My Insanity and Focus T25 Hybrid Workout Schedule

t25-and-insanityI’ve been receiving countless questions lately as to whether or not you can do Insanity and Focus T25 simultaneously.

Most people want to know if it’s okay to do Focus T25 in the morning, and then do their scheduled Insanity workouts at night or vice versa. While it would be possible to do this, I really wouldn’t advise it, because working out twice a day, 6 to 7 days of the week could quickly lead to overtraining, which will hurt your results – not help them – and increases your risk of injury.

A Better Way to Combine Insanity and Focus T25

Because of this, I’ve come up with a better way to do both programs at the same time. My Insanity and Focus T25 schedule mostly alternates between T25 workouts and Insanity workouts. On a few days, the schedule does call for both an Insanity and T25 workout or two T25 workouts, but the workouts can be done back-to-back or split into a morning and night session – really, it’s whatever works best for you and your schedule.

The beauty of this schedule is to give your body time to properly recover. While it may seem that the more you work out, the better – unfortunately, it just isn’t true. Your body will perform optimally when given adequate time to adapt to the workouts and become stronger every week.

The calendar also progresses in difficulty not month to month, but week to week. This two-month hybrid schedule can be followed in its entirety or you can start with the second month and repeat this month twice if you are currently at an intermediate or advanced fitness level.

Get the Insanity & Focus T25 Schedule Below

Download, Print, or View the calendar in excel or PDF format

Click here for the Insanity and Focus T25 hybrid calendar in excel format

Click here for the Insanity and Focus T25 hybrid calendar in pdf format

I have also listed the schedule below for those of you who do not want to download the above calendar or for those who want to get a feel for what the schedule looks like.

Week 1

Monday – Fit Test, Speed 1.0
Tuesday – Pure Cardio, Cardio Abs
Wednesday – Total Body Circuit
Thursday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Friday – Pure Cardio, Ab Intervals
Saturday – Lower Focus
Sunday – Rest Day

Week 2

Monday – Pure Cardio, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Total Body Circuit
Wednesday – Speed 1.0, Cardio Abs
Thursday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Friday – Pure Cardio, Ab Intervals
Saturday – Upper Focus
Sunday – Rest Day

Week 3

Monday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Cardio
Wednesday – Total Body Circuit
Thursday – Pure Cardio
Friday – Cardio Recovery, Ab Intervals
Saturday – Speed 1.0
Sunday – Rest Day

Week 4

Monday – Cardio, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Wednesday – Total Body Circuit
Thursday – Speed 1.0, Cardio Abs
Friday – Pure Cardio
Saturday – Lower Focus, Cardio Abs
Sunday – Rest Day

Week 5

Monday – Fit Test, Speed 2.0
Tuesday – Max Cardio Conditioning, Cardio Abs
Wednesday – Rip’T Circuit
Thursday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Abs
Friday – Speed 2.0, Core Cardio
Saturday – Max Interval Circuit, Upper Focus
Sunday – Rest Day

Week 6

Monday – Max Cardio Conditioning, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Speed 2.0, Cardio Recovery
Wednesday – Rip’T Circuit
Thursday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Abs
Friday – Speed 2.0, Core Cardio
Saturday – Lower Focus, Ab Intervals
Sunday – Rest Day

Week 7

Monday – Max Interval Circuit, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Wednesday – Rip’T Circuit
Thursday – Max Cardio Conditioning
Friday – Speed 2.0, Core Cardio
Saturday – Max Interval Circuit, Upper Focus
Sunday – Rest Day

Week 8

Monday – Max Cardio Conditioning, Cardio Abs
Tuesday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Wednesday – Rip’T Circuit
Thursday – Lower Focus, Cardio Abs
Friday – Pure Cardio, Dynamic Core Cardio
Saturday – Fit Test
Sunday – Rest Day


Don’t let Focus T25’s 25 minute workouts fool you – they’re tough! But if you’re looking to combine the best of both programs, then this hybrid Insanity and Focus T25 workout is the perfect option for you. It’ll burn max amounts of fat and build you lean, sexy muscle underneath while keep your from over-training.

Just remember that diet is just as important in getting you the results you want as following the workouts each and every day. While you can easily follow either one of these workouts meal plans, you can also simply eat healthy, whole foods (no processed anything!).


  1. Sinead says

    Hello, Bethany. I just finished my first round of T25 and I feel a lot better, stronger and leaner. However I still need to lose some fat and tone up. I really don’t know how to continue. I’d love to do this or the bbl/t25 hybrid for my trouble area is my lower body. Which one do you think will work best?

    • Bethany says

      HI Sinead, first, congratulations on completing your first round of T25 – that’s really terrific! I think the T25/BBL hybrid would be a great choice for you if you’re looking to change it up a bit. It combines the tush-toning workouts that I loved from BBL as well as the naturally defining workouts from T25. I think you could definitely get to where you want to be after finishing it, since it sounds like you don’t have a lot to lose. As another option, you could even switch over to BBL’s combination/classic schedule entirely if you wanted to really focus on your butt. It’s up to you and what you feel like doing. And with whatever you choose, keep up the good work and you can definitely get that perfect beach body in time for summer! :)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Jon, you would want to incorporate the workouts so you are not targetting the same areas of the back on back to back days. This allows one set of muscle groups to recover while you work the next. And, you also want to break up the weight training days so an Insanity lower body ocused workout followed by a T25 upper workout for example would work best. YOu could also break the schedle up into two days on, one off or three days on, two to allow your body the time it needs to recover from the workouts. -Bethany

  2. Veena Gubbi says

    I’ve been trying to loose 20 pounds for the past year but fail miserably. I started Insanity and worked out for 6 straight weeks, then hurt my back. I go to the gym but I don’t see any change. I would like to try this hybrid program. Do I have to finish one round of T25 before I start this hybrid?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Veena, I suggest having completed one of the two programs before trying a hybrid, but it is up to you. -Bethany

  3. Stephen says

    Hey Bethany.

    I like your hybrid workout so I will give that a go. I have T25 Gamma as well so how would you go about mixing that up within your calendar?

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Stephen, you just want to structure it so you are not working the same bodyparts on back to back says. -Bethany

  4. mark says

    Great site – thanks for sharing your info. I do have a question that maybe you could answer. I’m in decent shape and am starting t25 but also want to combine a weight lifting program 3-5 days a week. Does it matter if I do t25 first, then lift or vice versa to get the best results?

    thank you!

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Young, You want to shoot for 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week. This way you will have a much better time sustaining the weight loss and keeping it off. Bethany

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