Do You Need to Use Ankle Weights with the Brazil Butt Lift Program?

I am often asked whether or not you should use ankle weights with the Brazil Butt Lift workout program. My answer is simple: you must use ankle weights with the Brazil Butt Lift workout program if you want to maximize your results and get the booty of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to downsize your tush or create some curves, it will not happen unless you build some solid, lean muscle. Using ankle weights will help you reach your muscle building potential much easier than using just your leg.

My BBL Results – Not Just a Flukeankleweight

My Brazil Butt Lift results are not just about me getting lucky or possessing an insane ability to burn fat fast. The results I got were the product of hard work and effort, as well as pushing my body each and every workout by upping the weight and intensity.

The first week of BBL I didn’t use weights for any of the workouts, but as my body grew more accustomed to the exercise, I began to use weight, including ankle weights, and worked my way up from nearly no weight to the heaviest recommended possible weight. I can honestly say I would not have gotten the results I did if I did not use ankle weights. The ones pictured right are similar to what I used, sans the dog and cat hair that accumulated during the weeks.

But They’re Only for One Workout…

This is the most common reason people don’t want to purchase the ankle weights – they think it’s not worth the extra $10-$40 for the approximately twenty minutes you’ll be using them. I understand money can be tight, but I strongly suggest purchasing inexpensive ankle weights from Amazon, or from TeamBeachbody, as part of the BBL Deluxe or Premium packages. It will be well worth your money. Plus, you can use them in the future.

Yes, I realize the only workout you’re going to use ankle weights for High & Tight, and too many think you can just ignore the recommendation of ankle weights. Please don’t! If you choose not to buy the ankle weights, you will never know how much better your results could’ve been if you’d used them. Plus, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough if you don’t at least try it.

What Kind of Ankle Weights Should You Use?

So now that you’ve made the decision to use ankle weights, you’re probably wondering what type of ankle weights to use. I suggest adjustable weights that you can reduce to less than a pound up to five pounds on each leg by simply removing the weight . Which leads to the next question:

How Much Weight Should You Use?

How much weight you buy will depend on your fitness level and will rely on what you can handle without injuring yourself. I suggest buying a pair of adjustable ankle weights in order to be able to up the weight as you get stronger and opted for a pair that went up to five pounds on each one. Please be careful when purchasing ankle weights for some that say five pounds are actually two 2.5lb ankle weights. Opt for a pair that go up to at least 5lbs on each ankle weight. While this may seem like a lot, it’s really not that much. Anything less will not be enough weight by the end.

I bought ankle weights separately during my first week of BBL that I could easily adjust from less than one pound to five, which was perfect. Now, I wish I had bought ten pound adjustable weights, since I still like to do the workouts and would like more weight, but I’m happy I bought fives for the BBL journey. Initially, I planned to not buy them because of the extra cost, but after a  couple workouts, I really wanted to see just how much of a difference the weights would make.

Ankle Weights Enhance Any Butt Type

Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Brazilian Butt Lift Results

By using ankle weights, you will build more lean muscle mass than you would without them, which is going to get you the nice lean curves you’re looking for – no matter what shaped butt you have.

  • If you have a boyish, straight shape and want to get curvy, then there is no other option – you must use as heavy an ankle weight as you can handle.This is what will build up your glutes, giving you the sexy curves you’re looking for.
  • The same holds true for if you’re too large and looking to get a smaller, sexier backside – whether you’re pear-shaped or just too big. By building lean muscle, you are going to get that lifted, toned tush you’re looking for. It will also reduce the appearance of cellulite when combined with the healthy diet.

Will Your Results be as Good if You Don’t Use Ankle Weights?

Does this mean you won’t get good results without using ankle weights? Absolutely not. You will still get great results from following the BBL program if you don’t use ankle weights – you just won’t sculpt your butt muscles to their full potential, which may or may not have you wondering how much better your results could have been if you’d chosen to use the weights.

The first time I did High & Tight, I couldn’t even imagine how anyone (including the women in the video) could use weights with the already butt-burning repetitions Leandro has you doing. But wow, when I finally put the ankle weights on – even at the less than one pound, I could feel and see the difference after just one week. Each time I did the workout, I upped my weight if I felt ready until finally, I was using five pounds on each leg – it hurt…in a good way :)

Long story short…don’t second guess yourself. If you’ve already made the right decision to get the body of dreams, then why not take the extra step and make sure you get the best Brazil Butt Lift results ever?


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