethany

  172. Michelle says

    I am almost 40 years old, I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. I now see these bad habits being passed on to my preteen & teen. Will either of these workouts be something I should consider for a whole family life style change?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Michelle, While T25 would be more family friendly, I would take a look at the 21 Day Fix workout program. It teaches healthy eating habits that whole family can benefit from. -Bethany

  173. Alex says

    Hey Bethany,

    I am 18 years old, 6′ 2″ and weigh 170 pounds, so i’m rather slim for my age. I do HIIT cycling and try to go to the gym 4 times a week, consistency is something I still struggle with. My main goal is to get a more toned (like abs) / ripped body and gain more muscle mass. (I don’t really need to lose weight). Which program do you think would best suit me? Thanks in advance

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Alex, T25 Gamma phase sounds like it would be a good option. It is more strength training based and uses dumbbell exercise which will help you build muscle mass. -Bethany

  174. Kelly says

    Hi there – I am 41 and work out often. I do spin class twice a week and boot camp twice a week. My schedule is going to be a mess in the upcoming months and will miss nearly every class I normally attend. So I need to workout at home. Insanity, Focus T25 or even P90x? Although I work out regularly, I need to shed some fat around the middle and tone up my arms more.


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kelly, All three are great programs, though I do believe the orignal P90X might be a little outdated. Maybe consider P90X3, they are 30 minute workouts which include both strength and cardio based workouts. Bethany

  175. Norma says

    Hi my name is Norma im 21 my height ia 5’1 and I weight 108 pounds. My body fat percentage os 25% which is a lot and I want to be fit. I dont know which program to choose because Im spanish and for my cultute a good body is an hourglass figure. I see the results on many of this girls are more of a square shape and I see that they lose their butts. To be honest I just want to lose my waist and tighten and tone the rest of my body which program would you say I should use for me not to become a stickfigure because that is not my goal

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Norma, Unfortuantly, what you are talking about has more to do with genetics than a workout program.Some people will retain there hourglass figures, some won’t, nothing you really you do about it. I would suggest trying to get in the best shape possible and not worry about the perfect figure. Just be the best you that you can be. Bethany

  176. Megan says

    Hey Bethany I’m not a very motivated person and I’m kind of lazy but I really want to start working out what should I do

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Megan, Why do you want to start working out? Write it down and refer to it as often as you need to until you make working out an engraved habit in your life.

  177. Syllina says

    hi Bethany, I workout regularly between 3-4 times per wk. i’m in pretty good shape. however, i’d like to get more toned. mainly my thighs, butt and upper arms. my stomach/abdominal area is already pretty flat. but i’d like a more defined core. currently, when I go to my gym I do mostly weight training exercises on my own. I use dumbells, barbells (20 lb & 30 lb bars), and the weight machines. I also run stairs indoors during the winter and jog/run outdoors when the weather is decent. I do a 30 min abs class at least once per wk. I eat clean/healthy, properly portioned, balanced meals.
    i’m trying to decide which one I should order. I’m leaning more towards T25 because of the short length of the workout sessions. I do NOT like to workout for long periods of time. anything more than 30 mins is not really my cup of tea. i’m willing to do 45 mins sometimes, depending what mood i’m in.
    my question is whether T25 would benefit me for toning and not weight loss ??

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Syllinia, Yes, you can tone with T25 and not lose weight. You just want to be eat enough calories to sustain your body weight. This info is included in the diet guide.

  178. Lucy says

    Hi, I had torn tummy muscles following two pregnancies close together. I was told never to do a sit up again however I am allowed to do the plank. I desperately want to loose two stone. My youngest will be three in July and I’ve been reluctant to excercise until now, allowing my body to heal itself as best as it can. I still have a slight gap of approx 4cms.
    Would the t25 be ok for me to do.
    Thanks in advance

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Lucy, I’d talk to your doctor before beginning. But, if there are any questionable moves don’t them. There are no old fashioned sit up moves per say.

  179. salliejoe says

    Is this for me? I weigh 213 height 5.5 turning 50 on 2/14/15. I have 3 curves in my spine, constant lower back pain, knee pain. I want a workout that is not on the floor as getting up/down from the floor is a workout in its self. I have lost the balance in my left ear so I tilt to the side. So I fall over real easy. I want to do something but do not want something that is to much for me. I want something that is fun and is not making me feel like a failure before I even start.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi, I would talk to your health care processional. I don”t want to recommend something and have it to intense.

  180. Alexandra says

    Im 25, since I have memory I’ve always bee an active person. Swimming class, ballet dancer for 3 years, Olympic gymnastics, and so many others.

    During college I practiced long distance track running, that made my skin “flaccid” and I lost a lot of muscle mass but my cardio and mind resistance are amazing.

    I finished insanity twice last year and then I practiced CrossFit. Now, 2015 my economy isn’t the best so I had to drop Crossfit.
    I’m about to finish insanity for the 3rd time in my life and to be honest, I’m getting a little bored.

    I want to try something different but that it still gives that sense of accomplishment and a lot of sweat. But my first and most important objective is to get my muscles more TONED and DEFINED. I eat super clean.

    Can you tell me which is the best for what I’m searching? I’m between P90X program or T25.
    Or if you know about another one I’m opened to that option too.

    Thank you!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Alexandra, Maybe take a look at the new INSANITY MAX:30 program. I have really tightened up a lot over the first 4 weeks of the program. In fact, I have gained a pound and by the looks of result photos it was muscle. I’m going to post my results later tonight on the blog if you want to check back. If it was just between P90X and T25 I like T25 more. Bethany

  181. Eben says

    Hi! First off, I really enjoyed your article. I’m currently on week 4 of T25. My question is, on the Beta cycle, when do you use the Core Speed bonus disc? I’m looking at the calendar, and it doesn’t say when to do that workout. I thought about alternating it with my stretches every other week on Sundays. But what would you recommend? Also, I saw an ad for the Gamma cycle. Should I eventually go into Insanity after T25 or should I invest in the Gamma workouts? Thanks

    • Bethany Lyn says

      HI Eben, I like the idea of alternating it in on Sundays. Gamma is more strength training, so if you are looking to tone, it is great oprion. Insanity is all body weight and really aimed at maximum fat loss. Bethany

  182. Cece says

    I’d like to take you up on your offer to recommend a fitness program. I work full-time and have kids – I need a time-and-cost effective exercise program! I am a 52yo woman in good health but have gained about 10lbs (midriff and all over) in the last several years since I stopped exercising after a minor injury (now recovered 100%). I need something I can do relatively quickly in front of the tv without much space or equipment, though I do have a treadmill. I plateaued and got bored with the treadmill and pilates dvd (pilates for wimps) I did several years ago and it’s been chubville ever since. I think I’d like to do a HIIT type of program, but have heard that’s hard to do without a bike. Thank you so much!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Cece, T25. HIIT can be done with any type of exercise. T25 sounds perfect for your goals, schedule and lifestyle. Bethany

  183. Doty says

    I’m thinking about combining T25 + going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Do you think this is smart? I plan on using the Cardio/AB focused CDs before hitting the gym. I don’t like running on a treadmill so I figured it’d be about the same workout as running 3-4 miles on a treadmill which is what I usually do, but I hate it.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Doty, As long as your diet can sustain the increase in activity, ut can be done. I hate the treadmill too, so boring. If you are doing weights at the gym, I would suggest doing the cardio after. Bethany

  184. Kelly says

    I’ve broken both fib and tib on both my legs (lots of screws and rods) . I’ve also had 3 back surgeries. Are any of these programs good for someone with limitations?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kelly, You really need to consult with your doctor on this one. Sorry, I can’t help more. Bethany

  185. Trinie says

    Hi I’m Trinie, I’m trying to decide if insanity or t25 would be better if my main focus will working out is the work on my mid section. I admit I need a full body workout but my mid section needs the most work after havinga baby I put on a lot of extra pounds. Thx in advance for your response.

  186. Bryan says

    Hi Bethany, I haven’t worked out for the last 8 years since I got out of the Army. I’m 44 years old now approximately 6’1″ and weigh around 240 lbs. My goal is to get down to around 200 lbs. I want some cardio benefit as well as weight loss and muscle tone. I’m not looking to get “ripped” just lean and toned. I’m leaning towards T25. What would you recommend for me? Thank you

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Bryan, Yes, T25 I think is a better option for those who are looking to get back in the game. BEthany

  187. Ed says

    Hi Bethany
    I’m 6ft 6in 293 lbs and I’ve been dieting and exercising since Christmas, I’m down 24lbs already but need something to take off the next 50 it so. I suffer with bad knees and raised blood pressure. My question is am I setting myself up to fail with T25 at this stage or should I try something less intense and go for T25 when I’m closer to a sensible weight.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Ed, First, congrats that is awsome! While you should consult you doctor first, it sounds to me that you will be able to handle T25 just fine. If there are moves that bother your knees, I would suggest following the low impact modifier for those. Bwethny

  188. Karla says

    In the T25 infomercial, it shows individual disks for the different workouts. Is this the actual set up? I like the idea of working out at home, but not if i have to change disks every few minutes.

  189. joe a says

    Hi I just started T25 and I really like it…. Could i go to the gym and work out after my 25 mins work out with T25 and work out with wieghts or no?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      HI Joe, Just be sure to listen to your body if you feel low on energy be sure to back off. The second phase of T25 is a bit more strength training, just fyi. Bethany

  190. Tess says

    Hi Bethany, Great side by side comparison. I’ve previously been athletic all my life, and I’ve ran 4 marathons, the most recent of which, however, will have been 2 years ago this summer. I had a baby 3 months ago, and after getting pregnant I have not worked out as much (Ive gone to the gym some post partum and it’s felt great!) and now have 30-35 lbs of baby weight to lose. Which program do you recommend? I’m intrigued by Insanity and want go get down to my regular size and look toned as quickly as possible, but as a new mom I’m thinking the shorter workout time in T25 could be of benefit.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Tess, Yes if you are strapped for time and have been not worked out in a while I would recommend T25 to begin. This would also build a great base of cardiovascular endurance if you wanted to do Insanity in the future. Bethany

  191. Sonny says

    Hi what program would suit me the best if I want to develop my body like soccer player for example Cristiano Ronaldo? ATM I am Skinny but have a small pot belly coming.along. I would also build a little bit of muscle as my arms are skinny but still get lean and ripped. Which of these programme are best suited for my needs? Also what equipment would I need in order to help me deliver the result I want to see?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Sonny, It is not as much about the program as it is diet. Yes, you need to exercise, T25 is better for the beginner, which you need at least a strength band for. Bethany

  192. Leonardo says


    I have been looking for a program that will make me loose my belly fat and get some muscles. I am confused… I am only 19 years old, 5 feet and 9 inches height and I weight 73 kg… I have been “exercising” for around one month and eating healthier food than before. I stopped smoking, eating unhealthy food and all that stuff but I still feel bad because I feel my body does not change and I feel like I cannot keep exercising and not because I don’t want to but because I feel I am not going to see any change. It is so hard for me to be able to get up early and start exercising, see all that not healthy food and stop myself from eating it… Obviously, once I exercise I feel great. I think I am not motivated and that I am lost because what I do will not work but what I am trying to get a good program so I can be healthier and have a better body. I want to get T25 since, basically, I am a beginner but I want to make sure it will work…

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Leonardo, Sounds like you need a program to keep you on track. You just started, going at it for a month, you should be proud. But, it takes time to see major changes, just keep going! T25 is the better choice for the beginner and I believe it would be the better of the two options for you. Bethany

  193. Ben says

    Hi! I started working out a month ago and been walking around 7-11 miles per day throughout the whole day. I’m looking to strengthen and tighten up my core…as background I’m 32y/o, 5’8″ and was 236lbs when I started a month ago so not in the best shape. I want to lose and tone up but not too fast to where my body and abdomen is just hanging loose cause the skin isn’t shrinking with my weight. I have both T25 and Insanity.

    Thanks for any advice


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Ben, If you have both why not try each for a week and then make decision on one and stick with that program for it’s entirety. Bethany

  194. Meghan says

    Thanks for all the great info! Recently I have switched birth control methods, and in doing so have gained about 10-15 pounds in the last few months. I am active and am in the gym doing weights and cardio 4-5x a week, and eat a balanced diet. In fact, I have started working out harder and controlling my diet even more since I have noticed the scale creeping up. Most of the weight is collecting in my abdomen region, which I have never gained weight in before. I am thinking that a lot of it has to do with water retention and hormone imbalance, so I am looking for a program to thin out on! However I am unsure if either of these would make a difference for me, as heavy weight training in the past few months has not been working in my favor. Help!!

  195. Craig Hands says

    Hi I just want to lose weight!! Want to get my confidence back, no to fussed about definition just want to lose my roles and boobs!! What program would you suggest?? Thank you.

  196. William Reinecke says

    ok so i just got the instanity and the T25 delivered, im 25 years of age and i and not in good shape. im slim but i get tired too quick. i wanna lose my belly and lovehandle fat which one will help me do it faster?

  197. Crystal says

    Hey Bethany! I’m trying to find an effective and long-lasting work out program with quick visible results (aren’t we all?!). I ready through some of your Q&As and it looks like you recommend the T25 over Insanity almost every time. I’m hesitant because it is a longer program and I don’t know if I’ll actually commit to it. I want to, but… life happens. Would it be crazy to start with Insanity? I’m hoping to lose about 40lbs overall, but I don’t expect that to happen in a couple months. How soon will I start seeing results from T25? Which diet plan is better?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Crystal, T25 in my opinion is more suitable for beginner’s. Insanity is more for intermediates/advanced.

  198. Ed says

    Hi Bethany I want to get fit and get some muscle shape back after alot of years not training I’m got over weight but my muscle has long gone will I get muscle shape with Fucus T25 as I have a busy job and a 18 month old and another on the way so time is an issue. Cheers

  199. Becky says

    Hi Bethany I’m looking for advice on using t25/insanity. I’m 27, 5’9″ and 245. My goal is to reach 160 (pre baby weight, 2 kids under my belt and I’m done having them). I’m ready to start a whole new chapter in my life. I’ve had success with weight loss (lost 80 pounds after first baby but the exercise that i was doing isn’t an option anymore). Here’s what I want: A program that will help me lose the weight and tighten up my “I’ve had 2 babies streached tummy skin”, help teach me to eat healthy (not just diet eating), and set me up to maintain my body after I’ve reached my target. Most importantly I don’t want to have to keep doing the program for the rest of my life just to maintain. I want to maintain with healthy eating, walking (work up to running), playing with the kids and about 3 trips to the gym per week. My question: Are these programs realistic for my goals? (I’m not looking to get ripped, just flat tummy, toned limbs.) Thanks Bethany for your thoughts!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Becky, I would take a look at the 21 Day Fix program, I have review on this site. It is a good program for teaching healthy eating habits and it has you develop the habit of daily exercise with daily 30 minute workouts. Bethany

  200. Blanca says

    im doing “insanity max 30” what do you recommend to do. Start with “focus t25” or do the first insanity.
    or another program?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Blanca, If you are having troubles keeping up with the modifier in MAX:30 I would recommend switching to T25. Bethany

  201. Kimberly says

    Hi i am looking into buying the focus T25 but i am worried i will bulk up. Does this work out bulk women up? i would like to look slimer and toned. Just asking if this work out would be good for that.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kimberly, No it is not going to bulk you orany other women up. It is extremely hard for women to put on muscle like men. And, the strength training that is involved in T25 is more circuit based more toning and leaning out. Bethany

  202. Mark says

    Hey Bethany,

    I weigh 77 kg. Im looking to get to 80 kg at the moment by putting on muscle in the gym. I already have a toned athletic body and my energy levels are very high but I am looking to do a program to keep my body fat % down while I am bulking up in the gym. I just don’t want to get a belly while I am bulking up. What I am worried about is that if i do the t25 program I will find it difficult to put on the added muscle I am looking for because it will slash my calories. Obviously I will have to up my calorie intake if I want to build new muscle but I want to use the t25 to stop me getting fat while I am doing this. Do you think I can still put on the muscle by gyming while also and staying lean by doing t25 on the days in between. Thanks

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Mark, Yes, you could do T25 as your cardio to stay lean while hitting the iron at the gym. Bethany

  203. mark says

    hi,ive just started the insanity …so far so good,all i want is a great body *is this the best one for that *
    also is it normal to have pains in your legs after a workout

    thank you

  204. Jessica says


    I’m 20 years old. Am overweight at 177 pounds. I am 5 ft 4. I have always struggled with losing weight and have put on 2 stone in the past 8 months or so I really would love to buy and use the T25 workout as looks amazing my only bug bear is that even though their is a modifier during the workouts will I actually be able to carry out the exercise moves themselves? I have done many Zumba training 1 hour speed workouts in the past however do not have much muscle at all. I just don’t want to pay for something I might not be able to actually do.


    • Bethany Lyn says

      HI Jessica, It is always best to consult with a doctor if you have concerns. The modifier is low-impact and low-intensity in T25 so I don’t think you should have any problems. Bethany

  205. Sarah says

    Hi Bethany,
    I’m 43 yrs old, 136lbs and my goal is to maintain my weight and get toned.
    I do have a heart condition that I cannot overexert myself but I was able to build up my strength over the course of 3 years and now I am doing T25 4-5 times a day with success. I do switch back and forth between Shaun T and the modifier though, just to keep my heart rate stable.
    I just finished with the beta set and about to start the gamma.
    I was wondering what I can do after I’m done with gamma?
    I cannot do intense workouts due to my condition and I’m finding that 25-30 minutes of working out is just perfect for me.
    Would it be possible to follow Insanity but lightly? If not, are there other systems that I can follow besides Insanity?


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Sara, The 21 Day Fix has workouts in that time frame that I think you you could do and benefit from. There is no real modifier in the original Insanity which might make it difficult to modify. Bethany

  206. Jules says

    I’m just finishing up Insanity, but because I really don’t like cooking, I didn’t exactly follow the food plan. I ate healthily, and did the 5 meals a day (most days), but not with the suggested diet plan. That’s surely the reason why I feel like Insanity hasn’t done anything to help me lose weight, even though I’ve given it my all. I’m still at 70kg, just like I was when I started. I noticed a little toning up, so it wasn’t for nothing. Still, I had expected more (even though, I know, my own fault for not following the diet plan).

    Would you recommend another bout of Insanity (even though I really hate the 1 hour long training and have to fight to keep motivated) or T25, or maybe another workout? I read about the 21 Day Fix, but again, it has this portioned eating and what – to me – feels like a lot of standing in the kitchen. I wouldn’t mind cooking twice a week for three days in advance. Cooking half a cup of broccoli every day just to keep with the diet plan just seems like a massive waste of energy and time. Does the T25 have a different diet plan, maybe one that involves less cooking?

    Thank you very much for offering your help! :)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Jules, The T25 day meal plan is different, all recipes are five ingredients or less. From reading your comment, it sounds like meal prepping and planning would be best four you. On Sundays for instance, I cook my meals for lunches for the week and slice up vegetables as snacks. You could do the same type of meal prep, but just prep all your meals. Once you get a process down it is a very helpful way to save time. Get that diet cleaned up and you’ll get results with the programs, Bethany

      • Jules says

        “Five ingredients or less” sounds like my dream meal plan! And prepping I can do. :D I guess it’s really all about routine. Once I have a routine, it’ll be easier to follow those meal plans.

        Thank you so much for your help! :)

  207. Mauro says


    I did the Insanity last year for 50 days but i had an accident and i stopped. It was amazing! Before the accident i was feeling a strong pain on top of my knee. I read something about “jumpers knee” like a normal pain because of cross fit. I tried the T25 but I don’t feel the same, the Insanity is like a drug. I want to make sure that the knee pain is normal, in case i feel it one more time, for this type of training to “dig deeper” again.


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Mauro, Pain is never good nor would I call it normal. Did you consult a doctor for evaluation? From my personal experience the pain like you are describing works like this, you have pain during exercise, you work through pain, pain becomes constant, continue and then the pain begins to interfere with workouts. The earlier you rest and heal the quicker the injury would likely heal. Once you heal up, try and figure out what caused the pain. My advice, consult a doctor or sports therapist and get to the bottom of what is causing the pain and fix that. Bethany

  208. Vinay says

    Hi there,

    I four weeks into insanity (it is my second time doing it, although i last did it last summertime). I have missed a few days of insanity and i have not seen any weight loss. I was wondering if i should just forget insanity and go to T25 for a change up? I do want to build muscle as well as loose weight too.

    What is your thoughts?


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Vinay, I would take a closer look at your diet. Are you following the Insanity nutrition plan? Bethany

  209. Vinay says

    Also, i forgot but i eating may be a factor of not loosing weight. I eat way more than i used too back when i was doing insanity for the first time; i have a feeling that the reason why i don’t loose weight is because i don’t do the workouts every day and i don’t do the whole video because i give up sometimes. And i also have a feeling that i take in more calories than loosing so do you think i should cut down on meals?


  210. Yvonne says

    Hello Bethany Lyn,
    I am 35 years old and 212 lbs. I have been to gym and started aerobics one year ago but havent seen any major changes in my weight. My doctor says I have a slow metabolism, can you give me some advise onhow I can lose 50 lbs and increase my metabolic rate?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Yvonne, I would see another doctor, a slow metabolism I think would have a cause. I would try to get to the bottom of that, but also keep with your workouts and eat lots of veggies, leans meats, and good carbs, as yu lose weight and build muscle your metabolism will increase. Bethany

  211. mudeli says

    Hi Bethany
    I have just discovered your article while looking for what to choose between Insanity and T25 Focus.
    Many thanks for having write all of this, that’s really helpful for many people!.
    For me my question still to know which will help me : I used to workout so I am not a really beginner, but I don’t have enough time which finish to lead to not working out anymore. I would like to do something not monotonous, and I’ve heard that Insanity is sometime monotonous?
    I aiming to loose about 50lbs and tone all my body. I already have dumbbells at home( about 13lbs).

    Many thanks for your advises


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Mudeli, From what you said, I would consider starting with the T25 program. It is shorter time commitment and should be good jump start for you to begin. Bethany

  212. Chelsea says

    Hi Bethany! Thank you soo much for all of your awesome input on this site! I have a question of my own now :) I have completed numerous rounds (like 2 years worth) of INSANITY. I stopped doing it because I was getting bored with doing the same thing over and over. Because of that, I started eating worse and have recently put on some unwanted weight. I LOVED the results I got from INSANITY. They were everything I ever wanted.

    I was thinking about trying T25 for the full 10 weeks, but when I tried it, it felt way easier than INSANITY did. I have only done a few of the workouts, but I was thinking I probably won’t get the same results as INSANITY in just 25 minutes and with the intensity level of T25. Now after reading these comments, I feel I probably didn’t give T25 a chance. However, I am skeptical as to whether it can produce the same results I got from INSANITY. When I did INSANITY, I got so lean, tight abs, tight legs and tiny arms, without the bulk. I am hoping it is possible to get this from T25, but like I said, T25 felt easier than INSANITY. Am I just not giving it a chance? Do I need to just stick with it and see if it can work? I know that sounds stupid, but I just don’t want to invest 10 weeks into something that I think will work like Insanity, if it can’t. Basically what I want to know is this: Can I get the same results from T25 that I got from Insanity? Is that even possible when it feels easier?

    Thank you SO much :) I truly appreciate your feedback.

    Chelsea again, just adding on to my previous post. I wanted to add that I love how manageable (time-wise) T25 is and I really love doing it, I just want it to work as well as Insanity. I just wanted to add that I do really enjoy the program, feel I could really stick with it because I love that its only 25 minutes (I feel I could stick with it easier than I could Insanity now), and I hope it can work as well as Insanity. With that being said, please feel free to be 100% honest about whether you think it would work as well in getting the results I crave :)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Chelsea, Take a look at the MAX:30 program, if you like Insanity you’ll love MAX:30 plus. They are thirty minute workouts, but are super intense. I have a have articles on this site about the program filed under the Insanity category. Bethany

  213. Kara says


    I am young, 23 years old, and have done 2 rounds of Insanity with great results. It became a little too much for me on the second round, where I was skipping workouts because I thought it was just too much and I became intimidated by it a bit, including the time it took to complete it (45-60 minutes of non stop heart pounding work?! Thats a lot). I am looking for something that can deliver comparable results but that is maybe just a little bit more manageable? Do you think T25 could be it?


  214. Kristen says

    Hi Bethany!

    I, too, tried T25 and thought it was a little bit less intense than Insanity (which I kinda liked). However, I heard it can yield amazing results! Can you explain to me how it can feel a little less intense but still produce incredible, similar results to insanity? I bought T25, and still have the insanity discs, but I am thinking about foregoing Insanity and giving T25 a shot.

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Kristen, It sounds like from what you said it would be a good routine for you. If you have the program already why not give it a shot. Bethany

  215. Lisa Leigh says

    Hello Bethany

    I tried the Insanity program a year ago and found i struggled to keep up and it was taking too much time up.

    I am now 2 weeks in to the T25 program and loving it. I wake up every morning at 6:30am and do my 25 minute workout before heading to work.

    However, 2 weeks and and ive put on 7lb’s and remained the same measurements across my body.

    I am trying to be patient and cut myself some slack, but i workout very hard most days of the week and i am not yet seeing the results i desperately want.

    I will not be quitting anytime soon and plan to complete the whole 10 week program, i just wondered when i should start seeing results and weight loss??

    Thank you

    Lisa :-)

  216. Emma says

    Hi Bethany,

    I am training right now for a marathon at the end of October. I really want to get a tight, lean body, but the running long slow distances just isn’t doing it for me (I run slowly and do not incorporate speed work or intervals into my runs…I literally just run to get the milage in for the marathon). Is T25 a good program to help tighten my body and lose weight overall?

    Thank you :)


    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Emma, T25 is a great overall body toning program. I’m not sure how it would fit into marathon training, I do not have any real knowledge of that area. Bethany

  217. danielle baute says

    I am 10 months postpartum and am having quite a struggle losing weight. I have done both Insanity and T25 and lost a lot of weight with Insanity. I didn’t stick to the T25 as well. When I did it I didn’t feel like it was as good of a workout. But that I’m a new mommy, time is of the essence. I should also mention that when I did insanity, I followed the diet pretty well but have since become a vegetarian. I find it a harder to follow the program this way.


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