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The Focus T25 workout schedule is very simple – you workout five days a week for 25 minutes a day.

Alpha and Beta Phase – 10 Weeks Long

The base program of Focus T25 is two phases: the Alpha phase and the Beta phase. Each phase is five weeks long, making the program ten weeks or 70 days.

Alpha Phase workouts:


Speed 1.0

Total Body Circuit

Ab Intervals

Lower Body Focus

During the Alpha phase, you are laying the foundation for increased cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, all while focusing on your core.

 Beta Phase workouts:

Core Cardio

Speed 2.0

Rip’t Circuit

Dynamic Core

Upper Focus

The Beta Phase of Focus T25 continues with more intense workouts that still mainly focus on your core, but there are also more upper body-orientated exercise workouts.

Gamma Phase – 4 Weeks Long

Wait…there is a  third phase of Focus T25? Yes, that’s right, Focus T25 has a third optional phase called the Gamma Phase, which is sold separately. The Gamma Phase of Focus T25 is four weeks long, and you will be working out five days a week for 25 minutes.

Gamma Phase workouts:

Rip’t Up

Extreme Circuit

The Pyramid

Speed 3.0

The Gamma Phase is for people who want to continue with Focus T25, while focusing on building muscle size and strength.

Get the Workout Schedules

To make life a little easier, I’ve provided the Focus T25 Alpha, Beta, and Gamma workout schedules below in a downloadable excel file and easy-to-print pdf versions.

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Workout Calendar

Focus T25 Beta Phase Workout Calendar

Focus T25 Gamma Phase Workout Calendar

Get Them All


    • Bethany says

      Hi Ryan, diet is very important. I would say it will account for fifty-percent of your results. The best time to exercise is the best time for you, there is no better time morning or night, do your workouts when you can focus on them the most.

  1. Nancy Miller says

    Why is Friday a double daily? I thought the point was to only have to do 25 minutes
    Doing two would put it at fifty mins one day . Please help me

    • Bethany says

      Hi Nancy, the second workout is optional if you have the time. I personally like to break Friday’s workouts into morning and evening, makes me feel good going into the weekend!

  2. Rachel says

    Could you do the second workout for Friday on Saturday instead, or is that resting day important to keep in? Also, I’m thinking about starting on Sunday with Stretch since I really haven’t worked out in more than 5 years! Is this something you would recommend, or is it better to start on Monday as the schedule recommends? Or, would you recommend a totally different program for someone like me who hasn’t been too active for a very long time? Thanks for you input!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Rachel, T25 is excellent for people that have not worked out in sometime. Yes, you can do stretch on Sunday and then start the alpha phase on Monday. And, I think your idea of doing the second T25 workout on Saturday is an awesome idea! I will be recommending this to other people also. -Bethany

      • Rachel says

        Thank you! I just ordered T25! Can’t wait to get started next week! I’m going to start with some yoga while I’m waiting for it to get here. I’m so worried I’m not gonna last 15 minutes for the 1st week :( I’m hoping the yoga will help me prepare for it. Can’t wait to see how fast I can drop this extra 20 lbs!

        • Bethany says

          Hi Rachel, congratulations making the decision to get fit and ordering Focus T25! In a few days, you’ll be well on your way to losing those 20lbs. And please don’t worry if you can’t finish the first 15 minutes of the workout – just do the workouts at your own pace. Each week you will get stronger, and you will notice yourself being able to work out longer than the prior week and push harder. In the beginning, I would suggest following Tania until you’re feeling stronger. And remember, no one is judging you…just do your best each and every workout. Good luck – let me know if you have any other questions :)

    • Bethany Lyn says

      Hi Ammar, T25 is available online or phone only. You can find a link to order on my review and results post. Bethany

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