Tummy Tuck Review

I just want to begin by saying that the Tummy Tuck video in the Brazil Butt Lift program is the best ab workout I have ever done, by far.  I have done many ab workouts, including  P90X’s, and Tummy Tuck takes the gold. Here is my Brazil Butt Lift Tummy Tuck workout review to give you an idea of what to expect and what makes it the best.

Why Tummy Tuck is the Best Ab Workout

As the name implies, this is no ab workout to be taken lightly – it is the best ab workout, ever. Tummy Tuck incorporates several variations of crunches, leg lifts, dance and yoga-inspired moves to give you the most well-rounded and balanced ab workout ever. After finishing the program, you will look like you’ve had a tummy tuck sans the expensive surgery.

You will definitely feel this one the next day in every part of your stomach from your ribcage to your lower abdominals – all without weights or any sit-ups. The first time I did this abdominal workout, I was sore for a good three days after. But by the end of the first week, I had my little four-pack showing through.

When I say that you’re definitely going to feel this workout, I don’t mean you’re not going to be able to stand up properly because of pain, I just mean you’re going to feel that nice soreness you get after a good workout. Pain is an indicator that you need to stop – soreness is an indicator you worked hard.

Tummy Tuck Workout Moves – Not Just Endless Crunches

It's me in the cat pose in black and white to conceal most of my rolls , lumps, and bumps that were quite obvious on the sunny afternoon. Moves like this intertwined with classic crunches provide a truly exceptional abdominal workout.

The Tummy Tuck workout utilizes several variations of the tried and true crunch, but it also includes core strengthening yoga moves and compiles various ab moves to produce some killer combos – like the Brazilian Bikini combo. This move sounds so less intimidating than it actually is, but it will make you look great in a bikini.

First, you do three crunches, holding yourself up on the last one, then you swim your arms while you’re in the upper position, lift your legs to a 90 degree angle to the floor, lower your legs, hold them, then cross them – all while maintaining your upper crunch position. Sounds not too bad, but try repeating it several times after already working pretty hard.

While this is just one move, there are so many others. Even some moves that I normally wouldn’t find too bad, like the bicycle move that works out your obliques, after already working yourself to the put of the “burn”, you will feel it much more than ever before.

Plus, Leandro loves to really work your abs with his holding of upper crunch positions, then when you think you’ve held it long enough, he makes you go higher and higher reaching your ribs to your legs in short movements. Doesn’t sound too bad I know, but sometimes, it feels like torture and you may want to scream! Despite all this, he is so great though. With his constant encouragement, you just can’t resist trying your best all the time.

All this really works to sculpt your abs and get you the flat belly you’ve always wanted. After this workout, you will be able to say hello to your bikini again!

Yoga, Anyone?

This is me in the camel pose, which stretches the abs after a brutal workout and further strengthens your core. Seeing this now, I realize I need to put head back further...

Yes, the Tummy Tuck workout also uses variations of classic core yoga moves and some dance ones as well. This includes the plank, the cat, the cow, and the camel. While I don’t find the plank very imposing on its own, after working my abs for nearly fifteen minutes, I hate the plank. No matter how many times I’ve done the Tummy Tuck DVD, I still dread it by the end.

Leandro also uses some moves I remember from my dancing days such as the back extension as well as some the yoga moves such as the cat, cow, and camel move. This is when you kneel on all fours, then arch and round your back while holding in your belly button to your back and breathing in and out as directed. It really stretches you back/spine and targets your core.

Tummy Tuck at your Own Pace

If you haven’t worked out in months or years, I would strongly suggest doing this one halfheartedly at least your first week of the Brazil Butt Lift program. Otherwise, you will find yourself so sore that you may not be able to put your all into your other workouts. It’s just not worth the risk.

If you feel you’ve grown way too used to the workout and it’s become too easy, you can always add ankle weights or hand weights to your crunches. Personally, I don’t know that you could ever get that used to it, but just in case, that is what I would do. You could always add the weights in as well if you want to build up your muscle to get a real six-pack. Not every woman’s cup of tea, but for some, it is.

Tummy Tuck: A Core Workout for Real Results

The reason why the Tummy Tuck workout will get you some of the best results of any ab workout out there is because it strengthens and tones your entire core. By doing repetitive upper, lower , and oblique moves with lower back strengthening exercises, you will have a strong core that will support your body and protect you from future injuries. Plus, the numerous repetitions will help give you lean – not bulky abs. A strong core is just one of the many keys to a strong body, which is why the Brazil Butt Lift program is not only a great butt toning workout, but also a great body workout as well.



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