Home Disclosure


by Bethany Lyn

Below is the disclosure policy for this blog. The FTC now requires bloggers to have  this type of page – here is the link. So here is mine:

First, I am not a medical doctor. Any information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. You may not sue me for following anything that is written on this site.

The thefitnessfocus.com is my personal blog, the content is written by me. Please contact me at if you have any questions – thefitnessfocus@gmail.com.

I do not get paid to write anything on this site. I may receive a small commission for items that you might buy through the links on this site to Amazon and/or TeamBeachbody as a coach.

Any reviews that I do write about products are products that I have purchased. Compensation does not influence my content, if something is not good in my perspective, I will relate this to you.

The views expressed in the content in this site are purely my own. If I am ever given anything to write about for free, I will identify this in the content(nothing yet).